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I created today three shared photo streams in iPhoto and all of a sudden my iPhone started getting very hot and battery being drained quickly (it's an oldish 3GS, and the battery level was decreasing even though the iPhone was connected to the charger...).


In a nutshell: it seems that whilst data from the "ordinary" Photo Stream are uploaded/downloaded only when the device is connected to a wi-fi netwrok, if you have shared Photo Streams enabled on a iOS 6 device, picture data in these photo streams are "pushed" to the device also over cellular data, regardless of any other setting.


Apart draining the battery very fast, this may lead to using inadvertently a lot of data traffic in your data plan.


Did anyone notice a similar behavior and find out how to prevent it, apart disabling Shared Photo Streams alltogether, of course, i.e. did anyone find a a way to ensure shared photo streams are pushed to the device only under wi-fi?





iPhone 3GS, iOS 6