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    Have been around home all weekend, few trips around town, phone calls, blue tooth linked to car, played some games, mostly on wifi, sync over wifi download apps, songs and battery is at 37% since full charge Friday AM so not bad but when back at work tomorrow on LTE it will drop like a rock which is very wrong

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    I thought it would be worth sharing. I have done some further experimentation with battery life (using Carat as an scientific instrument of sorts) and, for those who have turned Push off like I have in my experiment, this may be a major contributor to poor battery life for whatever reason. Will others look into it to see if what I have found hold true?

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    I'm on 3rd iPhone 5. One drained battery quick and the other drain batter quick AND with a loose screen. Tried all settings settings. I seen no change in battery on this 3rd one. I concluded its a bug in iOS 6 from the phone constantly checking for towers in low/ saturated areas. Wait for iOS 6.01 to fix.


    Here is an article on the bug:


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    Best solution: turn off cell data often.

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    is it fine like that? wasn't with heavy useIMG_0030.PNG

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    Iphone 5 on Verizon I'm getting 36 hours,

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    There probably is a bug (or a few) in iOS 6 causing this problem, but I was having battery life better than my 4s after I got my iPhone 5.


    After experimenting with the Push setting, it does not seem to have much of an affect. One thing I want to look into, though, is the "Limit Ad Tracking" (Settings, General, About & Advertising).


    When I originally got this phone, I went through all the menus and made tweaks like these, but somehow after doing a restore with settings this switched off. (I know that I had it off before because I wrote an article about it.)


    So, I am going to test this function, as scientifically as I can, to see if my battery life returns. Not only am I confident I can get the same battery life as before, with the battery lasting more than a day with medium use, but I think attempted "Ad Tracking" could be part of the issue in low signal areas especially.

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    I thought it would also be worth mentioning that I work in a building where I often lose wireless signal - that is why I think my experiments might be applicable to this group.

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    I agree with some of the other users. Kathy your stern advice, although helpful to some who may have missed your previous posts, is misguided. I too have reset all my settings (3 times now - set up as a new phone) and I dont use Facebook. My phone drains so rapidly, I may get 3-4 hours with limited use. I also have 90% of my services shut down (kind of defeats the purpose of having a "smart phone") to experiement with battery drainage. Oh and by the way, isnt LTE why we all upgraded to the 5?? Mine is off, but the mere fact that I have to turn it off aggrevates me.

    Heres the answer to the battery life/overheating issues: "The battery on the initial shipment of Iphone5's were defective." I was in the Apple store yesterday and they confirmed my battery and overheating issues with a diagnoses app. I asked the "Genious" if this has been an issue with the Iphone5 and he confirmed that about 1/3 of the original shipment has been returned (this statistic is from his store in New Haven CT only). In fact, he suggested I not take a replacement phone until the second shipment comes in on 10/19. Much to my grief, I appreciated the honesty and confirmation that I'm not going crazy. So there you have it. Im not saying this affects everyone with a new Iphone5, but it certainly is my issue.

    So, in short Kathy, most of us are savy enough to read and follow directions. While I personally appreciate the information by you and others in this community, its not always a magic bullet scenario. There are issues with the Iphone5 and it is what it is. Hoepfully this second batch of phones will be better.

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    I've mentioned it before, but I'm on my third iphone 5.


    Today I did an experiment. I documented the data draining with screen shots.


    I concluded when in standby, with cellular data on (no LTE) I'll loose 1% every 2 minutes. (NOT USING PHONE.  ON STANDBY.)  Soon the phone gets warm to the touch.   Ouch.






    Disable cellular. Still in standby. The phone gets cooler stops draining.  I loose maybe 1% every hour.  Normal.



    I think the battery is fine. The hardware is fine. It's a software bug (I hope).

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    iOS 6 Battery Issues Resolved


    Posted on October 10, 2012

    Filed Under System | 4 Comments


    I’ve mentioned a few of my battery and data problems with iOS 6. (here and here) Michael Tsai had linked to a TidBits post about their solution – basically doing a clean install of iOS6. A few people in the comments had told me to do that also. I was trying everything I could to avoid that eventuality. I knew how big a pain it would be. Well last night I’d had enough.

    The basic problem is that there’s a bug in Safari that screws up bookmark syncing via iCloud. It appears to primarily affect people who restored their data when installing iOS 6. You can check if you have the problem by going to Settings > General > About > Diagnostics & Usage > Diagnostics & Usage Data. If you were like me you’ll have a slew of error logs. I tried everything I could short of redoing iOS 6 to solve the problem. Nothing worked.

    So last night I put my iPhone 5 in DFU mode. (Hold home and power for 10 seconds, let go of power and continue to hold home for an other 10 seconds) Then I connected it to iTunes and did a clean install. Of course then all the apps you have in iTunes are synced with the phone. You then have to manually configure all the applications – often having to look up all the passwords and user information.1

    First the good news. This solved my problem. I can’t speak for data usage, since I’m not mainly on WiFi most of the time. (Hopefully no big road trips again for a while) However battery life went from painful to fantastic. There for a while I could lose ⅓ charge in less than an hour of light web browsing. Just being on standby by my bed I’d lose about ⅔ charge overnight. (Since I don’t have my lightning to 30 pin adaptor yet) I’ve been using the phone much of today and I’m still at almost 80% charge. That is pretty impressive.

    Then there’s the bad news. It took forever to organize the apps into some semblance of order. Weirdly Spotlight could find some applications like 1Password but I couldn’t find it on the pages of icons anywhere. It sure would be helpful if Spotlight in iOS could find an app as well as run it.

    My solution was to use the app organizer in iTunes by selecting the phone and looking around. Apparently I had 12 screens of apps and the last two weren’t showing up on the phone – even though I’d cleared out about 5 screens so they were empty. So if you have a lot of apps and are having troubles finding them I’d suggest using iTunes. This appears to be a bug in iOS6 syncing.

    I should add that while technical people can solve these things, this really is a serious bug. And I’ll bet the typical user has no clue why their battery is draining so fast or why they are using up so much cellular data. Hopefully Apple provides a fix soon.

    And hope you added it to 1Password. While I’m very diligent about adding information to 1Password on my Mac I discovered I was far less diligent on iOS – probably because it’s such a pain trying to copy and paste in iOS. Seriously I wish the whole “select paragraph” mode of selection was removed. So often you can select paragraphs but not just the section you want. One reason among many why iOS will never usurp OSX for serious work in my book. ↩

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    Go to

    Settings-general-about- diagnostics & Usage-diagnostic and usage data


    I have several enteries that say "LowBatterylog"


    And the info in them basically says "hey some programs aren't letting the phone go to sleep"

    They also show the awake and Standby  time.


    Needless to say apple knows about the issue.


    Check and see of you all have the same logs


    Below is an example of what the crash says::



    Incident Identifier: 1CF67FEA-B8F0-44A9-A8C6-E0889C8F8BF7

    CrashReporter Key:   75114641de625835e0ddc94cd0f34432d09a8dda

    Date:                2012-10-08 21:22:09 -0400

    OS Version:          iPhone OS 6.0 (10A405)


    SpringBoard:     NoIdleSleepAssertion == 255, held for 00:09:18


    Hardware Model: N41AP

    Awake Time: 06:02:35 (21754)

    Standby Time: 16:06:41 (58001)

    Partial Charge: 1

    Capacity: 0

    Voltage: 3405 mV

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    same here

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    I checked two phones at Verizon and two at AT&T and they all had those error messages. And my ipad 3 and iphone 5 do too actually.

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    Go to twitter and type in "IPhone 5 Battery"... Theres like 1% saying its good.

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