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    It varies daily, there is lot of positives and a bit more negatives. I'm thinking if this was a major problem it would be thousands and thousands of tweets on the topic. I think it's a pretty isolated problem. I hope it is...

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    I've done the fixes relating to Safari and passbook, as well as deleting all settings and still the battery is at 20% by midday. Resorting to disabling LTE just in case that helps, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the phone.


    Really hoping the next IOS update addresses this, ruining an otherwise great phone.

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    If you or anybody calls Apple for support you will talk to a IOS supervisor guy. He'll ask you a series of questions. Then he'll email you an attachment with battery log tracker on it.  I installed it.  After about 5 days later they want you to sync computer to iTunes and email a zip file.  The Apple engineers want data.


    When asking if the data will specifically fix my phone or will it be a fix in iOS 6.01 he said:


    "That’s not something I could really speculate on. I am in touch with them by email, so it can take a few days to get a response. They may need more information or have suggestions on specific things we can do for your phone, or it’s possible that there’s a larger software issue and we’ll be asked to wait it out. I just don’t have enough information to answer that at this exact moment. But I will absolutely call you when I hear back from the engineers.


    Michael Phillips


    iOS Senior"

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    not sure if they will alow this link, but those of you w/ battery problems may be interested.


    <Edited By Host>"

    How nice of the apple scum to try and cover this up.

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    Mine is also constantly warm to the touch.

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    Personal best. 2 days 16 hours total time. Lady I checked I had about just under 6 hours of use time on it around the 2day 10hr mark. I had to reboot in order to get on the wifi at work. So it lost the more accurate usage time

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    Just talked to service and support, calling from Singapore and it connected me to someone in Brisbane who was totally cluesless about *everything*.  They simply said "Oh wow, that's bad, I guess you better make an appointment at the Apple store."  Then they couldn't even tell me where the closest Apple store is.  No confirmation or denial that this is a known issue just "That's bad, sounds like you need to go to an Apple store". 

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    Bought this phone from (Singapore) so this isn't just a US issue.  Apple apparently has a pretty flexible definition of "usage" vs. "standby" because I definitely have NOT been using it for 5+ hours.  I've been at work and just checking my e-mail from time to time.   That sort of thing.  3G seems usage seems to drain the battery even faster than everything else by leaps and bounds.  I can talk on Skype on WiFi and it doesn't do anywhere near as much as damage as just being on Standby for 3G.


    photo (1).PNG

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    WOW.  Don't even *think* of buying an Apple product in Singapore.  Despite the fact that Apple launched this new flagship product in Singapore (among other markets) they wont' stand behind it at all.  There are no Apple stores here (other than the online store).  If you need service you have to go deal with some indepeendent mom and pop shop.  Then you are expected to let them send your phoen off for "5 - 10 business days" even if it's brand new.  They refuse to acknowlege this defective battery issue and want you to spend hours doing all kinds of diagnostic nonsense.  *** is Apple the most successful valuable company in the world? 

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    So after Apple's customer service flatly refused to replace my phone I went to the "mom and pop shop" here in Singpaore.  It's in a warehouse.  Nice people though, they actually quickly and efficiently replaced my phone with only two questions asked "What's the problem?" and "Did you try to restore?".   I will update everyone on whether or not the replacement has any effect on battery.  I don't currently have an opinion on whether this is hardware or software, however if software I'd think the problem would be more widespread.  Everybody is running all the same software, it's conceivable not everyone has all exactly the same components inside the phone...

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    So I swapped my phone and the battery drain problem is still there.  From 7.30 PM (when I unplugged it with a full charge) to about midnight it drained to 33% with really quite light use.  Just some emails and texts, no calls.  Overnight it drained to nothing.


    This is either a software problem or there is a huge batch of defective batteries in the US and Singapore (at least) and they have done nothing to take the bad batteries off the market.

    I tend to think it's software though because besides the fact that the battery drains quickly the phone is always hot as if something is really taxing the CPU even whent he phone is doing nothinng


    I have all my notifications and location services set to a minimum.  I don't run apps in the background.  I haven't done much with this phone at all and it never lasts through a single work day (not the old one or the new replacement).  I never do gaming.


    All of that said because its' only happening to some people it must be an app... but which one?


    I don't know if the issue is "100% related to cellular data" or not.  The battery life is better on WiFi only or no data at all but it still isn't great by any stretch of the imagination.

    The battery life is just atrocious on two phones now.  Apple: Acknowledge and fix!

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    I have nothing to really add that anyone else hasn't already said, but just wanted to document it to Apple that I, too, have an inferior phone to my iphone 4.  I am livid. I just got a replacement (brand new) iphone 5 yesterday and it has the same battery life drainage issues as my first iphone5. Coincidence? I don't think so!!!   I am getting MAYBE 5 hours from a full charge and I am not even using it all that much. I have also paired it down apps running in background, no notfications, no push notifications, low screen brightness, etc. I am leaving the country tomorrow for 10 days and that puts me 1-2 days outside the 14 day grace period and AT&T is saying I cannot return it!  Livid!  ACKNOWLEDGE THIS PROBLEM, APPLE. 

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    Wow.. After all this time.. My battery is now 1% draining every 5 1/2 mins on LTE. About the same for 4G. This is with TONS of compromise. A fix, it is NOT but I need my battery to last so I was willing to do what I needed to in the meantime to make that possible.


    My screen brightness is very low

    Safari is restricted with all data deleted. I use chrome

    I deleted the Facebook app. I use it on chrome.

    I have my mail set to hourly.

    I do not have iCloud at ALL. I manually set up my email. I synched my contacts from iTunes.

    No Siri

    Everything else ... Bare minimum.



    Basically, I am completely not using the amazing features on this phone but for my life and for what I do, thatll have to be okay for the time being. The battery lasting is much more important.


    I personally believe that safari is responsible for this. I believe that once opened, something goes on in the backround and does NOT stop even when the app is closed. I don't know for sure obviously but all I know is with safari and Facebook gone off of my phone... Its completely not draining the way it was at ALL. If your desperate, give it a try! After you delete safari and Facebook do a hard reset. Charge the phone all the way up. Let it get down to like 5% and charge it fully up again. Power off / on the phone. And here I am. Ciao guys! I hope you all find temporary solutions that work for you!

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    I had the same problem. I followed the direction from tredstone's post and my phone is running like a champ! It has a lot of charge all day long.