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I've gone ahead and copied my iTunes folder to my NAS. I then went into prefences in iTunes and pointed it at the new folder. This is where I am lost. I was hoping that my iTunes music would all be pointed at that folder. However, when I check the info of songs, it's still pointed to the original location (locally). What should I do next to have my whole iTunes library pointed to my NAS? Thanks in advance for any help!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Did you copy the iTunes Media folder or the ENTIRE iTunes folder?


    The correct way is to copy the ENTIRE iTunes folder.

    If you copied the ENTIRE iTunes folder, close iTunes.  While holding <SHIFT> launch iTunes.  When prompted to create a new library or locate a library, select the option to locate a library, then point iTunes to the new location.

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    Hi Diesel Vdub,


    I did this and pointed it in the right direction. Now My local computer is set to my NAS.

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    aaloh  Vdub - I can't seem to get itunes to prompt me to create a new library or locate a library, am I don't sometyhing wrong?


    LIke aaloh I copied my entire iTunes folder to the NAS and then went to preferences and reset the itunes folder to point at the NAS. Sadly clicking a song still shows the original file / link.


    When I close itunes and reopen (holding shift) it just opens normally. Do I need to delete the original files to prompt or something else?



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    Also - to be clear I'm running iTunes on a Mac not windows, but have tried to find a solution in both sections of the support forums.

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    On a Mac, hold the Option key when launching iTunes.

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    Assuming you've successfully connected to the library files on the NAS, you will probably find that performance suffers. To resolve this copy the files iTunes Library.itl, iTunes Library Extras.itdb, iTunes Library Genius.itdb, sentinel (hidden) and the folders Album Artwork and Previous iTunes Libraries, back into <User>\Music\iTunes (delete any temporary empty library that was made there earlier) then use the option-start-iTunes method to connect to that copy of your database.


    Any time you want to move the library to a new drive or machine copy those files & folders back out to the iTunes folder on the NAS, then use the option-start-iTunes method to open that copy of the database one time before the move. This ensures that iTunes will be able to locate the files correctly from any new location. You can then repeat the process of moving the database to an internal or local external drive for performance.