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    What alternative, available analytical tool would you recommend to in/validate these claims?

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    Same problem with my 3 weeks old iphone 5, when the cellular data and the LTE on my phone gets hot and the battery discharge more quickly. I hope this will be eliminate by the software update

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    Mine have the same probs too.I have an iPhone 5 16GB for 2 weeks now.While using "Waze" sat nav app,the phone got so hot that the high temp warning appear.I am in Malaysia where it is humid and hot,but never had temp probs with my iphone 3G & 4,so something must be wrong here.Hope Apple will fix it soon.

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    Same problem here

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    I had the same Probelm . Then tried changing the sim it worked fine . Stick to the 4g sim

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    well, i bought one recently and it only gets hot while charging and the battery drains quickly when sending texts and taking panorama shots. Although my 3GS gets very hot when im playing some heavy game but it quicky cools down when that game is minimized. hope Apple fixes this soon.

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    I will be weary of buying another iPhone. The battery life is absolutely hopeless. I spend more time charging it than I do using it! God forbid I left my charger at home, it would be dead before lunchtime. Is this thing rigged?


    It's not just me, but I can't stay plugged in all day, this is crazy.

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    Yesterday, my iPhone was in the drawer, charging. My coworker opened the drawer and touched my iphone and she was really surprised to see how hot it was. It wasn't the first time that it happened. My iPhone was really hot and I wasn't using it.


    I went to Apple once to get my iPhone changed. I don't want to go again, knowing that I might fall on an other iPhone that has problems. The overheat isn't the only issue I have with my iPhone. There is also something loosened in it, also with the small lags that I often experience. I am really disappointed with my iPhone and I am currently looking forward to buying the next one, hoping that I won't have as many problems as I actually have.

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    iPhone 5 could heat due to how bright the screen is, certain apps that could be ruining or loading data, how much the device is being used, how much the phone forces to get signal or what type of temperatures your device is being exposed.


    If you charge your device over night, you are over charging the battery meaning the lithium inside heats up and over time wears out. I would recommend you unplug it once it is fully charged and not charge it over night. Your battery lifespan will last longer.


    LTE will use a good amount of battery life and may heat your device if used constantly or for a long time, now that it is faster than 4G and data uses more battery.


    Certain apps like Facebook or Maps could heat up your device as well. Facebook uses data for constant feed and notifications something Apple has nothing to do with but the Facebook app engineers. Maps uses location every time your device is moved to a one place or another meaning data/LTE is being used.


    If your device continues with heating problems even if all of the above have been followed or avoided, then call and set up and appointment with Apple Support or go to your local Apple Store. They will be more than happy to help you fix the problem or replace your defected device.

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    I send my iphone 5 to the apple store in new york from istanbul. Problems are;


    Battery was draining 1% in 1 minimute means battery finishes in 1 hour 40 mins,

    Phone was overheating,

    Can not charhing from USB,

    Proximity sensor is not working in phone calls


    They couldn't find solutions to these problem and replace with a new one let me look if it will have any kind of those problems hope not.


    I offer you to not wait for any software solutions take the phone to a genius bar and let them replace!

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    Hi Doğukan,


    I bought my iphone 5 from NY and I live in istanbul. Is it the same for you? Do I have an international warranty? How did you get in touch with Apple and sent your phone? I have the same problem and its only a couple of months I bought it from NY. Please guide me.

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    I will add my 2¢ and just say that my iPhone 5 has the same problem. I believe it is when data & 3G/4G is on without WiFi also being on. Seems that when WiFi is on, it does not heat up. But when it heats up, it sure gets HOT! While others' phones heat up during different uses, my phone only seems to heat up when I'm using GPS navigation in the car. I usually have WiFi turned off when I am away from the house. After reading through this whole thread it seems there are a variety of causes and a variety of "solutions." It seems like a hit or miss thing. I will continue my experiment with WiFi. I've also turned off push in all my email accounts to see if that helps. I do not wish to do a restore likes others did since that does not seem to work for everyone. I hope that Apple takes note and fixes this widespread problem.

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    My iphone has the same problem and i think is a very expensive phone to be getting hot in less than 10 minutes not even the Obama care phone gets hot.

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    i have same prob .... u have the soluction.....

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