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  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,862 points)

    rmcg888 wrote:


    And you provide support to absolutely no-one.

    As of this writing, modular747 has 14.760 points. Those points were awarded by people who felt that modular's answers were helpful. How many people have you helped with your criticisim of posts that were a couple of months old? If you want to help your fellow users, maybe you could find a recent question that has gone unanswered and provide some advice.


    Best of luck.

  • modular747 Level 6 (18,730 points)

    rmcg888 wrote:


    You are at least consistent. You are condescending, sneering, unhelpful, and plainly just wrong. There is a problem with the iPhone 5 overheating. Google the problem and there are endless responses.

    A minute number compared to the >75 million iPhone 5 sold. 


    There are indeed some fixes - one via zdnet that was pointed out by a forum user who actually understands how a forum best functions.


    Something you didn't read, since that article was about tweaking iOS 7 settings that didn't exist when the iPhone 5 was released. The article wa about extending battery life and doesn't even mention overheating.  It's also clear you never  read this thread, where effective suggestions were made and helped people actually looking for help. You are here only to bash others and troll. 

    However, the phone should work out of the box as it's previous iterations did;


    As it did.  None of the 50+ people I know who owned the iPhone 5 had overheating.


    And you provide support to absolutely no-one.


    Ah, the classic troll call of the wild, from another Mr. Zero.  If you read this thread from the beginning, you will find otherwise. 

  • rmcg888 Level 1 (0 points)

    I think if you read through the thread, a number of people are experiencing a common problem with the iPhone 5 that they haven't previously experienced with their previous iPhones. When you spend this amount of money, and your previous experiences of Apple are almost all positive, it is genuinely frustrating and disappointing to encounter a problem with heat and excessive battery drain - moreso when you can't seem to find a definitive answer to resolve the problem. I read the threads (also across a multitude of other sites) and was irritated that someone with a high post count (modular747) should reply to some of the postings here in the manner that he/she did. It is wrong to reply to someone seeking help that it is YOUR phone when a cursory search of the internet reveals this to be a widespread problem - and comparing it to the sales rate of the phone isn't really relevant if there is a high residual percentage of people desperately seeking assistance. I am called a troll for taking exception to the tone of someone's replies - someone who should clearly know better given their extensive experience of this board. I am also called Mr. Zero - along with some other posters - when all I/we have done is visit this board to seek some assistance. Who is in the wrong here - very occasional posters seeking assistance for an unwanted problem - or an experienced practitioner on this board replying as he/she has. As it happens, my iPhone 5 is no longer running hot. The problem was resolved by implementing a number of suggestions across a number of the forums.


    I first reset the phone to factory settings in order to start again. I reinstalled everything from back-up. This didn't seem to resolve the problem. So, I started again - reset to factory settings and then installed everything as a new phone - a bit slow, a bit laborious, seemed to be slightly better but I was still not happy. I presumed that somehow, my settings were causing the phone to be in use - even when I thought the phone was pretty much in sleep mode - I presumed the battery heat and excessive drainage were because my phone was a lot more active in the background than I believed it to be.


    Back to the drawing board - reset to factory settings - install as a new phone - and then look at the battery saving steps in the zdnet article referred to previously. I went through them. I think if I could summarise what I've done, I have more or less made the iPhone 5 a device that speaks to me only when I manually ask for information. I've disabled location services, background apps, push email, iTunes match, and a number of iCloud services that sync across multiple devices. And my last step was to disable 4G/LTE.


    Much to my delight and relief, I found myself with an iPhone that seemed to have a pretty normal battery life and that no longer ran hot. Have I lost out on functionality - yes and no - I no longer have real time updates on stock prices - but I can retrieve them manually when I want to see them: I no longer use iCloud to be the source of my 132Gb of songs (I just manually load those albums I want to hear); I sync Contacts across iCloud only manually; I don't receive emails unless I ask to see them; I don't use Maps anyway; and when I do want to run software that needs to have Background Apps such as Runkeeper, I switch it on for the required period. As for 4G/LTE, I don't notice any significant loss in speed - but I do notice that I don't have a hot phone. One last thing I have found, when in a country with less reliable reception, I selected a network manually - and if I moved and lost that network, I manually selected another one. I didn't leave it on Automatic. It seemed to help.


    I have no definitive answer to offer on the problem with the phone - but my experience suggests that it is not a hardware issue and hence replacing the phone is almost certainly not going to resolve the problem. My experience also suggests that the phone runs hot because it is a lot more active than any casual user would believe it to be. Hence it is draining the battery, heating up and draining the battery more. It seemed that by being more concious of Applications that were prone to keep the phone "busy", led to a better outcome to overcome this problem. Some people have reported problems with restoring from back-up - I didn't take all the steps to cut down on Background Apps - so perhaps back-up isn't an issue and the root of the problem is that the phone design doesn't lend itself well to all of the Background Apps being left on.


    As for modular 747 - I did read the zdnet article (and implemented almost all of the suggestions) and I found it helpful for the reasons stated above; knowing 50+ iPhone owners really doesn't explain why a Google search reveals this heating issue to be commonplace across many users; your forum count suggests you have previously been helpful - but not so much on this thread - and I've read every post; and if you take pride in deriding people with "Mr Zero" tags, what can I say in the face of such maturity. In fact, it is very telling that this thread has a number of "Mr Zeroes" on it - could it be that we have not previously had problems with our Apple purchases?


    The thing that worked for me was to presume that my battery was working harder than I intended or needed - by taking steps to make more of the Applications operate in manual mode, and to cut down on network searches for the best reception, I no longer have a hot phone. I hope this may help others.


  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,862 points)

    if you take pride in deriding people with "Mr Zero" tags, what can I say in the face of such maturity. In fact, it is very telling that this thread has a number of "Mr Zeroes" on it - could it be that we have not previously had problems with our Apple purchases?

    No, I find people who have never bothered to help anyone berating those who have to be a an example of zero maturity, lack of civility and general unpleasantness. Hopefully, your recent post outlining some of your solutions will help others. Would it really have been so hard to have lead with that?

  • rmcg888 Level 1 (0 points)

    Meg - how can I help others when I came on to seek help. I got some tips from this thread, some tips from elsewhere that I Googled. I got none from you - none from Modular747 - and I noticed a certain tone in his/her replies that wasn't helpful to the average phone user who is distraught at having an Apple problem - most likely for the first time. I responded to sanctimonious disrespect - not initially directed at me - having lots of points on here doesn't give you/others the right to demean those of us who are inexperienced in the need to resolve issues with Apple products. Your friend may have been helpful elsewhere - but sadly not here. And your last sentence is a failure of "analytical thinking" - as your friend so kindly pointed out to another poster - given that I couldn't previously offer any solution as I had not previously resolved the issue. Neither you nor Modular747 own this board - at some point during your time here - you may have lost perspective on why there may be a number of "Mr Zeroes" on here. We seek help from the better informed persons who have greater product knowledge and experience. And to correct your point - I have been mature, accurate, civil and largely pleasant in the face of someone who has not been supportive of the many people who are struggling with this unexpected and previously unexperienced Apple problem. Problem sorted - Goodbye!

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,862 points)

    rmcg888 wrote:


    Meg - how can I help others when I came on to seek help.

    Your first post in this thread (and I believe in this forum) was a rant. There was no request for help. You're third and forth posts were dedicated to berating modular747. If you had asked for help, you probably would have gotten it. Instead, you started by being unpleasant. It's not terribly surprising that you didn't get much help.


    As you appear to have resolved your issue and are not particularly interested in my help, I won't bother you further.

  • Jacobfeliciano Level 1 (80 points)

    Are you using the GPS or playing games a lot? That drains your battery.

  • modular747 Level 6 (18,730 points)

    I have been mature, accurate, civil and largely pleasant in the face of someone who has not been

    supportive of the many people who are struggling with this unexpected and previously unexperienced Apple problem.

    Not in the slightest!  To add to what Meg said, your very first and every single one of your posts, and most of them exclusivley, contained a personal attacks on me.  Your first several posts did not at all ask for any assistance, only to whine and demand.

    We should not have to adjust settings when we get a new phone - it should work out of the box as Apple is famed for. We pay a premium price for quality and convenience and months on from this very poor launch of a clearly flawed product,


    Apple needs to fix this.

    You dismissed recommendations such as in my post from October 1:


    "Depending on what you mean by "very fast", try these steps as needed:  (Note that all iPhones will get noticeably warm playing music, particularly in your pocket with body heat added - this is normal.)


    1. Reset phone (no data loss):  Press both home and power buttons for at least 10 seconds, releasing when the Apple logo appears/


    2. Restore in iTunes using a backup.


    3.  Restore in iTunes as new, without using a backup.


    If restoring as new doesn't help, there is either a hardware problem, or it was hacked or jailbroken in the past."



    But now, you change your tune:


    Problem sorted - Goodbye!


    As to your claim that this is a new issue with the iPhone 5:


    Iphone 4S getting hot?: Apple Support Communities


    iphone 4 gets very hot: Apple Support Communities


    iPhone 3Gs getting hot: Apple Support Communities


    iPhone 3G gets Hot and battery drains...: Apple Support Communities


    2.1..iphone hot and battery drained: Apple Support Communities


  • Terrence Loh Level 1 (0 points)

    hi.. have you got the solution already for the drained battery life and iphone 5 become hot pot? there are so many pages of comment after yours.. maybe you could help to figure the best way to solve it.. thanks!

  • ghiathb Level 1 (0 points)

    I upgraded to iPhone 5s, but I still use my iPhone 5, I had a ton of apps on both, so I restored both as new iphones and I just added the apps that I'm using most little by litte, the problem does arise everyonce in while when I land in a new country and change the sim in the phone, I beleive it has to do with some apps that keep running in the background, myabe bad design. I do suspect a couple of apps but I don't think it would be fare to mention them as it will have a negative impact on the developer and I'm really not sure. It would be nice if apple provides something in the settings that shows you the apps running in the background and how much of the processor it is using such as activity monitor in OS X

  • Theresa Quirk Level 1 (10 points)

    Me too. My iPhone 4 lasted forever, this 5s 64 gb gives me two long phone conversations and battery dies, Now it's hot and I worry about it. I called Apple about it but they just put me into all that restore propaganda, was a waste of time. I have new cal scheduled with them.  I am very upset and I need the new screen to see, my iphone 4 was just too hard to see (I have bad eyes)

    I would like to know if this is something that can be resolved or I should get a refund.

  • Terrence Loh Level 1 (0 points)

    i'm still waiting for people to come up here to post some solutions.. i think this is related to its software issue.. so maybe nex update is gonna solve this but im not sure how.. if you have got solution for this one please i'm charging it like **** now.. haiz..


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  • Ubaid Fazil Level 1 (0 points)

    im from Manchester and my iPhone 5s still gets hot, so i dont really think that the climate makes any diffrence?



  • Notemused Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm the person who had just gotten their NEW iPhone 5s &amp; the screen went black then random code showed up, it started smelling, smoking then caught fire. I didn't get a refund, replacement, nothing. I ordered it online from Apple directly. After 3 months waiting patiently for a "determination from engineering" I got a call saying not under warranty, I caused fire???!!! I even had photos taken with an iPad while it happened. As if I wanted the brand new iphone &amp; just decided to somehow cause it to do this. But I'm just a little old lady who lives out in the country so I guess giving me the shaft doesn't hurt their business. Unreal.....,

  • DT_moon Level 1 (25 points)

    Do you have an external voltage supply?

    If do you, you can check if there is a current leakage on the phone by connecting the voltage supply without turning the phone on.


    Another way to check for the leakage is to check the battery percentage then turn off the phone completely then wait for 1-2 hours and turn it on again. If there is a leakage the percentage will drop quiet significantly even the phone is off.