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So, got my 32GB iPhone 5, had been waiting for ages, really excited. I went for the 32GB one because the 16GB in my 4 didn't seem to be enough to store my apps and my 8GB of music.
So, of course, set it up out of the box, icloud synced over my music purchases and everything else, so far so good.
Then I plugged it in to my mac to sync the rest of my music (I have downloaded a meagre 67 of my 1100+ songs from itunes, the rest come from CD's)
I got a message telling me to upgrade to iTunes 10.7, as my phone wouldn't work with 10.6
Oh No.
This is what I had been dreading.
My Trusty Dual 2GHz PowerMac G5 can't sync with my phone.

Back to my 6th gen nano for music then, which is annoying. I had paid the extra money for more memory in the hope I would no longer have to carry two devices around.

I understand why they've done it, iCloud removes the need to sync with iTunes, but I've been left with a fraction of my music library.

If the iPhone won't sync, We can assume that future phones and iPods won't sync either.
Having spent several months saving up for my new phone, there's no way I can afford to make the switch to intel, which seems like the only solution.
What else can I do?

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    just download 10.7. i dont see the problem.

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    10.7 Won't run on PPC Macs.
    I should have mentioned that, that's my fault.

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    How about bootcamp a windows partition and run windows iTunes 10.7 until apple release a patch?

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    Ignore that. Dum suggestion.

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    I have found a solution to transfer music from a PowerPc to an iPhone 5 but it is a bit long winded and involves borrowing a modern Intel Mac. While this solution works, please be careful as other ways I tried ended up duplicating a lot of my music library, which I had to undo manually.


    1.  Back up your iPhone 5 to iCloud if you have already put stuff on it (just in case)


    2.  On the borrowed Intel Mac, set up a new account and make sure it is running iTunes 10.7 and use this account as it can be deleted later if required.


    3.  From the Intel Mac connect to the PowerPC and browse for the iTunes Music folder, which is in the iTunes folder inside the Music folder, where you will find the Artist folders, with Album folders inside them (list View is best here). You may have to enable sharing on some folders first, if you cannot get through, but I think it is unnecessary.


    4.  Open iTunes on the Intel Mac and, from the iTunes Music folder on the PowerPC, drag each of your Album folders onto the LIBRARY area at the top left of iTunes (I did it one by one but it may be possible to do several at a time). IMPORTANT - do not drag the Artist folders, just the Album folders with the tracks inside. iTunes on the Intel Mac should then have all your music in it, with the album covers and other data etc.


    5.  Plug the iPhone 5 into the Intel Mac and ensure that none of the Sync boxes are ticked in any of the tabs across the top. IMPORTANT - ensure that Manually Manage Music is ticked under Options in the Summary tab (and possibly Back up to iCloud).


    6.  Click on LIBRARY, Music and from the Albums window in iTunes, drag each Album onto the iPhone 5 icon in DEVICES on the left hand side of iTunes.


    7.  Finally eject the iPhone 5, give the Intel Mac back to its owner and enjoy your music.


    8.  If you want to transfer Playlists, first export them from the PowerPC (File>Library>Export Paylist) and then import them into iTunes on the Intel Mac and drag the playlist onto the iPhone 5.


    Please note that while this worked for me for my old PowerBook G4 running OS X 10.5.8 and iTunes 10.6.3 using a borrowed MacBook Air, I cannot be responsible for any disaster that may befall you if you follow these instructions.


    I hope this helps as I have searched high and low for a better solution.