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I've created a movie in IMovie HD already and used the themes 2 times in that movie. Now I go into IMovie HD and there are no themes available. I haven't touched the themes in any way. I did a search on Mac.com tech support and they said to check to see if i've moved the themes out of
Library/Application tools/Imovie/Themes
Or something like that. I checked and NOTHING is there.
I checked in my IDVD and the themes are there.
What happened and how do I get them back.
I'm using an ILife06 that i'm sharing with my Brother. 5 licences and he has the disks.
Any Suggestions

Power Mac, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
  • Matthew Morgan Level 7 Level 7 (22,595 points)

    The specific files you're looking for are called:


    If you can't locate them, they must have somehow been deleted. I which case you'll need to reinstall them.

    The themes that iDVD uses are different than those in iMovie. Those files are stored in at Library>Application Support>iDVD>Themes.

    So it's entirely possible to have the iDVD themes without having the iMovie themes.

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    I'm looking into this too. I've tried adding several themes, watch them render to the end and then they're gone. I'm having the same trouble with transitions. They just show black. Anybody got answers?