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    Hello to everyone, I have this problem for about 3 weeks, first I brought an iPhone 5 32 white and see that he gets extremely hot when I'm browsing or play a game. I went to an apple store, they told me that was normal, that the iPhone work an get hot. After a 20 min discussion, I succeed to receive a new iPhone, just like my old one. Now, after just 3 days, I realize that my new iPhone have the same problem, gets hot and the batterie goes down quickly. I don't know what to say, I'm very sad about this, maybe because its just a new product, just for that. Maybe the iPhone 5s will be a greater product, I hope, because I will sell my phone and get a 5s on riles date.

    HELP US APPLE. Please.

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    the 3G connectionon showed 1 bar. I kept on calling on FaceTime and my iPhone 5 would get so hot that i couldnt even hold my phone anymore. adding to that the charger sign showed the plug sign on the battery instead of the bolt sign signifying that my phone wasnt charging anymore. I switched to the wifi in the house ever since and my phone within 10 minutes cooled right down. Fixed my problem ! Hope this helps !

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    I have the same problem and after more then 1 month of struggle I found a solution that seems to work for me:

    never keep 3g and wifi at the same time on! 3g OR wifi but not both. like this it gets warm but more normal usage warm not hot.

    For this purpose sbsettings is very helpfull if it is jb.

    Also if your phone is jb then turn off or uninstall auto 3g if you have it!

    Also if you have activated push for e-mail let it on fetch because you will see no difference in e-mail app but a whole difference in battery life.

    Cloud is also very good battery killer. Deactivate all cloud services that you don't need and if possible all.

    It seems that iphone 5 keeps trying to connect to wifi if on 3g and that is killing battery and consuming a lot of resources that gets it very hot. 

    Now I finally get close to one day with a full charge instead of 2-3 charges/day - at heavy usage!

    For car usage I purchased an airvent holder so that the AC blows directly on iphone during summer.

    Keep me informed if it worked for you!

    Anyway I am dissapointed that it is so much work just to be able to use the phone with most of the features that it was designed with. Like having a super sport car that is not able to run on a race track without damage or problems after each lap.

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    Hi to all

    I have the same issue...I seen on how in my case the problem is the 3g connection. When the 3g/LTE module is turned on the iphone became very hot during internet surfing or facebook browsing and the battery goes down quickly.

    If I turning off the 3g module and left iphone on GPRS/EDGE network the battery life is better. If I am connected via wifi the iphone temperature is normal.

    I think this is an hardware related issue with 3g module on iphone 5 and I would like to know if someone resolved changing with a new one in apple store or the new received iphone has the same issue.



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    Yes.My iPhone also getting heat while playing games more than 10 mins and while charging also.

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    This seems to be a widespread problem.  I had my original iPhone 5 since the release date with no issues at all until a month ago when it began, almost daily, "going nuclear" as I came to refer to it.  It would be fine after charging for a while, then suddenly start getting very hot to touch and you could literally watch the battery percentage fall before your eyes.  Nothing in particular seemed to trigger this, but the drain rate was dramatic. I did the call apple, do a restore, lost all my apps, reinstalled all my apps, seemed OK for a day or two, then started up again.


    Finally got a replacement after dealing with the "genious" implying it was somewhat my fault for using location services on several apps!  What?  You mean you're approving apps that cause your phone to malfunction without warning after 10 months of working fine with the same apps...ah, yea, that's My fault...NOT.


    Now, my wife's iPhone 5 (a Christmas gift), has, after 8-9 months, begun doing the same thing...and she uses almost no apps.  This is a design flaw in the hardware or firmware, I have no doubt.


    I'm disappointed that Apple hasn't acknowledged this is a problem and offered a fix.

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    I have been using the iphone 5 since november last year and its battery was always great. Never an issue.. However since 13th Sept the battery drains like water and the phone also becomes very hot. After 2 days of fiddling, I realised that keeping the 3G on is killing the battery. I havent been able to find out if any app is the culprit but I have to now keep the 3G off while there was no problem whatsoever for nearly 10 months.

    Does anyone have any idea on what might have caused this?


    This forum also seems to be inconclusive on how to fix the root problem

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    I have two sources locally that use the Exchange server for work related email at the Hospital I work for who have experienced similar problems that they attribute to our work email having some sort of conflict with the Exchange server service on the iPhone 5.  Both described the problem of overheating/battery draining stopping once they removed their work exchange account from the phone.


    Annecdotally, while awaiting my wife's replacement phone, we did delete her work email from her iPhone 5 and the overheating/drain issue stopped completely!  Anyone else who's had this problem also using the exchange account?  Perhaps there's a bug in that software that's the root cause, and not a hardware issue.

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    Yep, you are right about the forum being inconclusive. First of all, Apple doesn't officially recognize the problem even though we know it exists. Second, although there seems to be a few commonalities, there sure are widespread seeming causes and fixes. This is so frustrating.

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    I don't have an Exchange account. That is weird that's what solved your and your wife's phone heating problem. My phone seems to "go nuclear" (I like that) when it's using GPS and 3G.

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    This has happened to me twice. On a 4S and also on a 5. Wiping them clean always fixed them. Then it started happening again. I'm almost certain someone was hacking into my phone. When your phone gets hot (usually when it drops to 4G) Put the microphone up to your ear and you'll hear a "hissing" type sound. This means your microphone is on! The phone would go to 4G a lot. Think about it when you make a phone call your phone switches to 4G and the microphone is activated.I've had contacts deleted, weird texts from people, things moved around in my skydrive folders. Bluetooth turning itself on. Thats just to name a few things. Battery just starts draining like crazy. I could fully charge my phone and kill all apps and it would be completely dead the next morning. Maybe I'm paranoid but it all sounds like someone is remotely doing these things. I just did a wipe clean install of ios7 and created a new icloud account and changed every single password I could think of. I'll be extra safe with my phone now and will never use anyone elses chargers. See below.



    Not saying this is what is happening to everyone else or even if this is how it happened to me but it CAN  HAPPEN. Be safe with your phones everyone.

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    You're missing the point. it's not normal for the phone to deplete the battery entirely in 4 hours while in sleep mode.

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    I'm having the same problem. It just started 4 days ago.  My iPhone 5 battery compeltely drains in about 4 hours in sleep mode, no apps running.

    I have done:

    • hard reset
    • Complete wipe and restore from iTunes backup
    • reset network settings


    I have an appointment with an Apple Store "genius" I'll let you know if they offer a solution...

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    Blairdee, are you on iOS 7?  I've had no issues since getting my phone replaced.

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    Yes, using latest IOS and iTunes.