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I've got a United flight coming up and it's not doing anything with it- what is the point of this seemingly useless app?

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    Passbook is brand new with the introduction of iPhone 5, iPod touch 5 and other latest products. Passbook requires the app on the store to be purchased (Lufthansa, sephora, target) and set up passbook within the app. Over the course of this month and forever more and more passbook features will come alive. Starbucks will enable passbook end of sept.

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    Why include it if its not working?

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    Totally useless. 


    I have the same problem with the United app.  Whats worse is a search for the united app yields nothing.  Now I have to open passbook, which does not display the installed app and then go to the app store, and launch it from there... its worse than useless its crippled an otherwise useful app.


    I read somewhere that if you make a purchase through the app that it will then show up in passbook, so I purchased some tickets through Fandango... and gues what, I still have that same problem with the Fandango app as well, nothing displays in Passbook.


    This is simply a way for Apple to drive more purchases through itunes billing, where they get a cut.  another Epic fail from apple.  Maybe if they focused more on inovation and less on litigation things like this would work.

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    i buy fandango tickets thru the fandango app all the time and they are added automatically to my passbook, works great. i just searched the word 'united' on the app store and the united airlines app was the very first thing that came up. you generally have to take the tickets or coupons or passes from whichever app they are in and add them to passbook, or set the specific app to automatically add them to passbook. perhaps you're suffering from a bit of operator error.

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    Have you looked at the help page:




    Not all fandango theaers support mobile tickets and therefore Passbook.  Also apps don't show up in Passbook, passes do.  If you have an upcoming United flight, you can check in from the app and then your passes should appear in Passbook.

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    You have to find the "Add to Passbook" button in the United application.