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I don't know if it's just me or my imagination, but could it be possible that Safari is the worst piece of software ever to come out of Apple?


Right now I'm on my MacBook 2.4Ghz running OS 10.6.8 with 2GB of RAM. I find Safari to be consistently slow; slow in booting (45 seconds to boot?), slow to respond, VERY frequently giving me the message "Webpages are slow in responding" blah blah blah, or it just locks up for no reason at any given time and I get the spinning beach ball of death and have to force quit. In fact, I'd say that I have to force quit Safari on my MacBook and my PPC G5 desktop up to ten times a day, EVERY DAY.


When I try to restart, Safari is always -- ALWAYS -- the last program to quit, and 5 times out of 10 it won't quit and I have to force quit it.


How can this be with a piece of Apple software? Please don't tell me to switch to Firefox -- I've found its latest incarnations to be clunky, ugly and highly reminiscent of IE 5 in the bad old days.


Is it just me? It can't be my computer. I have Activity Monitor running in my menu bar permanently and when Safari seizes up, the activity is minmal. The two CPUs aren't running at any more than 20% each. So it's not some evil program running in the background hogging all my computer's resources.


Safari is simply, breathtakingly BAD. Is it only me? If I switch, what on earth could I switch to? Opera? Firefox, I abandoned long ago, since it too, with every new iteration seemed to get more bloated, sluggish and just plain bad. I really wish I could leap back a decade and run the Safari I had back then -- lean, stripped down and CONSISTENTLY a great performer. Now, I can confidently say that it is consistently the worst, buggiest, most resource-hogging, slow, untrustworthy, WINDOWS-LIKE piece of crap that I have ever had on my Macs, which date back to the Mac Plus.


Any suggestions? I find it a truly rare occasion to be ragging on a piece of software put out by Apple and it is frankly appalling, but when things get to be like Windows '95, you've just got to stand up and say "I can't take it any more."

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    It's not only you. With the last version I keep getting pages that only load by half or not at all. Sometimes I get so annoyed I go to Firefox, but I don't like it either.

    I'm not sure about the "worst", though: I think that Address Book / Contacts has always been a great contender (and just got worst with th iCloud integration).
    No suggestion, sorry. On the Contacts front I've writen to Apple, but to no avail.

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    Safari just keeps getting worse and worse . . . won't do anything on YouTube . . . click and click and click to enlarge the window to full screen, no response . . . lags 20 seconds behind every command you send it, including Force Quit . . . honestly, Safari is the worst piece of software I've ever had the misfortune to use, bar none.


    Apple should be strung up and shot for this misbegotten stepchild of Windows' b-------d son . . . to even dare call it a "browser" is a vast, galaxy-wide misnomer . . . I can't believe no one is raising a bigger stink about it. The only reason I keep using it is that all my bookmarks are in there and I dislike Chrome and Firefox's interfaces . . . Safari's interface looks great but does NOTHING well.


    I swear, I'm getting more and more disenchanted with Apple after staying with them for almost 30 years now. If there were ANY alternative except Windows I'd be there in a flash. How they can keep this shoddy piece of %$^& out there . . . oh, wait, I forgot iMovie and iDVD, didn't I? Silly me. How does one take a perfectly good program like iMovie circa 2005 and turn it into a useless chunk of steaming dung in only 7 years? A company is supposed to IMPROVE its software, not change it into unrecognisable gibberish just because they need to keep 1,200 software developers from twiddling their thumbs.


    Steve, ya really made a mistake on me, bro', by dying. I'm just going to have to drift away from Apple. Trouble is, I can't find a Dark Side . . . could someone please invent one?