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I am having problems with the new iPhone 5 push e-mail.  I have both an enterprise Exchange account and a Gmail account.  The problem affects both.  I've tried restoring to factory defaults, software re-install, Reset Network Settings, Reset All Settings, Erase All Content and Settings, deleting and re-adding the accounts one by one, phone restarts--you name it.  After each, Push works just fine for anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours.  Then it stops and I have to re-do any of the steps above. 


Exchange's Active Synch is configured properly, as all of our iPads and earlier phone versions with iOS6 work.  And it affects Gmail or any mail connected to the phone.  Thus, we don't think Exchange or iOS 6 is the problem. 


Verizon is at a loss, and I did not get much from the Apple Genius bar.  Have any others experienced the same issue?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Yes, many others are having this issue.  See the other posts in the discussion forums on the issue or do a Google search for "push", "exchange" and "iphone".

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    Known problem. There are many threads on this (did you try a search?)


    What you can do is turn Airplane Mode ON, wait 10 secs or so, then back OFF. Don't bother re-creating accounts, restoring, etc. It's a waste of time and will NOT fix anything.


    The problem is a crash of an iPhone process that handles Exchange push over cellular. You cannot fix it yourself. The trick above will restart the crashed process (as will a restart), but after some time (minutes or hours) it will crash again. It's a bug Apple created with iPhone 5 push software. It apparently works fine for other models.


    If you want to confirm the crashes:


    Settings>General>About>Diagnostics&Usage>Diagnostic&Usage Data


    Look for apsd_date, where date is the date and time of the apsd (Apple Push Service Daemon) crash. If you have one or more of these, you have the problem.


    Apple has to fix it with an iOS update. Many of us have opened support calls and Apple is aware of the bug and are working on it.

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    I'm agree, Apple must do something, It works on my iPhone 4s with IOS 6.1.2.  But it crahs on my brend new iPhone 5.  May we should made a bad advice on facebook and tweeter to Apple make a fix?


    I'm so disapointed of my iPhone 5! I can't imgagine Apple will do nothing, it still works for my hotmail account !!


    I just don't understand!