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Why is the map application failing to show any traffic at all? I've tried it both in search mode and in navigation mode--nothing.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    Not working for me either. Portland OR freeways at rush hour - nothing. "Show" and "Hide" traffic result in the same uncolored map. maps.google.com at the same time shows the familiar red-yellow-green on the same highway. I, too, tried all the steps outlined in the apple support document, with zero result. I --used to-- use the traffic part of the map app quite frequently. This app is DOA.

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    I hope it is fixed soon, I am forced to ues mapquest for that feature and it is definitly not the same.

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    In iOS6 Maps, only red and yellow traffic shows up (as dotted lines). If the traffic is clear, the map is uncolored (no green). What's the point of showing green traffic, anyway. Try a city where you know there is traffic, and you should see red or yellow dotted lines.

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    A trick learnt from Apple support - go to Settings/General/Reset and reset all settings, it fixes the problem and maps shows traffic again, won't delete your phone/calendar records or apps etc, but you do need to reconfigure a few things - lock screen image, weather (selected cities), stocks (selected symbols), clock (world cities, alarms), ...

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    dowload google chrome and go to maps.google.com.

    right now, this appears to be the best way to get current and accurate map data. works better than the google map app run from the safari iphone app.

    they need to fix this app....i've gotten misdirected twice in my hometown and ended up late for appointments. not acceptable.

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    It is still wrong.


    I am getting some limited traffic info now. I live in Portland Oregon, and at rush hour the freeways (I-5, I-84, I-405) are clogged. In Google Maps they show up appropriately, well-colored red or yellow (or green, which I DO find VERY useful). I have trouble even seeing the dotted lines in the Apple version, and think this is a lame graphics choice for something that needs to be clear and easily deciphered at a glance. But my bigger issue is that the Apple traffic does not match reality. Try looking at downtown Portland at 5:30 pm, the I-5/I-84 junction. Google maps shows the truth, Apple shows NOTHING (though, maybe, I can't see the "yellow dotted line" against the same color freeway?), but Apple does not show RED where the traffic is at a crawl on the freeways, only some bizarre short dashed red segments going partway over non-freeway bridges downtown, only  halfway over the bridge - like, is the traffic at a stop in the one lane going west for half the bridge, and the rest of the way across is flowing? It doesn't make sense.


    Still Not Useful.


    As an addition, the maps still behave bizarrely; try zooming in on I-84. When you get to a magnification where you can see street names and exits, I-84 changes to US-30. Technically, this is true, but NOBODY refers to it or thinks of it in those terms. Nobody. It is I-84, and the signage does not refer to US-30.


    Waiting for the Google maps app.