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    Old Toad wins the solved award. 


    The bright white (flashlight) eyes captured by the iPhone 4's camera cannot be fixed and saved with iPhoto v9.4. I managed edit it so it looked fair but the edited picture could not be saved.  The only workarund I found was to use the Fix red-eye tool then snap a screenshoot of the edited picture. Not the best but it was better than headlight eyes.

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    Photos for Mac

    Those are the same type of eyes you get with animals and can't be fixed with red eye.  I use a 3rd party editor to fill in the white with black or other dark color.

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    There is an easy fix.  The problem was solved in this forum by ingling in 2006.  All you have to do is to export the photo to your desktop as a jpeg scaled down.  Ingling scaled down to 2000 pixels wide, I simple exported as Large size instead of acutal.  Import the scaled down version back into iPhoto and correct the red eyes on that.  Click done, and it saves the changes--- even if it did not save them before.  Definitely a bug & not cool that Apple has not fixed it since 2006. Follow this link and scroll down to ingling's answer

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