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I wrote an application for WinPhone7 that needed a Zero Configuration service and could not solve this problem at all.

Now we try to convert this App into the WinPhone8 App (WinRT) - the CPU of Phone will be probable ARM.

My question: is it possible to use Bonjour 3.0 for Windows for this purpose?


Thanks in advance

Bonjour for Windows, Other OS
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    Wow, so many answers


    I have now a solution for my problem and this solution dont need any Bonjour ...


    The Key is to use a multicast DNS - I simply broadcast to (one-shot-queries) using ANY / PTR and listen to the answers. I get the IPs of all devices that implements the service I'm looking for (for example _daap._tcp.local) plus my own IP as an echo.


    I think this is a best and simplest solution for WinRT - you can wait many time for an Bonjour's implementation as I see