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Hi all


I have been trying to figure out how to do a simple thing like play audio through my new Samsung 27" monitor to use with my 15" MacBook Pro (late 2008 unibody model).


The monitor is a Samsung S27B750V. It is connected with a Mini Display Port to HDMI cable, which supports Audio.


I cannot seem to find a way to play the audio through my monitor's speakers.


My monitor will not appear in the Device output list on the Sound settings box.


Also, I have tried using the included seperate audio cable connecting the headphone socket to the monitor's audio input, but still no sound.


ANY suggestions will be most welcome!


Many Thanks

  • Zyriab Level 4 (3,300 points)

    Your MBP is too old.  Only MBPs from mid-2010 onwards support audio through the miniDisplayPort.



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    I see thanks- I never thought the mini Display port would have been different on my model.


    I am still trying to use the audio cable provided with the display, through the MacBook headphone socket into the monitor's audio input, and that also is not seeming to work?


    Should my device appear in the audio Device output list on the Sound settings box?

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    i am having the same problem as well

    my is a macbook pro late 2011 model

    i did as the OP did thunderbolt to hdmi no sound

    ran audio cables from headphone jack to tv no sound


    what else do you think can be the problem?




  • Zyriab Level 4 (3,300 points)

    You won't get an external audio device show up with a cable connected to the headphone socket.  Just select 'headphones' for audio out.

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    Yes, this is what I thought.

    The 'headphone' output device appears in this list when I connect using the stereo cable. However still no sounds comes from the monitor's speakers.

    I have turned up the volume of the monitor's speakers.


    Is there any other setting that I need to do within MacOS to get this sound to work?

  • Zyriab Level 4 (3,300 points)

    No, the problem will be at the TV end.  You may need to use a specific HDMI port when inputting sound via line-in, and you may need to select that combination in the TV's menu somewhere.