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I'm having some issues with the newest Safari update; I didn't realize all of them at first but over time the combination has been leading me to have to open a lot of browsers in Firefox and I'd just prefer not to have both web browsers open at the same time and go back and forth between windows, etc. So the issues:


Embedded videos on websites, for instance Tumblr embedded videos (not the videos hosted from Vimeo or Youtube) do not load at all. They'll buffer infinitely without truly loading and playing.


Photo upload forms, for instance on the WWOOFing website, on Facebook, and photo attachments sent through email do not upload the photo or attachment anymore. It will appear to load and just continually stall and never truly load.


I'm going to keep using Safari because I like the simplicity and speed of the browser but it's becoming a hassle to have to upload photos and watch videos, etc, by opening a second window/application. Does anyone know what's up or is anyone else experiencing a similar issue?

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    Embedded videos on websites, for instance Tumblr embedded videos (not the videos hosted from Vimeo or Youtube) do not load at all. They'll buffer infinitely without truly loading and playing



    Open System Preferences > Flash Player then select the Advanced tab. Click: Delete All


    Quit and relaunch Safari. try a video.



    As far as uploading photos to Facebook, instead of using email, go to your Facebook page then click Add Photo. Much easier to upload photos to FB that way.


    Not sure about the wwoofing site.



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    Performed these steps but still having the same issue with videos and uploaders/attachers.

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    Check Safari > Preferences > Extensions


    Turn that off if there are any installed. Quit and relaunch Safari to test.

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    Did these steps but still neither works. The extensions I had downloaded were: stumbleupon and divx, both of which I had previously when videos would play and the uploading forms would work. I'll leave those extensions turned off anyway because I have an assignment due and show absolutely not be spending time on stumbleupon x)


    I wonder what the issue could be though? I'm stumped :l

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    This would be a good time to tell us which version of the Mac OS you are running. A recent update of Lion seems to break any version of Safari lower than v6.

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    Running OSX 10.6.8
    2.4 Ghz intel core i5

    4 GB 1067 Mhz DDR3


    MacBook pro 15 in.


    The safari I'm using is 5.1.7 (6534.57.2)


    Haven't and probably won't make the 'upgrade' to Lion, paying money to have my applications grouped on my desktop just doesnt seem justifyable to me...

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    I was seeing the same problems.  I was seeing Safari running at 99% CPU and the Flash Plugin taking up a lot of physical memory and CPU as well. I have fixed it, now Safari runs in the 5-12% CPU range while the Flash Player Safari Plugin runs at 40-50% CPU.  Unfortunately I changed 2 things before testing it so I don't know which one did the trick.


    1.  I deleted the Flash Player cache as described above with one slight clarification.  Make sure Safari (and probably any other browser) is not running when you do Delete All in the above steps.  First time I tried it, Safari was running, I did Delete All and restarted Safari as described above, but problem persisted.  2nd time I did "Delete All" Safari wasn't running plus I did the following.


    2.  Going through the logs I noticed that there were "Missing bundle identifier" messages regarding Flip4Mac WMV, the  Flip4Mac Quicktime Components.pkg and Flip4Mac Web Plugins.pkg to be exact.  They even showed up in the FlashPlayerInstallManager.log.  So I checked to see if an update for Flip4Mac was available, I upgraded to This time when I ran the video it worked just fine.


    Hope this helps.

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    Did both of these things, no dice!

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    (Disclaimer: I have all Apple hardware, and have no ill will towards Apple)


    YouTube/Safari issues are not uncommon. I, too, started having issues with certain videos on YouTube from out of the blue. Cut through all the crap, and the bottom line is that if it works on Firefox without screwing around with all the settings, it should work in Safari. But it doesn't. It's not a YouTube problem. It's not a Flash problem. It's a Safari problem. I have uninstalled/re-installed Flash. I have cleared caches and deleted cookies. I have run in 32-bit mode. I have repaired permissions. The only thing that works is the one thing that just works all the time - use Firefox. It is not as quick as Safari. It is certainly not as aesthetically pleasing as Safari. But it just works.


    The truth may hurt, but it also will set you free...

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    Same problem here. Mac 10.6.8  x2.4 quad core, Safari 5.1.7, Flash Player 11.5 and 10.3 installs and uninstalls, clear and reset Safari. Decided Chrome was the way to go. No problems at all. Fairly disgusting when I have bunch of cash stuck into an Apple machine and I can't run an Apple browser properly. Same old stuff...

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    This is truly absurd, as these issues have been happening for over TWO YEARS, without Apple fixing them! I downgraded to 5.0.5, and many of these issues aren't happening, but there are other issues, and they are now getting worse, so I'm in a bind. I'd like to upgrade, but obviously they've not gotten rid of the bugs, so just ****.....