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When I update to IOS  6 the auto brightness not work

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
  • fbzik Level 1 (10 points)

    Set the slider on minimal and than push button ON/OFF, that worked for me.




    The auto-dim feature got significantly improved in iOS 6. The best improvement is brightness adjustment in the lock screen. Before, in a dark room, I would be blasted with the iPad or iPhone’s default brightness before sliding to unlock and having it dim down to match the room’s brightness. Now, from the moment the screen turns on, the brightness is appropriate.

    In all previous versions of iOS, the light sensor would sense the room’s brightness and then suddenly make the brightness adjustment. In iOS 6, the auto-brightness adjustment is gradual and much more subtle, like the Mac. "

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    Hello, what is the minimal for the brightness? And if we already set in the minimal levell, could it be lower than the minimal when the room is full dark?

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    My Auto Brightness wasn't working either, but I went into a pitch black room and manually set the brightness all the way down.  Then I locked the phone.  When I came out of the room and into normal light the auto brightness was working again.

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    It seems this bug is only in iPhone 4s...in mine too ...  I´ll be wait for iOS 6.1 and hope it fix this problem

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    I just ended up getting a refurbished iPhone 4S from Apple due to hardware issues in mine. I was starting to freak out but reassured knowing I'm not alone with this problem. Been having the same issue before the iOS 6 release. Updated to 6.0.1 hoping for a fix on this and the lack of sound on Facebook notifications but that's another story.


    I love my 4S. It may not be the newest or greatest thing out but I love the audio quality when used with the new ear pods. A lot of music I've been listening to has shown many aspects of what the standard headset couldn't reproduce.


    In no rush for the iPhone 5, just hoping the existing bugs get ironed out on one of my favorite phones of all time.

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    It works fine, about the same as the blutooth did on the 4. Not at all

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    I've iPhone 5 on 6.0.1 and same problem. I tested with my "old" iPhone 4 (6.0.1 too) and same thing. Tried with wife's iPhone 4 (iOS 5.x) and auto brightness works.


    I think it's not a device issue but an iOS 6 issue (that was not solved with 6.0.1).

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    this helped.. thanks