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    Does anyone else have this issue where the exchange email will work off and on? That is what my does its unreal.. It was working last night for a few hours and now it stopped working it does this pretty much every day since Oct 5th.. Works for a few hrs then doesn't. i make no changes on the phone and it does this up and down b.s.... meanwhile noone else at work on an iphone with active sync is having an issue... f...

  • MrSyntaxx Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just tried this on my phone turn Airplane Mode ON, wait 10 secs or so, then back OFF. And now my exchange emails are pumping again for now. I'm an iphone 4 and everyone is trying to complain its only iphone 5 with the issue.. =[ lol 10mins later it just stopped working again.

  • frankfromriverforest Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same thing here.  For a week or so I have just left it on Push and not taken steps to restart after I stop recieving emails.  Every few hours Push stops.  Eventually, sometimes hours later, I receive Push emails again but I have no idea why it kicks in.

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    I have an iPhone 4s, AT&T, ios 6.  My work exchange email, calenders, reminders, contacts are not syncing. Some of the contacts will sync but some of the information on the contacts are missing - such as phone numbers even it its labeled as mobile. I noticed this problem this morning , so who knows how long its actually been an issue on my phone. I totally reset up exchange and my symptoms actually worse now... I've had terrible time with ios 6 but this exchange issue takes the cake.


    This could have negative effects on our business if the rest of my co-workers are having same issues, we are constantly on the go and rely on this feature. Last night I did something I never thought I'd do, seriously think of getting a droid phone.

  • CloudWire Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Dreaming_of_Wolves I am sorry for your trouble. Please understand this is a temporary issue and it will be fixed. Android does not have a good integration with exchange like iPhone. Please visit this site to get a temporary fix and feel free to report back if it is fixed:


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    Note other reply, sorry

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    We had the same problem with iphone5 (oviously with IOS6) and exchange server through Office 365. The error was corrected through going into the web interface for the Office 365, select Outlook, then select options and Mobile Phone. Onlt the first 10 connections are permitted and when exceeded this causes iPhone5 to allow setup but then gives a Error when connecting to download mail, contacts and tasks.


    Make sure that you have a slot in the 10 allowed, then remove the Exchange account on the iPhone5. Then proceed in setting up the Exchange account and this will work. We currently have it set to unlimted for all options and everything works correctly. Took a bit of time to download our vast email account and vast contact list.


    Hope this helps.



  • Frank Malloy Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)

    So far, using CloudWire's suggestion seems to be working OK. I have had working push Exchange email for multiple days now. Sometimes there is a delay in receiving it - I sit at Outlook on my desk computer and an email comes in, and it can take minutes (or longer) to get the notification on my phone. Normally (ie. in previous iOS versions), they come within seconds of each other, sometimes the phone received it first.


    In any case, I have been having regular apsd crashes, but it the OS detects it crashed and restarts it automatically. But, I am still getting the notifications, albeit delayed.

  • noahs Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I just wanted to let folks I received an update on the issue from Apple today. Since my problem is not Exchange-exclusive (but involves a a problem with all push notifications, including iCloud and iMessage), I have posted on the other thread. So if you think you may experiencing an issue related to mine, see here:



    The short end of it is they are aware of the issue, there is no known workaround, and it should be fixed in a future software update (ETA unknown).

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    CloudWire fix might have some temporary effect, but after some time I have the same problem again and my mails are not getting pushed to my iPad3.


    In the 'log' information I see the  Power assertion timeout as mentioned in more detail in this form already.


    I have already reinstalled iOS6 and reset everything there is to be reset on my iPad3.


    My conclusion:  Push mail is just not working on my iPad3 32GB Wifi with IOS6. I did not have any problems in iOS5.1.1.

    With my iPhone 3GS 8GB with iOS6 I do NOT have this problem at all.


    The fact it is working unreliably is really frustrating. Can I downgrade to iOS5.1.1?

  • CloudWire Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes Pielo but at least now you can get sync mail if in fact sometimes are not pushed.

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    Hi, I had the same problem when I first migrate to IPhone 5 (I was a 3GS) user. I tried the solution in this forum but it only work for the first time. I looked around for more articles and tried other ways like resetting my network but nothing gives. Finally I did the following and it had been working perfectly for 1 day. Would like to share here and hope it helps.

    1) delete all email accounts

    2) delete my icloud account (completely)

    3) reset all settings (wont lose data but have to redo again all alarms and sounds etc)

    4) reset all network setting

    5) after your phone reboot, setup your exchange email. It should work well now.


    Another note, I realised my battery life had been amazing after my icloud account had been deleted.

    I still have 30%+ after 6 hours of usage and more than 10hours of standby. Way much better than 3 hours of usage and battery life was at 19%. Hope that helps!

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    After going round and round with every possible fix including restores, rebuilds, resets, etc, I made an appointment with the local Genius Bar. 


    I went in with a restore-as-new set-up and Exchange running fine on its own.  With the associate as a witness I logged-in to iCloud and demonstrated the problem.  The associate scratched her head and went into the back room to talk with other associates and 'check the knowledge base.' 


    She indicated that there was no known issue, but offered a very specific solution very quickly:  Replace the 32GB iPhone 4/ATT with an identical phone.  The replacement would come with iOS 5.1.1 loaded, and the advice was to not update to iOS 6. 


    Why replace the phone?  Apple does not allow OS downgrades, and provides no supported mechanisms to do so.


    So where does that leave me?  Completely satisfied with the customer service component of the issue.  I'm back to the pre iOS 6 state, and everything works perfectly.  (Probably worth noting that I purchased the $99 Apple Care warranty.)


    I also believe this is a sign that Apple knows about the issue and has not been able to develop a reliable fix yet.


    Just to summarize what I believe is, and is not the issue here:

    • Exchange and iCloud are not compatible in iOS6
    • Not related to iPhone 5 hardware
    • Not related to wireless carrier
    • If you are experiencing this issue and are running iCloud, try deleting iCloud from your phone then perform a hard reset. If Exchange runs as prescribed, then you know this is your issue.
    • If you have an apple care warranty on a IP 4 or 4S, Apple can/should/will replace your phone with an identical model loaded with iOS 5.1.1
    • If you have an iPhone 5 you may have fewer options as, I do not believe you can downgrade the OS.


    Hope this helps some of you.

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    robcmh wrote:


    Just to summarize what I believe is, and is not the issue here:

    • Exchange and iCloud are not compatible in iOS6
    • Not related to iPhone 5 hardware
    • Not related to wireless carrier
    • If you are experiencing this issue and are running iCloud, try deleting iCloud from your phone then perform a hard reset. If Exchange runs as prescribed, then you know this is your issue.


    I would have to disagree with a couple of points on this one


    1- Exchange and iCloud work fine on 4/4S/iPad running 5.1.1 and 6.0.  I would be receiving hundreds of tickets internally if it wasn't.

    2-The only device that has been affected by the lack of Push emails has been iPhone 5 and Exchange accounts.  I have been able to push Yahoo on 5, Gmail on 4 running OS 6.0.  I have others using 4S on OS 6.0 with pushes working normally

    4- Been there, done that.  Refer back to response to the 1st point


    Swapping the device for a 5.1.1 and not upgrading may be a way around it, but most of us are looking for the true fix, not go back to 5.1.1.  For the iPhone 5 people, it isn't an option.  6.0 was the first release to support the device.

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    I've been following this post with the specific problem of iOS 6 and iPhone 5 not working with Exchange Push mail, and I have to agree.  We're running multiple enterprise devices including the 4/4s/and iPad on 5.1.1 and 6.0. We've had no problems with iOS6 and Exchange on these devices, although other sites do report others who do have problems these devices.  For us, it's iOS 6 on the iPhone 5 where Enterprise Exchange Push mail fails on us. Both problems are well documented on other sites; there are Fortune 500 companies advising folks not to upgrade because of this; and we're doing the same.  We've tried everything imaginable to work around this problem on the iPhone 5, including every single work-around posed in this thread up to and including today. Nothing works permanently.  Exchange Push eventually fails.  It may be hours or days.  We had one phone working with Push for 10 days before it failed.  But one thing is certain: it will fail sooner or later.  There is nothing you can do to work around this.  It's a bug.  Apple knows about it and even Apple has informed us that there is no documented work-around.  They simply need to fix it with a software update.  For now, the only thing that does work consistently is to set Push to Fetch Every 15 minutes.  It's not Push, but it's the best we can hope for as of now. 

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