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After downloading a playlist via iTunes Match, I noticed that even though I initiated the download of the playlist on wifi, one the downloads via iTunes App downloading, if I move out of a wifi hotspot, the download continues up over LTE (possibly 3G too, but haven't tested it so not sure) which goes against the settings in the music and iTunes /AppStore areas of the settings menu, not to mention, it ***** my cellular data like no ones business.


Has anyone found a remedy for this, or can Apple acknowledge this bug. Please fix ASAP!!!

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    I had exactly the same issue, iTunes was downloading tonnes of tunes from iTunes Match via the Verizon LTE network, even though I had set the settings to not download anything from iTunes over the mobile network. I spoke to a senior tech supervisor (Michael) who said he would elevate this to the engineers - he's going to call me back to let me know the outcome. I will post an update here once I've spoken to him again.


    In the meantime, a temporary workaround is either to turn off the mobile data completely (not helpful I know) or just to sign out of your Apple ID. Guess you could alternatively just go to the iTunes download section and manually delete all the pending downloads one-by-one although this could take a while.


    Hope this helps...