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I listen to podcasts using my car radio via bluetooth connection or using headphones with my iPhone 5 running iOS 6.

When I stop my car or pull out my EarPods during playback the playback stops just the way it did with the iOS 5 music app. I do not pause the playback manually.


When I get a call or use Siri afterwards the playback just resumes afte the call is ended / aborted / not answerd or when I close Siri after usage. Now I need to pause the playback manually. This is pretty bad when I am at work or even worse in a meeting and my podcasts just start playing when I do not answer a call.


This only happens with the Podcasts app. I tried it with the music app and playback did not start after doing the procedure which bring the podcasts bug.


The same problem also occured with my old iPhone 4 but just with calls (because of a lack of Siri).


Are some of you having the same issues?


Here is how I can reproduce the bug:

1. Plug in your earphones (I used the EarPods)

2. Start Podcast playback using the Apple Podcasts app

3. During playback just pull out your earphones (playback should stop now)

Now do either:


4. Use Siri (just saying "Test" worked fine for me. It also worked when I just started Siri and closed it after the beep sound)

5. Close Siri

or b)

4. Call your iPhone with another phone

5. Block the call / do not answer it / answer it (each of them should work, blocking ist the fastest way)


6. Now playback should resume where it stopped when you unplugged your earphones


Would be nice if you give some feedback to me and apple whether you also have this problem.




iPhone 5, iOS 6
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