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After testing my iPhone's flash lastnight in complete darkness I noticed that there was light leakage coming from between the metal and plastic directly under where the power button is situated, Me & my friend both have this same issue and it appears with a quick Google search many others do aswell.

Due to the awkward angle I cannot get a photo of mine but here's a photo I found which is identical to my issue, any other White iPhone 5 adopters having this issue?


iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    I have this to. My model is the white 64Gb. What can be done?

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    I'm not too sure, Me and my friend have both booked Genius appointments for Thursday, Apprently they can replace it with a new one but this issue seems to be very widespread!

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    Thankyou for the quick reply. Let me know how you both get on. I may book my own

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    Here is mine1.jpg2 copy.jpg

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    No problem, Will keep this discussion updated as soon as I hear anything new!

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    Yeap, Very similar to mine! Have you said anything to Apple yet?

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    Nope not yet, but will do

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    Same leakage at the antenna corner... 16GB WHITE


    Have no idea whether should I go for a change. I doubt they may have any device that won't leak right now. Some who said they didn't find a leakage may because they didn't set the monitor to the brightest in a dark room. I didn't notice this problem until I drag the bar to the brightest and turned off the lights, and that's when it showed the leakage immediately.

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    Yes I'm sure wether or not to take it back yet. My main thing is that if there is a gap that light can get out, dust and water can get in!!

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    Good point! But since it's man-made stuff, it should be allowed to have some defect as I consider, esp. we all got the iphones that were made in a rush. But I'm still expecting a better assebled phone than this one.

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    As i previously stated, I was going to get a replacement for this issue so I went and got one 2 days ago.

    Apple store Genius notices the light straightaway and replaced it with no question, didn't say anything about it being common but lead me to believe that this was quite common as he didn't act too surprised.


    To my surprise when I took the new replacement home the light leakage was identical to my previous one but after using this replacement iPhone for 24 hours I noticed serious battery issues and that it was dropping calls very often (not one dropped the whole week with original iPhone 5 - 8 dropped calls throughout the day on the new one)

    The battery was terrible also, drained so quickly so for all these reasons I took it back to get another replacement as i gave up on the idea of a non light-leaking white iPhone 5.


    I don't know whether the calls and battery issue was just bad luck as i havn't heard any other compliants so i'll blame that on chance.

    The guy that served me at Apple noticed immediatly from my call history and the fact that it was 3pm and my battery was sitting at 50% (charged to 100% and taken off charge at midday)

    Thankfully I was picking up my MacBook Pro anyway so the trip wasn't wasted on my part.

    He gave me another replacement iPhone 5, this one came from a different box though and didn't seem to have the protective covers on it, yet it was certainly not used before.


    I took it home and everything was perfect, battery life and calls. Later that night I noticed that on this one the light is barely noticable, it is still leaking a tiny bit in the same place, but not enough to actually see brightly in pitch black unless you're looking for it. So I guess that i'm happy, I'm guessing that this small issue is very common as i've not yet seen one without it in some degree (seen 4 white iPhone 5's now that all have it in the same place)


    Thankfully my light leakage issue is barely noticable but I would still certianly be open to Apple explaining why this is happening at all.


    Also, here's a puzzle for you which I can't seem to solve, This replacement iPhone's model number is very strange, On the back it claims to be the standard 'A1429' yet in 'About' it states that it is a 'ND300B'


    Any answers to that above would be interesting, Here's an attached screenshot: IMG_3971.PNG

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    I think it has something to do with being a reconditioned replacment unit. I thought other day stuff im going for the top. I sent an email with photos to Mr Phil Schiller himself. Low and behold the next day i had a very nice call from Apple telling me they would replace it. The next day i had 2 other calls one to arrange the replacement and the other one to apologise for what has happened and to explain that my hand set would be picked up and sent to Apple. But sent to Apple them selves at Cupertino for their engineers to prod and poke at it.  So im waiting for my replacment and hopfully it wont have a defect

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    I had the phone replaced once for this issue with no issue however my replacement has this very same issue. When I went back to Apple to have this addressed, I was greeted by the Genius Bar with, "The light leakage is normal on the white iPhone 5's and is within the tolerance level. We can not exchange this phone under warranty for you." I questioned why this is light leakage is acceptable. They responded with "All our white iPhone 5's in the store have the same light shining through. Its the way the face plate sits in the frame." Even if I were to exchange in the store, the issue would still exist. 

    Does anyone have an idea when Apple plans on fixing this DEFECT? I say DEFECT because the iPhone 5 was not designed to have light leakage. If it is not designed or engineered to do that, its a DEFECT.