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    Please bring back Google Maps.

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    Just wanted to share my 2¢ from another discussion thread with true believers.

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    The only solution is to bring back Google maps. For one thing, the worst part of the maps disaster is that maps are no longer integrated with Google web searches, so it is no longer possible to look up e.g. a restaurant and instantly get directions to it from where you are.  I used this former feature more than I made phone calls. Without it, the iPhone is worthless.   I will never pause to sign in to Google, whether I'm in the car or not, as much as I need to use its maps.


    Apple will never be able to restore this capability without going hat in hand to Google. It is fundamental to integrate iPhone features with the Internet, meaning with Google. Improving the maps detail over time will be insufficient; this key point is barely mentioned in all the fury.


    An irony is to think back to Apple's advertisements for the first iPhone that was integrated with Internet searches, showing the happy owner simply looking up a place on the Internet and getting directions instantly. That was the magic.  Gone!


    Is it possible to reinstall iOS 5?  I'd pay.


    As far as the lack of map information, we just tried planning a vacation in Jamaica using Apple maps on the iPad, and its failures made us furious.


    I've bought my last Apple iOS product until it is re-integrated with Google.

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    I left an earlier post but have to agree with you here.  I feel lucky that I held off  taking the upgrade right away, and that little reminder badge reminds me how lucky I feel.  I'm still waiting (perhaps in vain) for Apple to come to their senses.  Heads are rolling and STILL they fail to take the appropriate steps, admit their fallability and give us the app back (anduTube too!).  If nothing happens by the end of the year I will joing 75% of the market and switch to android.  It's really that simple.  I am not so thoroughly wedded to Apple IOS products that I can't make the switch.  It will be slightly less convenient but we should have seen this coming when they dropped support for MobileME and it's associated functionality.  And the web based apps are buggy as heck.  So ---??--- why stick with a product that doesn't love ya back??

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    Not only Google searches. All thirty-part apps that gives Infos for POI. When I tap "Route" it links to Google maps in Safari. Very hard to use in the car. Ok. Developers must update their apps. But if they do this and Google make a new app for App Store? They have to change again to link with Google maps?

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    hello, i have been using everything apple all the time since 1991, at all levels from top of the line tower to iphone. i survived the final cut x premature release, learned everything over; but now comes apple maps, an unmitigated disaster. this lousy app  has led me astray a couple of times. made me late, confused me, disrupted my daily life. online google maps is no solution, either: very slow,  and comfusing interface. so, i'm cancelling my iphone 5 order and going for a samsung galaxy. sad but true, apple is so busy fighting google and adobe that it is moving well into the territory formerly claimed by microsoft: inferior, copied technology. one notes the stock price: down over 20% since apple maps release. a coincidence? please bring back google maps!

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    If you've cancelled your iPhone order and are getting an S3 what are you whining here for?


    And I'm sure Apple stock price dropping 20% is entirely down to Apple maps.   

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    Before release of Iphone 5 i was sure that i will by this phone. But in release date here wasnt in shop Iphone 5. So i m very glad that Apple didnt provide our shops with Iphone 5 in release date. In sptember i was sure that i will buy Ipad to and next year update my computer to Apple product. But now after disaster with Google Street View and see how Apple handles this i will wait. Beacuse next year we will see who will lose and who will win. If Apple continues ignoring costumers and not come up with something new Apple will start slowly disapering from map... Same way as Nokia did.

    Allready Samsung released Note 2 what looks in disain better then Ipad and fits in hands better. Asus have good looking pad to.

    I think next year we will see if Android wins or not. Until i will wait and decide in midlle on year. I spoke with diffrent people abut same issue and they are confused to. They have come same decision - wait what will happen! So if Apple don t fix map issue and not coming up with something new lot of people moving to android system...

    Apple get you focus back to costumers needs or you will fall...

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    follow-up to my post earlier today re: leaving apple for samsung phone:

    went to my independent phone store, talked to a couple of people, was told that by switching to android i would lose email and photo linking to my half dozen other apple devices, along with ergonomics i take for granted. so, reluctantly, i did go for the iphone 5 after all. still need a good map solution; thanks for any constructive ideas.

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    Well there's a surprise.

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    Google maps were crap when they first started out - Google would not let Apple have Turn-by-Turn directions so they started their own.


    I use Maps all the time and I have no trouble at all. That said, I'm only talking about California, Nevada, and Arizona.


    The Maps App will be fixed as soon as they can - it happens to be a database issue, and it is fixable.



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    It will take Apple 10 years and a fleet of street view cars in 200 countries to fix their maps. While they are doing this I want the functionality I paid for back.

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    Google Maps are not coming back to iPhone. Ever.


    If you need to look something up, pointing the iPhone's web browser (Safari - or any other browser you download to iPhone for that matter) to takes you to Google Maps mobile page, which offers all the features the old Google Maps had on the iPhone, and probably some more too. You can even make a home screen icon for it in case having to invoke the browser and key in a URL or select a bookmark is too uncool for you.


    iPhone has some pretty nice 3rd party navigation apps, some which are completely free, like Waze, which even though it's about as buggy as Apple Maps, it does include all the user configurations you'd expect as well as allowing you to edit the map where you've driven, so you can correct errors yourself. Don't want to be that technically involved? Motion X GPS Drive costs $2 to download and $10/year for voice navigation. It's powered by Navteq via Bing, so the maps are very accurate, and it can find most places by name. It works incredibly well - it's actually my favorite of all the navigation apps out there - and costs only a small fraction of what all the others cost.


    Finally, if total integration of Google Maps is that important to you, get an Android phone. There's plenty of people out there who will be more than happy with your iPhone, so you should be able to sell it to make up for having to get another phone.

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    Ok with all seriousness this is whole maps debacle has been a “vista” moment for some of you. Firstly here’s my history:


    Waited 2 years for an iPhone 3G in Canada and having owned one since (4years),  Then replaced with a  4S then now with and iPhone 5. I use Maps every day for the past couple of years and can say they are 100% better than they were before.


    1. .       Turn by turn, amazing with Siri and built in
    2. .       Maps are clearly visible while driving from FAR.
    3. .       Details for trip like ETA times and 3D fly overs till your destination. Making knowing when to turn VERY clear.
    4. .       Recalculations are transparent, no need to let me know about it just do it.
    5. .       Works from the Lock screen and background, AMAZING.


    Here are some points for the uninformed:


    So in Canada I have been able to find my locations better than google maps. Google Maps had many errors in finding locations, but people on here seem to gloss over that since it’s in fashion to bash apple.


    Transit directions are use less to me since, 1. That data is Proprietary so unless one of you here has millions to pay for it Apple does not owe it to you or anyone to add it. 2. I drive so I don’t use public transit for over 10+ years. So don’t assume that because you take the bus that means it’s important to everyone.


    Apple has asked Google for the past 2+ years to add turn by Turn and Google  has said no, pay us more money, while on the other had they sell the virtue of how better their Mapping is than IOS and has “Turn by turn”.  So fixing this “problem” made sense. It gave those of us a 100% better product and helping them create new features they can enhance and “exploit” in the future on “their own terms”.


    This is their first release so errors bad locations will exist, Google still has it today for some places (7 years). One day my wife and I spent 3 hours looking at remote locations around the world and were stunned that how far and detailed maps they had fly over’s off (try it).  So if your little farm town is not covered give it time this will come (submit feedback). 


    To end, Add google maps via web that works, Transit directions, "there is an app for that" almost guaranteed from all Transit authorities around the world. Don’t forget Apple built both the previous app and the current app it’s the data source that’s different. STOP saying Google built the first app and praising it, it was built solely by apple same as the YouTube app.

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    Maps has always shipped with the core iOS apps and because of that, it's widely seen as being part of the core iPhone software. Because of that, most people would not expect dramatic losses of functionality when upgrading their software to iOS 6. People at least feel like they were not sufficiently made aware that upgrading to the newer OS version would dramatically change how they could look up where things are. In fact, changing to iOS 6 completely changed just about everything you would do with your phone regarding the quesiton of "where" - some things for the better; others not so much. I can totally understand why people would feel upset about suddenly not being able to get transit advice, or accurately find the nearest pizzeria or drug store, especially since nowhere in the upgrade process - or iPhone 5 activation process - does it explicitly stick under your nose that you will be experience dramatic changes to the functionality of maps. Not being able to roll back that migration does nothing to help. Granted, many POI's have been corrected and I'm sure many transit routes have since been added/corrected, but frankly, the damage to the user experience in upgrading has already been done. While it may or may not be fixable in future iterations from a software business standpoint, it would be remiss not to at least consider that the last few major rollouts were experiences from ****, not the least of which for a premium consumer base that pays extra money to early-adopt what is widely expected to be a superior product.


    That being said, the things that Apple Maps does do well do look, in the classic Apple fashion, stunning. The fly over renders city skylines beautifully where available, as long as you can ignore lower structures like freeway overpasses being nauseatingly misdrawn. The vector-based map rendering engine is the nicest way I've seen the maps drawn anywhere. The highway markers on the maps actually graphically resemble what you would see along the local roadways, which is huge with all the custom "shields" you often see along state and local highways in the United States. The navigation banner displays the information in an elegant way and is easily readable while still keeping an eye on the road (assuming windshield or near windshield placement of the phone). Supposedly, it can continuously poll for traffic along your route and update your route if traffic starts to build up along it, but I have yet to see it actually do that. In all fairness though, most of my longer trips involve roads that are not very prone to traffic, or I go when traffic is usually lighter.


    I have to say, if only there was an option to treat toll roads just like any other road when routing, the navigation would actually be useable around here in northern New Jersey, where avoiding toll roads can add considerable amounts of time to your trip. For some reason, the automated algorithm thinks that a half-hour delay to a trip that would normally take 2 hours is perfectly acceptable to save $3 in tolls. Around here, $3 is worth far less than half-hour of my time, and not having any kind of options to adjust this is what makes the navigation unuseable to me.