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  • CloudWire Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Superclay I appreciate the pressure you are experiencing with so many iPhones running in your enviroment. Kudos to you. Can you please tell me if the following fix worked on any of the iPhones? I am on the phone with an engineer from apple and has confirmed that the following temporary fix works.




    a) Go to Settings > mail, contacts, calendar,> scroll down to "Show" and change that to 200 or 500 recent messages.


    b) You also have to check how many emails you have in other mailboxes. If that number is really high, lets ay more than 500 emails, in order for the fix to work you also have change how many mails to sync on each mailbox from no limit to 1 month or even less.


    c) if  your iCloud mailbox has way to many mails in inbox this fix may not work for you. It will work if you turn off icloud mail in settings. This will not delete your mail. You will have to live without iCloud mail until apple fixes it.


    d) Go to settings > notifications > Mail and check each account if notification center is on?

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    My settings were already set like you described, and push has not worked consistently since day 1.  I will have to agree that the only way to fix this issue is for Apple to issue an update for iOS 6.

  • superclay Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Unfortunately this only fixes the issue for 15 minutes- 2 hours, then it goes back to the way it was.  I receive ~1000 emails per day and have ~18,000 in my Exchange inbox.   I'm not really worried about my iCloud account, just my exchange account.

  • CloudWire Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Okay so that tells me that the proposed fix would work for most people.

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    No, it doesn't work.  I just set up a test account with 10 emails in it, and using the settings that you set it to, push worked for about 8 mintues.  I was steady sending emails.  It then stopped working.

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)



    Did apsd crash?

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)

    Yep, just failed for me as well.


    Restoring my original settings.

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    I have been following all of the threads for the past several days and am having the same problems with exchange email not pushing to my iPhone 5. The only account I have signed into my email is my active sync account. No icloud. I have tried everything suggested on the forum-to no avail. As mentioned, these only provide a temporary fix and agree it is at Apple's end where this needs fixed. I consider myself tech savvy and have owned palm, blackberry and for the past three years android phones. Never had a problem with push email until I decided to make the jump over to an iPhone. I have an iPad 2 and have not had a problem pushing emails since updating to iOS 6.

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    Tried the DFU restore today for the first time.  No success, even immediately after restore from my iTunes backup.  No exchange push even for the first few minutes.

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    Just curious..when you did a restore from backup were they from jailbroken iPhone 4s?


    From reading seems like setting up a phone from dfu mode as a new iphone seems to be working for some.

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    I spoke with Apple yesterday and opened a case as well.  After almost an hour, it was given to Engineers.  Exchange 2010 with probably 200+ iOS, but the 2 iPhone 5 devices added so far are the only ones with the issue.

  • wvu76 Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    @Cloudwire, thank you I switched from 1000 emails to 500 and changed from no limit to one month and it appears to have fixed the push problem for the time being. Just another note, in the list of inbox options you can choose I had to choose the gmail option in the upper section by where it says "all inboxes". I chose the gmail option on the bottom of same screen and push stopped working.

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    This issue is not related to Gmail push, even if you set it up as an exchange account.  This issue is limited solely to corporate exchange activesync servers.  If you are having a similar issue with Gmail, it is a different issue.

  • wvu76 Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Well I had the exact same problem with my gmail exchange account and that solution fixed it so clearly it's not limited to corporate exchange activesync servers.  If anyone reading this is having gmail push problems using exchange try the above solution.

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    Thank you wvu76. I am glad I was able to help. I have fixed a large number of iPhones with this temporary fix. Clearly an iOS 6 update needs to come from apple but it fixes most of the iPhones.

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