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  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 (5 points)

    I don't believe you and I have all the right to do so.


    Unsupported methods don't work because they onle work for A4 devices AND must have the SHSH blobs saved BEFORE the upgrade. Mine is the most expensive 4S with 64 GB. It is an A5 device and I never thought I would need a downgrade with Apple so didn't save any SHSH blobs.


    We will force Apple because of the "noise" we make on the web. Try to google the subject of "downgrading iOS 6 to iOS 5" and it will bring you to these pages of all people complaining. That is a very bad PR to continue for any business.


    Japan based users are a huge mass of joiners as we started to see them posting here now. Sure not many of them are proficient in English to write here but most of them don't drive cars and don't care about the turn by turn ultimate Apple experience promise. Most importantly, they have money and would be the first to dump existing iPhones for its rivals and of course not buying iPhone 5. a Hit like that in a core market like Japan will wake up the monkeys in Apple to react and find a remedy which is iOS 5 that doesn't cost them a peny to deploy (I mean allowing it again for the upgraded devices...just for your IQ).

  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)

    Believe what you want - your rabid, illogical thoughts are meaningless to me.


    Good luck with your mission though. I eagerly await your next stunning 'victories'.


    (BTW, I thought you didn't want to converse with me? You can't even stick to your own principles eh?)

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    The interface between the new Map & GasBuddy is broken.  Worked flawlessly with the previous Map pgm.

  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)

    The developers of GasBuddy will need to release an update for their app for iOS 6 compatibility. Have you checked the AppStore to see if an update is already available?

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 (5 points)

    A user posted Tim Cook's email but his post was removed. it isn't difficult at all..his name's initial followed directly by his surname at his company. I wrote a letter and sent to him. I hope many customers will send similar letters. Here is mine..


    Dear Tim Cook,


    I am a customer who has been loyal to Apple for the past 5 years during which I have bought tens of Apple devices for myself, friends, and relatives. We live in a country where we don't get Apple releases on their launch day but I have ways to get them from US or UK in the interim.


    We were promised the world if we upgrade our devices to iOS 6 and specially to get the most beautiful and powerful mapping service ever. I upgraded and since I live in Dubai Apple Maps didn't give me anything more than a pocket size digitized map that is far inferior than the local paper map. Apple map in Dubai hasn't even limited functionality that Apple Maps has in the US. I tried to use many alternatives but none of them brought back the functionality I used to have before this upgrade.


    I tried to find solutions and went to the official Apple Support Community forums on the web to find individuals carrying levels and points who were trying to silence every criticism, complaint, or negative experience in the most unprofessional style addressing expressions to Apple customers in the form of  "you are moaning", "stop whining", "go to other suppliers", "who forced you to upgrade", "we don't want you here..go away" "you were sent by Google to troll",..etc. The impression left on everyone who came to those threads for help or discussion that these individuals are an organized gang of badly trained watchdogs whose only task is to make fun and be sarcastic of genuine Apple customers who dare to mention that as we are Apple customers who pay our money to Apple, we deserve a better treatment and we want the functionality we have paid for. They keep directing us to a feedback page on Apple site for iPhone that doesn't even enlist the iOS versions while it does mention all those for Windows and Mac OS!!


    Millions of existing Apple customers including me own devices (other than iPhone 5) have upgraded to iOS 6 but we didn't like it as our devices became less functional. All that we want is to have the choice to get back iOS 5 until the time when iOS 6 gives what it promised. iTunes doesn't allow us to make this "downgrade" for reasons that none of us is able to understand. Why our devices have become captives to iOS 6? iOS 5 is still supported and millions of those customers who were more prudent than us and didn't upgrade to iOS 6 are still happy with their devices running iOS 5. Why can't we?


    Finally, I would like to ask you if you still think that a company which makes "downgrading" an impossible wish for its most loyal customers could continue to be worth working for, investing in, or buying from?

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    I have just been to the Feedback section myself and it is clearly perfectly possible to submit feedback on any aspect of iPhone and its software.  At the end of the feedback section you are simply asked to indicate whether you are a Windows or OSX user, since that can sometimes be relevant to the issue which you are raising.  You seem to believe (wrongly) that this means you cannot feed back on iOS6.


    Unfortunately too much of your letter is padded out with your "preoccupation" with some forum users, which Cook has no responsibility for.  You would have been better sticking the technical issues you have with iOS6.

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 (5 points)

    My letter has gone now.. and if it is ever read by someone then it is good to know about what is going on with support communities. Such threads have become highly ranked on Google search and that is a very bad PR to continue for any business.


    I still believe that a feedback for iPhone must have the dropdown menu for the iOS and the hardware that the feedback is given for. This is simple software QA principles for any programmer designing intefaces.

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    Nokia map looks better than Apple map.

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    join this facebook page. we deserve better!


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    Agree 200% with you.

    I had to install google earth to be able to forget about that trashy maps app....

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    Hi guys there is a way of kind of getting the google maps app go to google maps on safari and then add it to home screen and there you go it works the same as the old app the only diference is the UI o and to that guy ho sayd something about nokia maps those suck simply dont use them

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    Got to weigh in here. Most of us aren't flamers but concerned customers. I worked for 30 years in the software business and 2 steps backwards plus an apology is unacceptable to your CUSTOMERS!  It's also a lousy business model, which is why Apple still lags so far behind in the corporate world and worldwide. After a lifetime of Windows et al I took the plunge around 5 years ago and went hook line and sinker for the Apple dream. Being a power user, I wasn't that impressed with the apps but liked the ongoing integration ( iCloud and all the trimmings). At this moment i have a power MAC desktop, powerbook laptop, iphone and ipad.


    Even when they took away iWeb  I didn't turn away since it never reached the potential of real web hosting so those of us who do real work (like website development) never took it seriously (although I have friends who are less experienced and users of Apple products and depended on it, who were devastated to summarily lose their novice web presence ).  But now you see a pattern emerge -- and it is plenty disturbing. Without regard for their CUSTOMERS, Apple summarily drops support for whatever reason they divine. In fact the google maps app was not only an essential app (probably 3rd after email and web browsing) which I used frequently in my own home city to check traffic and change routes to a destination with which I was familiar, (incredibly valuable for day-to-day living) but it also helped me walk all over Paris this summer and find my bus when I needed. Fabulous. Now a work-around is offered.  I guess devoted Apple acolytes who use computing as a hobby find this acceptable.  But I fear a closed system for devotees becomes an inwardly focused and ultimately less than serious solution for other than the most novice user. Yes Apple makes it seductively easy to go along for the ride but I have to seriously question whether I can trust them for the long haul. I can still switch to Android for handheld devices and maybe I'll have to cobble together a slightly less than elegant solution, which I'd honestly rather not do, but have to give serious consideration. This was just a plain stupid move. It's not the only issue I have with these products but it's a troubling trend.

    OK all you BASHERS of anyone who dares to question the infallible Apple, you can pile on now!! Something to do with your evenings.  (and seriously, no backspace key?). Just call me old fashioned, I guess.

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    Spoke to technical help as I want the new map app to be removed,as its crap, there tech says it could be 3 years before its fully up to speed and there working on it.


    As I said all I want is the app removing either by going back to iOS 5 etc,neither possible, say if you bought the apple map app from the App Store,you would delete and or maybe give it a poor review.


    Seems apple can do what the **** they like now,and appear to be going backwards, what happened to there leading edge stuff.


    Even my iPhone 5 is not like my prev 4, that was a thing of beauty, the 5 feels worse than many android phones..


    I'm out, byee apple

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    I couldn't agree more!!!  I've been traveling for the last month and the Apple maps have gotten me lost more times than I care to talk about!  They NEED to bring back the google maps!  Opening Safari isn't the same and it's a PITA!!!  I've used these maps in NC, SC, NY, NJ, CT, NH, DE, MD and everywhere in between - it's absolutely HORRID!!!!