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    Please save your advices if you live in the US as you might not have trouble with Maps.


    We live outside the US and we aren't die hard Google Maps people. All we want is to get back to iOS 5 that has been taken from us by deciption and lies.

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    And you aren't helping me if this is a user-to-user forum. So please set quiet and don't talk to me.


    Again I don't want to hear any of your judgements or descriptions about me. We had more than 70 pages in this thread and people like you don't dare to be judgemental or calling other names or describing them anymore. We have made them run away from this user-to-user interaction forum as they fail to answer questions or help. Go cultivate points somewhere else.


    Again, it is none of your business to spend my time the way I want. If I need to waste my time here then it is up to me.


    All what I am asking you to do is not to talk to me because you have proved that you are incapable of helping me.


    Finally, itsn't about being incapable of writing iOS 6. It is about the incapability of the programmer who designed that page for iPhone feedback and didn't remember to enlist iOS models. There is something called QA in software that neither you or the one released Apple maps seem to understand.

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    He was just trying to say that all of us posting here are users of Apple products just like you are and it doesn't help to flame other posters for their thoughts or ideas. He tried to give you the link to send feedback to Apple which MAY do some good if you send your complaints to them. Wouldn't that be more productive?


    If you like Blackberry then go get Blackberry. I used to use blackberry and wasn't impressed. I only liked the external keyboard. But since the iPhone 4, I switched because I like a nice, smooth, cool freaking SMART phone. Sure, the CEO or the company makes a few bumps, but they usually come around to fixing it later. But you are basically saying there should be some NEW DEAL in two weeks... wait ... one week. I say one because it took a week for it to become a universal problem.


    And we users, like you, would love to hear what Tim Cook plans to do to fix the problem so maybe if everyone sends Apple a little feedback note, we may hear something.


    I think it is great that in as short a time since launch that they already came out with at least two fixes for wifi bugs. This issue is a little bigger than that was though, and there are still wifi issues others are experiencing left to be fixed. But, for a lot of users Apple is even replacing hardware. So, I believe that soon something will launch to fix this problem. At least, I  hope.


    Have a great day!

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    Thanks for your quiet style and I think this is due to the less number of points you have,


    In this thread we have a big trouble with everyone who had lots of points


    we came to the conclusion that the number of points achieved is inversley proportional to the IQ score. I hope you would be an exception.


    We have a simple problem and it needs a simpler solution. Get us iOS 5 back. If you can't help then pass my post. You either have a way to get back to iOS 5 that you could tell me about or just pass my post.

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    What other help are you realistically expecting to get here? Nobody here can re-program iOS 6 Maps for you, and nobody here can somehow force Apple to re-introduce the iOS 5 Maps app or make downgrading the OS possible.


    If you want the right to waste your own, and everyone else's time, posting here, then I equally have the right to respond if I want to. It not for you to tell me where to post or who to reply to.


    As a (part-time) programmer myself, I do understand about QA. That is why I have sent my comments on iOS 6 Maps directly to the developers (Apple). From experience, receiving feedback directly, is much more productive to my work than wasting my time trawling through user forums across the internet looking for constructive criticism amongst all the whiners.


    The only way Apple will hear your concerns and have any chance of fixing things is to send feedback to them at the link provided.

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    Who is "we"? Are you a Google troll?


    You have received all the help you can get from this user forum. It appears to me that you just want to bash Apple, Apple products, Apple services,etc.


    I could care less about "points". I come on here only trying to help others and to learn new things.


    I am sorry that you have a problem with the maps. There is no legitimate way to go back to a previous IOS. You would have had to be jailbroken previously and even that isn't guaranteed and furthermore is not allowed to be discussed in the forum.


    So, you have your answer. It is no, there is no way to go back. And if you read my previous post, you would have seen that the current contract only had like 6 months remaining and I sincerely believe that in that time, unless a new agreement is reached, then Google maps MAY be crippled in IOS 5 since it would be a breach of licensure.


    You can still use Google maps by simply going to and use the mobile version of Google maps. That should help you in your country since you seem to believe it helped you before. Have you tried going to and checking it out? You can even download it to your device as a weblink. Before IOS 6 I don't believe there was turn by turn navigation with it so you really aren't losing anything by using this method are you? Or am I missing something else?


    I sincerely hope that you have a good day.


    EDITED: Actually, you can even get directions by using Try it out!


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    Sorry for pregudging your "quiet" style. You are just another points-slave as it seems.


    "We" in my contest refers to every one who believed the lies of Apple Executives and upgraded to iOS 6 thinking he/she will get the best mapping experience ever. Google doesn't need to send people to Apple forums. Apple already told us to go to Google and if they want to leave us under the mercy of Google then we will choose Google volountirily when it comes to the next purchase.


    And again itsn't of your business or any other "user" here to speak on behalf of Apple and say NO as an answer to the downgrade to iOS 5 question unless you would like to tell us who you are in Apple to say so. Each one of the users with points is behaving like if he owns Apple and makes the decisions on its behalf. What worse is when you tell others to go to other suppliers!!! Who are you exactly?


    Although I don't know what it means to "bash" (and I don't even want to search it) but I don't care less about Apple. This company should like "ME" because I bought at least 40 devices of theirs in the past 4-5 years. And now I regret it and I don't like Apple anymore. Any objection?


    So in your logic, iOS 5 users will start to have a bad experience in 6 months or so if they don't upgrade to iOS 6 and the creative solution Apple found was that let users start having the bad experience from now with its monkey iLost Maps Aplication.


    We tried the web based google maps but it doesn't function at all like the native app we used to have in iOS 5. We have tried every other mapping application (including paid ones) and they didn't work as it used to work with us before. If you need to learn more why it didn't work (so you won't look silly telling people to use Google Maps on Safari again) then go through this thread especally the posts of "JBDelivery" whose business was badly affected and he is considering suing Apple in UK.

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    "We" in my contest refers to every one who believed the lies of Apple Executives and upgraded to iOS 6 thinking he/she will get the best mapping experience ever.


    I upgraded to iOS 6 expecting the maps to be an upgrade, but they are now unusable for me. I cannot trust the maps at all around where I live as there are too many errors. So I would be included in your "we" as far as my disappointment in Apple's mapping attempts.


    I too would prefer to have the option of using a native Google Maps app, but there isn't one currently. I will have to "make do" with the web app, and hope I don't have to wait too long for an official Google Maps app.


    speak on behalf of Apple and say NO as an answer to the downgrade to iOS 5 question


    Nobody here has claimed to speak on behalf of Apple. It is common knowledge that Apple does not allow users to downgrade to previous versions of iOS. That information has been gained from users own personal experiences trying to downgrade unsuccessfully, and also asking Apple staff in AppleStores and in AppleCare Support calls. Repeating that information is not speaking on behalf of Apple. It is simply telling you the facts (something you seem unwilling to accept).


    If you know how to use Google, you will find unsupported methods of downgrading, although whether they are successful or cause problems, I can't say, as I haven't risked trying. However, as helpful as those downgrade instructions may be to you, they would be deleted by Apple as soon as being posted here, so that's why that question has not (and cannot) be answered here.


    Getting access to the iOS 5 Google Maps app on iOS 6 is also something that cannot be done without hacking your phone. Any posts related to that topic here will be quickly deleted by Apple. If you want to discuss such topics, there are plenty of forums that Apple doesn't control, and can't delete such posts from.


    Again, those are just the facts of the situation, from people who have experienced such post deletions in the past. Nobody is speaking on behalf of Apple, just from personal experience.


    You seem to have bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to other users who have more points than you. Clearly you don't understand the points system here. Only the original poster who asks a question can award points to other users who gave a solution, or a helpful answer. Nobody gets points just for posting. To be a "points-slave" (as you put it) you would have to be providing helpful answers and solving people's queries, in which case, you are also helping other users, which is exactly what you've supposedly come here for. Perhaps you could try being helpful to your fellow users? You might find they're more willing to help you in return...

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    Despite I asked you several times not o speak to me but you are giving me the deaf ear like Apple. And by the way, my last post wasn't addressed to you unless you are having difficulties to read or are using the two ID's.


    Your long post wasn't bad until you reached the end telling me I have an inferiority complex from your stupid points.  I wish I could give you my five points which I really don't know why I have them. I have told many of those who talked to me thinking they are always right and bragging about their points to shove them in their kazoos and that includes you now.


    In five year of using Apple I never accessed this forum because I accepted the device as is even before it supported my language. It was only the deciption that we have been victim of when we were promised the world if we upgrade to iOS 6. It is so disturbing that the QA level for Maps in this release isn't even of the acceptable standards of a freshman year student on a project of three credit hour course. That is what brought me here.


    It seems that the point system makes you become slaves to what you own and accept everything that your master which is called Apple this time and hence you support it blindly and try to find every execue for them. Maybe you want to work for Apple and want to show your loyalty to your master.


    Free people like me and most of those looking for a solution here before they decide to buy a rival's device for their next purchase believe that Apple should like us because we buy Apple products. That is the difference which you and all those with high points seem to fail to understand.


    It doesn't surprise me either that the only one "that" (even I don't want to use the relative "who" here) liked your post is someone "that" (not who again) has been the least helpful and for your IQ standards it means also  the most unhelpful.


    For your IQ to understand the "who" and "that" above, at school they taught us that the relative "who" refers to human and those who have "logic" while "that" is used for everything else.

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    Despite I asked you several times not o speak to me but you are giving me the deaf ear


    As I said, I am free to reply to whoever I want, regardless of whether your post was directed at me or not. You are also free to stop posting here if you don't want me to respond to your posts.


    It seems that the point system makes you become slaves to what you own


    The points system here has nothing to do with products anyone owns. I frequently send (negative) feedback to Apple about features/changes/restrictions or whatever I'm not happy with, or think could be improved. That is what the Feedback pages are for. I don't come here just to moan about Apple to other users. That serves no purpose, as the people that could make changes don't read these forums anyway. I come here to help other Apple users in areas I have a bit of knowledge in - points are meaningless - only you seem to be hung up on them.


    I own and do buy rival's products. I buy whatever is best for my purposes. Sometimes that is an Apple product - sometimes not. I haven't even owned 20 Apple products in my lifetime, let alone bought 40 in the past few years, like you (a closet fanboi?).

    There are plenty of reasons why Apple products may not be amongst my next purchases. However, my reasons for buying any products are my own, and have no relevance to anyone else on a technical help forum for Apple products.

    Finally, talking of IQ levels, you've repeatedly demonstrated that your is too low to understand the following, but I'll keep it simple and try (again):


    - There is no way to downgrade to iOS 5 that can be posted here

    - There is no way to use the iOS 5 Maps app on iOS 6 that can be posted here

    - Posting here will do nothing to encourage Apple to make either of the above possible

    - Using the Feedback pages is the best way to encourage Apple to make the changes you want


    The question now is, are you able to digest and comprehend that, or are you going to continue posting here, moaning pointlessly and asking for answers that cannot be given?

  • Monsterbearman Level 1 (0 points)

    This. Isn't just a simple app!! To me it was one of the most important features of the phone! It is why I decided to buy it! And "no one forced me to upgrade to ios6"? Really? so that makes this new crap map ok?  Sorry bud, the map still *****. True no one "forced" me they just mislead me. I feel like I took my car in for a tune up and got it back with a lawnmower engine:/

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    Can I assume you are the person who had my previous post removed? Why was it removed? I thought it was a fairly innocuous post. I was not abusing anybody.


    Was it because I said I had returned my iPhone 5? Or because I said my next phone might not be an iPhone?


    At this stage I am still planning on buying my mum an iPad mini when it comes out, because she does not need the maps. But someone here seems to be doing their best to lose another loyal Apple customer, who has bought every iPhone except the iPhone 3 since they first came out, as well as a number of iPads, iMacs and Mac laptops.

  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)

    I didn't even read your post. I don't have the ability to get posts removed. I'm just a regular forum user like you. One of Apple's forum hosts must've decided it broke the forum rules, or more likely it was attached to another post which did break the rules and yours went with it. If you didn't get an email from Apple telling you why it was removed that's probably what happened. The author of the post that broke the rules would've been told why. Replies attached to the removed posts wouldn't.


    As none of us here work for Apple it makes no difference to us whether Apple loses customers, or whose products you buy next. I always advise people to buy what suits their needs best - as I do - I really don't care what brand is.

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    yeah... two of my posts were removed because they replying to you and you don't know why....From all threads Apple hosts have chosen this thread in which you were responded to and you don't know why...


    Guys...Level 2 and above can call Apple hosts and report posting to them...


    I was reminding you about some IQ issues I find in your posts... and I still think you are one of the programmers who worked on the iLost maps becasue I see similarities between your logic and its performance...


    Not sure if this post will stick now.


    Yesterday, a herd of level six and above watchdogs were called to reply to my posts on another thread.


    Why do you want to make us believe that you aren't in anyway linked to Apple or its policies?


    Fact: Apple Maps doesn't function properly and all that we want and will "force" Apple to do is to allow us to "downgrade". When "downgrading" becomes a wish for customers then this is the beginning of the end. Yesterday we started to have the Japanese joining forces with us and we know that Apple will eventually bring back iOS 5 as Japan is one of its core markets.. Just watch and learn...We need to keep the presure here and on every media we can reach to. Two victories have been achieved... the change of the ad wording for maps and the apology of the CEO. All this didn't happen because reports were sent to the feedback page...

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    Nope, I don't know why your posts were deleted - I hadn't noticed they were gone to be honest. I'm enjoying reading and responding to your drivel, so I'd prefer they were left here for posterity.


    Yes, I know Apple Maps doesn't function properly. Some of my original public comments and observations on Apple Maps were used in media reports on the BBC and The Register when iOS 6 came out. As I've already said, it is unusable for me, and I would like to get the old Google Maps app back. I don't want to downgrade, as the rest of iOS 6 is fine for me, but I would like a native Google Maps app.


    Personally, I believe it is more likely that Google releases their own iOS Maps app, than Apple allow downgrading. But good luck with your 'mission' and mobilising international forces against Apple. Presumably, you still haven't tried the unsupported methods of downgrading? If you had, you'd be enjoying iOS 5 again and your problem would be solved. I guess you just like trolling...


    Seriously though, how do you intend to "force" Apple to do anything by posting here? I genuinely would like to know your successful tactics, as they would be useful for me and others with future complaints. You seem to have inside knowledge that the Feedback page is useless - it sounds like you are the one who works for or has links with Apple?