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Mac Beep Beep Level 1 Level 1

I have problem with the iPhone 5 battery. All settings are off and nothing running in the background. Plus no apps running. After four hours on standby the battery drains down to 80%. Anybody has the same problem. I had every iPhone that came out. Every time there's a new phone Apple has the same problem.

iOS 6, 64G iPhone 5, 32G iPad 3G+WiFi
  • Apple designer Level 1 Level 1

    My battery is draining very fast to. idk why.

  • Geckoking Level 1 Level 1

    I think there is a problem.. My battery drains fast also.  I own the white 16gb.. Had the black 16gb the day before my exchange because of scratches and had no problem like this.. Now i might have to return this on also..


    Also the black had better reception.  Just my experiences so far

  • intewig Level 1 Level 1

    I'm down to 23% after 7 hours. I'm told someone was completely out after 4 hours. So yours is not the worst.


    I was told to turn off location services. Trying that now.

  • NeoZippO Level 1 Level 1

    My Monday started with 97%. it's been almost 8 hrs and 4% left. 3 hard reset done in between and killed all other apps except a few. WiFi enabled, Bluetooth disabled.

  • Mac Beep Beep Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem

  • longman555 Level 1 Level 1

    Let me tell you our story.


    I have an iPhone 4. The battery life is perfect. I am all over it - using tons of consumer and business apps.


    My wife bought an iPhone 4S. If she is using it like I am using mine, the battery life is half the mine. Ofcourse the performance is better. Even when she is not using it, i.e. making only a few calls a day, the battery drops a lot. We checked - there are no any background apps etc.


    If this contunues as a trend into iPhone 5, probably you will have to charge your phone 3 times a day...

  • intewig Level 1 Level 1

    Yesterday at the same time, with similar amount of usage, battery was 23%. (1500, +0800 GMT)


    Reset settings this morning, full charge, similar usage ==>56%


    When I'm using the phone, the battery meter starts dropping fast. If I don't touch it, all's good.


    On my Iphone4, it would be around 75% at this time. So still disappointing battery performance, but at least looks like one charge will last me till the end of the workday.