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After upgrading to v. 2.0 of iCloud control panel, I was no longer able to enter dates and times for event into an iCloud calendar via Outlook 2010.


Steps to reproduce:
0) Using Outlook 2010 32-bit under Windows 7 64-bit, with iCloud control panel
1) Set Windows short date format to dd-MMM-yy.
2) In Outlook, create a new event in an iCloud calendar by double-clicking on the calendar in the 8:00PM timeslot on Sun, 23-Sep-12.
3) Click in the start time drop-down box and select a different start time - select 10:00PM.

Result: The date changes to Sat 23-Dec-00, and further attempts to change the date and time fail.


Workaround: Note that if you change the short date format in the Windows control panel to a different format (I tested M/d/yyyy), this defect does not appear.


I have reported this on the iCloud feedback page, but in the meantime if anyone has any more insight or workarounds to share, please do.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6