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  • Mustang92690 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    2011 Mazda 3S owner here and unfortunately neither my 3GS, 4S or 5 have streamed the song titles and album info. My display for my audio system just shows bt audio but nothing else. I didn't really think anything of it since I've never had that ability before. general functionality (skip songs) and things work great though

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    Ditto here on my 2010 Acura TL.  Volume control on steering wheel works, but sound quality is awful - I have to turn volume up to abnormal levels to hear anything at all.  Skipping to next song using channel control on wheel does not work at all.  My previous iPhone 4 w/iOS 5.x worked beautifully.

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    Same exact Pioneer radio! Same exact problem!

    Lost all display information and most control!!


    Boo!!! Help us Apple!

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    hi, i am have the same car (Jetta SE 2012) and problem you are having -_- super frustrating.. i'm kinda glad though that its not just me.. i'm heading to the dealer today for a different issue but i'm going to be asking them about their thoughts.. i will let you know what they tell me.. if you could let me know if you hear anything in regards to solving our issue i would be super grateful. thanks!

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    Just a data point...


    For several months I have had a Pioneer Z140BH in my 2007 Pilot.  I haven't had any problems with my iPhone 4S using the 30-pin dock connector.  It worked so well that the only reason I had to use Bluetooth was for Handsfree.  Thus I've never used the BT connection for audio.


    Upon reading of your problem I decided to test the BT connection with my iPhone 5.


    I can control the head unit from the steering wheel controls, I see artist, song, and album on the head unit. I can pause and skip tracks from the head unit. The only thing 'missing' is album artwork.  Since I never used the BT with iOS5 I don't know if I'm 'missing' anything else by moving to iOS6.


    From my experience I'd say that the problems others are seeing isn't entirely the 'fault' of iOS6.

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    Sorry to disagree, but if you read what most of us are saying you would see it IS the iOS 6. I like many others had iOS 5 on an iPhone 4, it worked great on BT with everything showing up; artist name, title, album, etc.


    As soon as I updated to iOS 6 on the same phone it all disappeared. The only function I have now is volume control, pause/play and mute through the head unit and remote control. While some say it did not affect their stereo, multitudes of others are saying on here that it did. Various brands of cars and stereos, the only thing that changed was the iOS. I have the same issue now that I have the iPhone 5 too. Not only that but in my wife's Ford Edge with Sync, my old phone worked perfectly, now the Sync does not even recognize my phone through BT at all. It still recognizes my wife's but she has not yet upgraded. I'm glad it works for you but for many of us it no longer does and I'm not happy having bought a $600 stereo and $500 phone only to lose 1/2 of my compatibility along with being able to use apps or watch videos on my stereo due to the cable no longer working without a Lightning end on it. But that's an issue the stereo manufacturer will have to address.

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    Wolvrine704 wrote:


    Sorry to disagree, but if you read what most of us are saying you would see it IS the iOS 6. I like many others had iOS 5 on an iPhone 4, it worked great on BT with everything showing up; artist name, title, album, etc.


    It is not iOS6 that is causing all of the problems.  It is that the update to iOS6 is exposing insufficiency issues in some systems.  A subtle point to be sure, but valid none the less.  Were it not so then my Z140BH when connected to my iPhone 5 with BT would be exhibiting the same problems others see and it is not.  My iPhone 4S, which I updated to iOS6 the day it came out and is now exclusively used as an iPod, still works fine when connected to my Z140BH via BT.


    If it were iOS6 that is the source of the problem then it would be failing on all systems.


    Of course, if I owned one of the units which aren't working with iOS6 then I'd be ticked off too. 

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    I don't know why you would say something as uneducated as it is not ios 6 that is causing these problems, it's fundamental that if all the folks posting problem's that did not exist before they upgraded than what would you attribute them to? Clearly it is the IOS. you may have one that works or did you try it with the cable plugged in and thought it was working on the bluetooth. whatever the case. I had everything working fine and now it does not and the only change was the IOS, now had I updated the firmware in the pioneer head unit than maybe it could be that, but I didn't and I don't think anyone else did either. I don't even know what exposing insufficiency issues is supposed to mean, do you think that a 500 dollar head unit that worked perfectly before the IOS now has insufficiency issues...I think you should apply for a PR job at apple so you could explain off these problems with all these head unit that quit working as insufficiency issues! I like that phrase....

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    You don't have to get snippy just because you have no argument.


    And speaking of could an iPhone 5 with iOS6 connect any way other than BT?


    The Z140BH is not a $500 head unit.  It costs three times that and is Pioneer's latest and greatest.  Perhaps Pioneer has learned something since they introduced the older units.  If so, perhaps they can apply that knowledge to an update for the older units.

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    I too have had the same problem.  I also had issues with bluetooth when I used iOS 4.  My sis also is running iOS4 currently and cannot sync with her 2008 fusion.  My iphone 4 works great with my BMW but my iphone 5 only works with the pause and play.  No longer can I skip tracks.  This is not the first time apple has had issues with bluetooth.  I too had issues with the blutooth iOS4 until I updated to iOS5.  Even if iOS6 works with the latest and greatest of head units or cars,  it should also have reverse compatibilty for it to be successful.  Apple is reading our posts hopefully and is going to release a fix shortly.  Fingers crossed iOS6.1..

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    My 3GS worked just fine with our JVC after market Bluetooth stereo (KD-R526) until I upgraded to IOS 6. It wouldn't even find the Bluetooth device. Now with the iPhone 5 I am having the same problem. No matter what I do I cannot get the Bluetooth to connect or even find the Bluetooth connection.


    Frustrating to say the least. Apple please fix!!!!

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    For those of you with Pioneer decks Pioneer has just released a compatibility chart for their head units.  It can be found here:



    The chart is for the status as of today and includes Bluetooth and the USB to Lightning cable.  They did not say anything about compatibility with the 30-pin to Lightning adapter, likely because they don't have any to test--mine just shipped today and I ordered it on Sept 14.

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    I have the exact same experience: iOS5.x on iPhone 4, fine.  iOS6 on iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, no metadata.


    2013 Audi system, for the record.

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    Hello all,


    After buying 2 songs in iTunes that were automtically over wifi transferred to my iPhone I have song en artist info back on my display in my car. Still have some other problems but this seems to be ok now.

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    Also and sadly... I finally got my 30pin to lightning converter and APP MODE still does not work for the Pioneer radios. I have heard that Pioneer could possibly step up and make some type of resolution. We'll see... :(