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   Hey all,


I had searched and read a number of entries similar to this, but never a solution from anyone yet and unsure if someone has experienced this specifically.


I was doing some computer house cleaning and noticed that I had this constant Network Activity happening to the sum of 3-4KB/sec, all day long, regardless.

Switched off wifi...still there.

Rebooted.....still there.

Disconnected all devices, no wifi, no nothing....still there.

No programs running....still there.

Repaired permissions...still there.

Checked Firewall....still there.

Sharing turned off....still there.

Printer sharing off....still there.

Checked and eliminated any start-up programs....still there.



Booted with Snow Leopard drive,(it is only the OS), and noticed NO network activity.

Installed Little Snitch, and honestly have no idea what it is telling me. 


So, with a totally cut off Macbook Pro, with no programs running at all, and nothing I can see running in the back ground, no LAN or other sharing or networks....why would there be an unending 3-4KB/sec activity, but none at all in Snow Leopard?  Somewhere I have something installed, or a malware program, or something hitting the network regardless of if it is accessible or not. 


Anyone any guesses? 


Running the last version of Lion, 10.7.5


Thanks all.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Just as a side note:


    I just tried "Logged Out", and logged in as a User account, and there was no Network Activity at all, even with the wifi enabled. So its something per my user/admin account I installed.  Awesome! 

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    Can't believe no one has experienced this? 

    If anyone could, take a look at your own Activity Monitor and post if you are NOT having this issue in Lion.


    Here is a screen shot of AM and the typical constant 3KB/sec in/out.  I know it seems like nothing just idol chatter, but it is constant, as in all day long, no matter what.  Something seems very not right about that function. 


    Screen Shot 2012-09-24 at 9.37.30 AM.jpg


    Thanks all, any feed back is appreciated.

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    Wow....NO ONE?  Thousands of folks on here, and no one has any experience, or input on this? 

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    Seeing the same thing here.  Installed Little Snitch, and it isn't showing the activity on the network that is being shown in Activity Monitor, so I can't trace what is causing the issue.

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    I had done the same thing a week ago, and also saw that Little Snitch wasn't showing what Activity Monitor was showing.  I re-booted with my Safari volumn, on the same computer drive, and it showed nothing in Activity Monitor and Little Snitch. 


    I realize that this really may be no big deal, but it is rather odd, and programming issue if there is something installed that is causing a process to show up that really 'isn't' happening, or is barely happening, but isn't resent in a previous OS, or a clean OS.  Thanks for the responce, Clif. 

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    oops, just noticed your issue was without internet connected.  Mine is connected to internet, so activity could be coming from router, switch or somewhere else.