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  • rxgirl222 Level 1 Level 1

    I have a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee with Uconnect and it will pair but it knocks out the hard drive on my phone, meaning, Siri and sounds stop working it will lock up the screen, speak to text won't work, etc.  I have spoken with Apple support and did a hard reboot.  Sounds just come and go. I took the phone to Apple and they wiped it back to factory setting.  At this point I had no clue that Uconnect was the cause of all this, so I took the new phone and tried pairing it to Uconnect and got the same results on my phone. 


    I was on the phone w/Apple support for an hour with no end result.  I called Chrysler, no results, so last but not least I called Uconnect and was told that the iphone 5 ios is not compatible but Uconnect did some upgrades on their system with the 2013 Jeep Cherokee and it works just fine.  His solution was to go purchase a 2013!  I just switched from android (which had no problem pairing with Uconnect) 14 days ago! 


    So I now have had 2 brand new iphone 5's destroyed because of Uconnects system. And my husbands phone destroyed as well!   Needless to say I am now on my 3rd and he is on his 2nd iphone 5 and will not try to use Uconnect!

  • rxgirl222 Level 1 Level 1

    You should call Uconnect and they will help you.  I had Apple Tech Support, Chrysler/Jeep and Uconnect on the  phone all at the same time!  Only Uconnect could help me with my issues.

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    Uconnect has no answers for me. Since I have 2013 jeep and an iPhone 5 there is nothing they can do for now

  • rxgirl222 Level 1 Level 1

    I was told that the 2013 was totally compatible.  Unfortunately I have a 2012 and can't use my Uconnect at all

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    wished this were the case.  Just bought 2013 Chrysler T&C.  Iphone 5 and 4s pair fine for calls and bluetooth streaming for music.  SMS text ... "this device is not supported".  I haven't tried jumping through any hoops like resenting phone or Uconnect system.  Just paired, which was supper simple and started using.  Honestly wish the phone feature would just pass through to Siri.  Uconnect voice recognition is ok but sentence interpretation is weak.  I lost my patience with Uconnect and uttered some verbal insults... she presented 911 and asked me to confirm.  Fair warning to Chrysler owners, Unconnect has an attitude.

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    so no fix for this?


    I have a  Dodge Avenger, 2010 with Uconnect and a Iphone 5.


    I can pair and send/receive calls with no issues, but I can't stream music or sms, really *****.

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    I had problems with uConnect 5 on my 2014 dropping my iPhone consistently. After much research and non much from uConnect or the dealer, I was able to determine that my uConnect unit needed a firmware update. I was able to download and install it myself and have experienced no issues since. I mention this because I suspect some the issues mentioned in this thread are due to outdated firmware.

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    We Just purchased a Dart and I am so irritated....

    I have a Iphone 5 and everything is good well not really haha

    Siri dosent work at all on uconnect and the txt messiging

    will not work all it says is its not supported! Seriously! This is one feature that

    I upgraded to on this car and I cant use it. Not only that I cant find a MAP supported

    Phone can anyone help me please..... its a 2013 dart limited loaded.




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    My iphone 5 on ios 7.0.3 (2014 Cherokee Limited) works great Siri, media, phone.  Spoke with Chrysler Jeep Customer assist, they are saying Apple wioll not allow text mapping (Blutooth MAP protocol) 


    So Uconnect will let you hear the incoming text but you cannot reply due to Apple's decscision to lock this feature out, time to go Droid.....

  • KiltedTim Level 9 Level 9

    MAP has been supported for quite some time. Whoever you spoke to simply doesn't know what they're talking about.


    Maybe it's time to dump your overpriced Fiat and switch to something else instead...

  • JohnnyKojak Level 1 Level 1

    Should have guessed only state that begins and ends with nothing......For the employed they are quite reasonable;  try again spoke with Apple they locked up the text mapping and have no plans of unblocking.

  • loopless Level 2 Level 2

    On your iPhone go to the uconnect BT device in serttings/bluetooth, and click "Show Notifications" ON.

  • JohnnyKojak Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you, Notifications are on and uconnect reads my text messages, apple has blocked the use voice to respond.  My blackberry will read texts I click reply and I can respond with voice and it sends the text.

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    Pray tell, where did you find this firmware update? I suspect this is the problem with my iPhone 5 and uConnect in my 2014 Journey as well.

  • Mac Man No Longer in Japan Level 1 Level 1

    By joining Jeep Garage as premium member, you have access to uConnect updates. However, I recommend that you join that forum and see if you have the current firmware. If not, your dealer is obligated to install it for you. I had just run out of patience with the dealer and the uConnect assistance tech telling me my iPhone was the problem and took matters into my own hands and fixed it. BTW, Jeep Garage has a lot of good info on it well beyond uConnect issues.