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I bought a white 32G iPhone 5 Saturday from a local Apple store. I then found out that the flash of the camera is not working. The camera works, but the flash won't come on, either in the Auto or On mode. I power cycled the phone several times but still the flash won't work. Is there something else I should try before taking it back to the store?



iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Try turning your flash on for text alerts and see if it even works or download a flashlight app. If all else fails try a restore. They usually ask you to do a restore anyway or will do it in store but you might lose some info if not backed up on ur computer or iCloud.

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    I've had the same issue, white iPhone 5, 64GB.  I called Apple, after several solutions didn't work they're shipping me a new one.  Hopefully that one will work.

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    Yes, same here. I made an appointment with the Genius Bar guys in my local Apple retail store, came in, and got a new unit exchanged for my defective one.


    It'd be interesting to find out how many 5s will have this same problem.

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    Did the new unit work OK?

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    Yes, the unit's camera flash worked properly. I made sure we tested that out before I accepted it.


    The service was excellent - my name was called right on time, I worked with the Apple representative, he tested the camera several times, then asked if I would take a replacement, new unit. Once I agreed, he erased my phone, brought out the new unit, and I left the store after about 15 minutes. Once home, I restored the new phone using iTunes and the backup I'd made from the original iPhone 5, and everything was flawlessly restored.


    I'd originally debated buying a Samsung Galaxy SIII, but decided to go with the iPhone 5 instead. I must say, except for the episode with the camera flash on this one unit, I've been very happy with the decision. Now I'm just waiting for Apple to come out with an update that will give us a Maps app that will work better!

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    Thanks for the info.  My replacement unit hasn't arrived yet, but they have been very accomodating thus far. 

    I agree, it will be interesting to see how many units wind up being affected by this.

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    Got my 64blaxk. Until I went to use my flashlight app, then I saw I had zero light. Just a small yellowish dot on back in camera spot.  So I tried to take a pic with flash. NOTHING. went to apple.  They said its defective. Offered me a replacement. Problem is I bought from att so it was just a replace in a white box and I didn't want a phone that doesn't have matching imei number as my box.  So, I have to mail it back to att. First back it up. Reactivate my 4s and restore it to my saved 5 (thank God I hadn't sold 4s yet). Use my 4s and wait up to 28 days to get my new replacement

    Totally bummed.  Because since having the 5, being on the 4g and lte. I haven't had one dropped call. My 4s has call failed all the time. The apple Genius Bar was great service but they would not give me a brand new box with all matching numbers. Just a replace/ refurb new in a white box.  If I had bought from apple, they said I would have gotten all new in the normal box. With AT&T  back order list so long.  Who knows.  I guess I will get a new replace before thanksgiving lol

    I may request a white as my replacement because altho I love the black, the fingerprints are driving me nuts.  But then I read all these forums and the white has the leaking light issue. Gotta ship it back on Monday so I guess I will have to decide to stick w black or get white. Anyone have apple confirm if this can be repaired?  Or we're you all just given a new replacement? 

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    Ps. I did try reboot, restore to factory settings. Uninstall flashlight apps. Reset and power on and off. Nothing worked for me.  Then Genius Bar took off back and did confirm the light is defective.  So if you try all the things that have worked for some and it still doesn't, apple did confirm it is a defective camera light/ flash. (Parts to repair are due in December but if you don't report the problem and open a case file with apple, then the camera is $140  repair fee!

    So if you get any light and keep having to reboot or restart to get it to come back for a day and then it stops working again.  Def go get it w Genius Bar. Request they open a file and have them print a case number for you. So if it goes out again even after one year, they still have to repair for free. (FYI)