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Cannot connect to itunes store after updating my iphone 4s

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    I've had the same problem for a couple of days now. After reading and trying out several solutions that never worked, I decided to tinker with my phone. This one worked for me:


    Settings> General > Cellular > Turn Off "Passbook Updates" and Turn on iTunes



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    I just fixed that error on my iPhone 4S after upgrading to the iOS 6 ---

    1.  SETTINGS

    2.  GENERAL

    3.  RESET



    The iPhone will reset and you're good to go.  I got this info over the phone from free Apple tech support.  I originally contacted iTunes through email customer support and they sent me a bunch of unhelpful links.  Hope this helps.


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    Unfortunately this did not work for me... anyone with any other suggestions?  Have tried above, and time/date reset, reconnecting to itunes store on mac and upating details, then back to iphone 4s but still no connection to itunes store.

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    Thanks for the pionter. While resetting network settings did the trick for my new iPhone 4S, why is that required for a phone that just went into service with no apps loaded (besides those came with the phone)?


    A s/w bug in the iOS or h/w?

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    Yeah this didnt work either grrrrr getting very annoyed now