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I have heard that there is a shortcut to set a alarm time in Reminders. If you use Swedish as default language you can write i.e. "Call mum kl13.00" or something like that. In English it would something be like "Call mum 13.00h".


Does anybody know this future, and more exact how to use it? And if there are other cool shortcuts for date's etc.


Many thanks!

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    First of activate Speech & Dictation from System Preferences,you will be offered a warning!  If you do activate Speech & Dictation then open the Reminders app, place your cursor in the list on the right, tap the fn key twice then say what you want... Call mother 29th of September at 4 PM press fn key once to finish.


    Note: the fn key is the default activation key but it can be changed to suit your needs.

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    Yeah that's cool. One can also wright the same and get it inserted in the iCal. But I was looking for a way of getting a reminder / alarm poping up so I don't forget to call mum