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  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X

    nfinamore wrote:


    no true no true no true and no true.



    this "very stupid feature" was never installed on any previous version.

    Then how do you explain this thread, from 2009:


    Re: Wi-Fi turns off when locked



    Or this one from 2010 regarding iOS 4?


    Re: Does Wi-Fi turn off when locked



    Or this one also from 2010?


    Re: IPhone 4 using 3G data while connected to WiFi



    Then there's this from 2009:

    WiFi Problem

    WiFi Problem



    There's also the granddaddy of all threads that covers this subject, with over 500,000 views.  The fact that WiFi has always turned off when the phone goes to sleep is mentioned hundreds of times in this thread, which goes back to iOS 4:

    Unknown data usage early morning

    Unknown data usage early morning

  • nfinamore Level 1 Level 1

    the answer to your question is very easy.


    what you call FEATURE, I call it BUG!

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X

    You didn't respond to my statement that the condition has always been there, not just in the latest version as you stated.


    If WiFi remained on all the time the battery would run down in a few hours. then you would call THAT a bug.

  • abfield Level 1 Level 1

    Lawrence, you've made it clear in this thread that you disagree. You're not having the problem. I'm envious. I appreciate you responding but my iPad 2 that has always worked flawlessly now is useless to me because it's WiFi only. The only thing I did was upgrade to iOS 6. I've documented my situation in this thread. It flat out is different. I would ask you to explain this to me...


    My iPad is connected and I'm getting push emails. It goes to sleep and I wait a few minutes and I stop getting push email notifications. I wait ten minutes and wake it up and after about 4 seconds it shows the WiFi icon again and my mails from the past ten minuntes download and I get notified.


    Please explain that and explain to me how the exact same hardware (iPhone 4S / iPad 2 WiFi-only) were working fine and the minute the iOS 6 upgrade completed I began noticing this problem.

  • simcam68 Level 1 Level 1

    Lawrence apparently must benefit from apple not making any changes based on customer complains because he has constantly insisted that the problem doesn't exist in spite of mulitple users stating that the issue started right after 6.0 was installed. This many people can't be "confused" on how their phone works now vs. how it worked before.


    The other thing people forget is that wifi hardware has come a long way in the last few years. Those chips use less and less power with each revision. I'm sure the iphone 5 chip uses significantly less power than that of the 4 or 4s and scads less than the 3g chip.


    There are plently of devices out there today that use wifi and run on batteries. Technology continues to advance and so does battery technology. Ulitmately it is should be my choice of how to consume my battery in my device. If it is a useless weight being carried around because it won't get emails if not "awake", but is usefull when it does and requires charging every 12 hours, then I would choose the latter option if that is what mattered to me.


    It is stupid simple for apple to add a button to enable or disable that feature, so just give people the option along with a warning of posible higher battery usage. They did with location services and that chewed up a good bit of power when 6.0 came out. (I'm sure Lawrence will disagree for some reason)


    ...and by the way, if you've ever been in an area were there is no cell signal, the phone will consume tons of power looking for one, way more that wifi ever would.

  • nfinamore Level 1 Level 1

    Dear Lawrence.


    I think my post was clear enough. I call BUG what you see as a feature.

    This is my 3rd iphone and i NEVER had to face something like that.

    This is the proof that this is a BUG.


    Apple makes these very EXPENSIVE products which are full of bugs. Pointless.

    Have you ever seen a Ferrari without a wheel?


    This is what Apple is doing.



    It is my fault , it will not happen again. No more money to this company born buying work from some one else and RESELLING some one else's ideas.


    I call it very high level marketing. They are so capable in this that create people like you that are happy to spend 800 $ £ € just to be carefull about battery level.



    I think I will go back to a more stable Nokia 3310 if I have to play with my setting all the time to avoid battery issue..


    Congrats Lawrence, Congrats Apple


    Happy New Year

  • Ventu68 Level 1 Level 1

    Dear Nfinamore,

    this is not a easy to be discovered bug otherwise everyone would have the same problem. I suppose this is a new feature that gives problems with some wi-fi router. Modern Network Interfaces are able to enter into a very low consuming modality, they will not respond to a ping command but they will listen to some connections (for example a Magic Packet) that can let them switch the pc on.

    I noticed that my wi-fi router was unable to see the iPad (when in standby mode) until I changed the channel settings on it (btw my HTC Desire was not even seeing the router and this gave me a hint), maybe IOS enabled some low battery modality that force wi-fi adapter to use a low speed modality that uses a different channel of your WI-FI router and this channel is not working because it is covered by another w-fi network router of some near wi-fi router. I suppose that, in my personal experience, stand-by iPad uses the same channel as my old HCT desire (stand-by or not)  does, when iPad is in normal state uses another channel. This is a conclusion I have reached by testing and by my experience (I work for IT dept).

    My colleague and I are connected now in our office to a WI_FI router with our iPhones 4s and he has cellular data disabled and he is receiving messages from whatsapp and from imessage.

    If this problem was common to everyone, then you will see it in the news on TV as it happened with Antennagate.

    I can only say that I bought an external battery and tested on my iPhone, I let it connected over the night where usually my Iphone drains about 5%, the iPhone let the wi-fi always on because it was thinking that I was plugged with the cable, the external battery died after a few hours. Continuos wi-fi ***** a lot of battery.

    Happy new year.

  • nfinamore Level 1 Level 1

    As you guys are (I assume) aware we are talking about 800 $£€ of technology.


    I wish I could do the same job like Apple.


    I sell you this for a lot of money, then we will see if it is working.


    Can we say that this is a very easy biz to run?



    Let me ask you this , when you paid  (a lot)  your device, did you give them all the money in one go, or they propose to split the payment in 2, pre patching, after patching?


    Apple is Luxury technology, they cannot afford patching. That's it.


    Again my Ferrari example come handy. We got a Ferrari has to be perfect otherwise I'd buy a cheap Fiat.


    Are we buying the so called "perfect marvellous incredible guru Steve Jobs" devices? Are we payig more than normal prices?


    Tell me why I have to stuck with this, just tell me.

  • Ventu68 Level 1 Level 1

    If you pour **** of a cat instead of gasoline in a Ferrari tank then it will not work.

    You can call Ferrari support everyday and say Ferrari is worse than a Tata car but the Ferrari will not even start.

    Apple or Microsoft or Google or IBM cannot test every Wi-Fi router in the world, so bugs will ever happen to every product simply because you cannot test all combinations of hardware/software.

    If you were using a Apple router then you could call them and say "give my money back or solve your problem!"

  • jjca Level 1 Level 1

    I think Ventu68 is correct.


    After iOS6, iDevices only wake up from sleep mode with a push notification if your router is able to wake them up.

    That's why some of us are having this problem and others are not. Some older/cheaper routers just cant turn wifi back on to deliever a push notification. i dont know if we can change anything in the router settings (like the channel) in order to make it work. 

  • endem Level 1 Level 1

    You don't have to. Switch to something else. Now, could somebody tell me how to sto receiving mails from this darn discussion.

  • endem Level 1 Level 1

    I did it.

  • Sk8Dreams Level 3 Level 3

    Look at your email notification - bottom right, very small print.  Click on "Apple Support Communities Profile".

  • Ventu68 Level 1 Level 1

    Maybe clicking on "stop email notifications" on the top of this page could help

  • nfinamore Level 1 Level 1

    2 points


    1. Did I hear for 20 yrs that MAC ( at the time) then Apple was the best you could get because you don't need drivers, you don't have Viruses and so on? Was I dreaming? So where's the perfection? Where? If you are not perfect why should I pay you more?



    2. I work in IT Departments too and I live on stable systems. I love them, they make my life easier. You had a bit of investigation and (good call btw) found out a problem. You said that the router's fault decide whether an Iphone works or not. Fair enough. Let me ask you this: What is the mobile

    device? Which one is the one you put in the pocket and carry all over the world? Which one you want to work always no matter what? Router or Iphone?

    So which one has to be the more reliable? Apple produces Iphone, Iphones are everywhere so I have to worry about the router? I think that Apple has to worry if 1 of their devices have problems with the xXx router (which, btw is working with the rest of the world).


    Your gasoline example my friend is not really matching.


    Be sure that if Ferrari could not work with BP petrol for example, you would read on the Ferrari manual, trust me, not after you blow the engine or get stucked on the motorway.

    I am sure that nobody says " Sir be carefull because your 800 bucks device MAY not work with your router at home or everywhere else in the world"


    This is what I call honest business

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