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  • DQMIA Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't know but so far 17,000 people have viewed this forum.  Just a recap...I tested this issue on both an ATT IP5 and a Verizon IP5 both hav the same problem so this stuff about its working on ATT and not Verizon is complete bull honky!  Just for kicks I also setup my email account on a android dvice and that works perfectly.  As many have statd on this forum...its a bug when it will b fixed...probably 3 months from now.  Good luck to everyone.

  • darithdotcom Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the similar mail problems. The only way I am able to get my Exchange email to work is to turn off the LTE radio. This means that my 4 day old LTE phone is relegated to 3G speeds. Thanks Apple for great QA.


    Hope the LTE tricks works for everyone else. Just turn it back on if you want to do intensive data.

  • Caesarp Level 1 (0 points)

    Host. If its public why remove. How is that hiding it? 

  • BeeJaay00 Level 1 (0 points)

    I sent in a news tip to one of my local news stations here in Denver.  Who knows, maybe I'll get on TV about this. 

  • Imitation Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm on the phone with Apple care right now. Told the rep about this thread. He said this isn't representative of enough people to prove there exists a product defect. Horrah for Enterprise users being a minority! No wonder they have such a small corporate PC market share.

  • AAShepAA Level 1 (0 points)

    Maybe this is what all of us should do.  If we are not significant enough to "count" - perhaps we need to make our voices a little louder


    A call to our radio and TV stations is a great idea!  Also include any other media you can think of..

  • Michael Pardee Level 2 (270 points)

    I ran across this as I got my iPhone 5 today and did a restore to it from my iCloud backup from a 4s running ios6. I was getting all my email fine, the red ball was incrementing as expected but notifications weren't working on the lock screen or any screen.


    It's working for me now but unfortunately I did two things. One was to go to settings, mail, fetch new data, advanced, selected my exchange account, move it to fetch then back to push. The second thing probably has nothing to do with it but I noticed that nothing was set for my info so I went to settings, mail, my info, and picked my entry from the contacts app. Probably nothing but thought I'd throw it out there.


    I'm now getting notifications everywhere as expected.  Hopefully it sticks.


    We use Exchange 2010.

  • Imitation Level 1 (0 points)

    Just got off the phone with Apple Care. The rep said Google doesn't support push email on iPhone. He said that's regardless as to whether it's set up as exchange or gmail.


    Case closed for me. This POS phone is going back to crApple.

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 (350 points)

    Google certainly supports push email using Exchange:


  • Frank Malloy Level 2 (350 points)



    It won't stick. It will work for a while, then silently stop working, and you have to do the trick again.


    It's an iOS bug that has to get fixed with an update. There's no other way around it. All the "fixes" posted are temporary.

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 (350 points)



    Technically, it's not an iPhone 5 product defect. It's an iOS 6 software defect affecting iPhone 5 devices. Software defects can obviously be fixed with updates.


    We need a fix from Apple. All you can do for now is set Mail to fetch every 15 mins instead of Push until we get a fix. You'll have to wait at most 15 mins to be notified of new mail. Unacceptable for many people, but it's all we got.

  • Michael Pardee Level 2 (270 points)

    Thanks Frank. I'll keep an eye on it. I was hoping that since I did it under the advanced settings instead of the main fetch setting it might be different. I'll watch this thread as well.

  • Korben.Dallas Level 1 (0 points)

    Frank, the exchange-push issue is not unique to the iPhone5. I can confirm this issue on both an iPhone4s and iPad2 (however, deleting exchange account and readding and wiping network settings seemed to resolve the issue on the pad).


    I'll keep you posted if any meetings mysteriously get canceled. Ha!

  • Imitation Level 1 (0 points)



    Using fetch uses more battery life. I'm not prepared to be a beta tester and sit around and hope and pray for a fix while my return period expires. I'll leave that to the fanboys with undying brand loyalty.


    Let's be frank (no pun intended) Steve Jobs would never have allowed so many product flaws to exist at a launch of an iPhone. To me, it's not even about the product flaws, but crApple's response to their customers who've raised these concerns - dismissive.


    Purple hue in camera shots - you're holding it wrong.

    No push on Exchange accounts - not enough users with this problem to prove there is a problem.

    Easily scratched anodized coating - be more careful with your phone.

    No simultaneous voice and data on Verizon - no response whatsoever on this, to my knowledge.


    The one glaring blemish they've owned up to was maps. While I appreciate the apology, their response to the other issues the phone has has been unforgiveable.


    My first experience with crApple has been the iPhone 5. I'm not impressed with the product quality. I'm not impressed with the customer support quality. I honestly don't even know why I left Android in the first place. I never had any problems with my device. I guess that snazzy marketing got me. Haha.

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 (350 points)



    Sounds like you'll be back to Android - enjoy.


    Sorry about your experience, but hey, why am I apologizing?

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