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  • M&M83 Level 1 Level 1

    Nothing changes with 6.02 for me either.  Did the full DFU recovery/restore and set the phone up as new, not from  a back up.  Nothing.  I've said before, but it's just so frustrating that there's not public acknowledgement of the issue, and that despite being contacted by Apple once over a month ago -- we are still no where with a resolution that seems to work for everyone.

  • filbert66 Level 1 Level 1

    Phishisgr8, I thought I was in a difft category too, since all of my mail accounts were hanging up. But after turning off mail altogether (went all Manual), reading this topic, then slowly adding back Yahoo & Gmail, I found that they worked. Then added Exchange 15m Fetch, and all mail is coming back again. But Push is Off.


    So I think the Exchange Push problem was causing the whole iOS Mail app to die and not obtain any mail. I was able to retrieve mail only when I killed the Mail app manually. Also, if I left Mail running, it would run the CPU to 50% and drain the battery much faster than normal. Couldn't go a full day.


    Is <=15 minutes of email delay really that much of a problem, people? Seriously, if they need you that fast, tell them to call or text you. The big problem was not being aware and missing emails completely because my mail app was hanging. Now that I know about it, I don't find it a big deal.


    Incidentally, running Yahoo & Google's Mail apps in the interim, it seems they support push, and I've never had any issues with those apps. Anyone tried this with Sparrow mail app; does it support Exchange push? Or anyone using the mailbox beta test and know if it is supports Push?

  • Timmc Level 1 Level 1



    While I can appreciate the suggestion to set "fetch" 15 minutes vs push (and do have mine set to do that), it is not acceptable for the type of work and ongoing correspondence required for my job. I'm not suggesting everyone who has an exchange email account requires immediate notification, but think you will find a greater number out there than one might think. The delay for email delivery may be acceptable for some and that's great - but technology has changed the way how many do business - so the evolution forces us to adapt.


    I owned android devices for the past several years and recently made the jump over to the iPhone 5. I never had a problem with exchange email push until I made the switch. For my line of business, I hope 6.1 fixes this issue. The phone is otherwise great, but if the problem persists, I will be forced to move back over to android.

  • slmk Level 1 Level 1

    At least for me, 6.1 Beta 4 fixed the push issue on exchange. Both IPhone 5's, one worked intermittently and one never worked, both started working after updating. The theory that they fixed something on server end, because I udated one phone and foxed it, waited to see wat happens on the second one. Second one was fixed only after update.

    So, for all those eagerly waiting, I am quite sure 6.1 will fix the push/exchange issue, iof you cant wait till official release or are not a developer, google it.

  • Kerry Bailey Level 2 Level 2

    "Is <=15 minutes of email delay really that much of a problem, people? Seriously, if they need you that fast, tell them to call or text you."


    You've never worked in the corporate world, have you.

  • filbert66 Level 1 Level 1

    "You've never worked in the corporate world, have you."

    22 years, Kerry. You must work in a different world than I.


    I get >100 messages a day and if I stopped to read each as it came in, I'd get nothing done.


    But we digress. I want this fixed too. So far summary seems to be: some have success with beta 4 or 6.0.2, but others no. Still waiting a real solution.

  • GappleP Level 1 Level 1

    As a physician, I have my alpha pages fwd to email so I need PUSH. I need it to be accurate and timely or I have to carry a pager! SOOOOOO 90's. If this isnt fixed soon, my iphone is going back. Still in the 30 day grace period for reutrns. carrying pager in meantime. If not confident of fix in that time, going back to droid.

  • Jeffnebraska Level 1 Level 1

    In initial testing after the upgrade to 6.02, the push problem on my Exchange work email account seems to be fixed.  It has never worked for more than a few mintues since the day I bought the phone.  I've been using fetch.


    Tonight, it's been working for several hours, even as I move from LTE to WiFi and back.  Pretty encouraging.

  • Caesarp Level 1 Level 1

    People, people.   6.02 has NOTHING to do with a fix for exchange push email.  Those seeing a difference after updating to 6.02 are simply experiencing what has always happened with this issue -- when you reboot, etc. push email works for a while.   It may be 15 minutes, it may be 2 weeks.   But 6.02 is not a fix for this and was never intended to be a fix for this.   Making changes, such as toggling airplane mode or rebooting always did this.  So reporting a fix after several hours of updating to 6.02 is not correct.


    However, the 6.1 beta 4 notes specifically reference a fix for this exact issue.  Accordingly, anecdotal reports of 6.1 beta 4 fixing the issue are something to pay attention to.   We'll know more when 6.1 is officially released.  I believe it is due out in January.   I am cautiously optimisitic.    Forget about 6.02 though.

  • Phishisgr8 Level 1 Level 1



    Can you explain the steps you did, in order? Right now, the only way to retrieve my mail, be it Exchange or Gmail, through the mail app is to open it. That's whether I have the exchange set to e-mail or fetch, and with Gmail at fetch.

    If I could get my Exchange e-mail to fetch at 15 minutes, I would be a million times happier with the phone than I am now. (I have the Gmail app, and it pushes fine, no problems.)

    If I'm reading correctly, you set your Exchane to manual, and had deleted your Yahoo and Gmail accounts? Then, you added back the Yahoo and Gmail apps, and they fetched? After that, you then changed your Exchange to fetch -> 15 minutes, adn it's working for you?

  • Timmc Level 1 Level 1



    What's working for me (until they fix this), is I installed the Gmail App, which push works for the Gmail App.


    For my exchange account, that is the only one I have in the stock mail app. Assuming you've successfully got your exchange account set up in the mail app, all you need to do in order to set for 15 minute fetch is as follows:


    Go to Settings, then select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Select "Fetch New Data," (which I'm assuming yours is set to "Push." After selecting, turn "Push" off and then select "Every 15 Minutes." I've used this method since day one and although not acceptable - has been reliable.

  • Timmc Level 1 Level 1

    One other comment - you can still get email immediately (without waiting for the 15 minute interval), by simply opening the mail app.

  • Phishisgr8 Level 1 Level 1



    Thanks for your help. I'll give deleting all of my mail accounts but the exchange, and see if that works. Having to open the mail app to see if I have mail is getting pretty old. I hate grabbing the phone in the morning and seeing no new mail indicated on the mail icon, only to have 75 emails load when I open the app.


    Also, in my post above (it won't let me edit it) I wrote: "That's whether I have the exchange set to e-mail or fetch, and with Gmail at fetch." It should read, "That's whether I have the Exchange e-mail set to push or fetch.."

  • Jeffnebraska Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not sure you're right.


    My push is working for many times longer than it ever has before. I have moved in and out of Wifi and LTE range several times, and it continues working.


    Additionally, we know 6.02 fixed some kind of problem with Wifi, and we know that it's the switching between LTE and Wifi that somehow causes push to fail.


    It's clearly not a fix for everyone, but I think there are too many people reporting that 6.02 fixed push for them to conclude that it is not addressing the problem for anyone.

  • heinhorn Level 1 Level 1

    Just wanted to chime in that 6.0.2 did not fix the push issue for me.   I use 15 minute fetch for the time being and hope that 6.1 fixes the problem.


    I imagine that Apple's failure to openly acknowledge this issue is tied to their desire to increase their market share amongst businesses.  They have worked very hard to change the perception that iPhone's are not business friendly and not having push will be an absolute deal killer for most businesses. 


    I know I would not have purchased the Iphone 5 had I been aware of the push issue and I tell everyone I know not to buy one until they get it fixed.

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