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    Apple Maps certainly has some things going for it. But the most important function of a mapping application in this day and age is being able to provide the most accurate data. Here in Melbourne Australia, it fails miserably. It can send you many blocks off track and often can not even find places. For that reason, Apple Maps is completely useless.

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    Hey DuckDive, I for one Empathize with you or anyone who has a bad experience. Understanding the unspoken promise that an "update" will add new functionality and loose a feature i understand.


    Having been on the internet since the beginning i know that regardless of what features IOS 6 improved the conversation will get stuck on MAPS. I just want the conversation to move on. Now with the new IOS dev teams at apple i am hoping they modify/improve/adjust the interface to add functionality. I am not unhappy with it just that to quiet the competition it needs to be improved.


    The problem is the "vista fye ing" of the problem where you have a very loud vocal few with little information. Today i have clients come up to me and ask me about MAPS on IOS and if it's not the first thing it's a close 2nd. These are people that never owned an IOS device so any features it may have are far beyond any previous feature phone they had.


    That's my reason of the rant.Has anyone tried the nokia map App. I can't say i don't like it but..... i do like the save feature.

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    PhantomSoul wrote:


    Maps has always shipped with the core iOS apps and because of that, it's widely seen as being part of the core iPhone software. Because of that, most people would not expect dramatic losses of functionality when upgrading their software to iOS 6. People at least feel like they were not sufficiently made aware that upgrading to the newer OS version would dramatically change how they could look up where things are. In fact, changing to iOS 6 completely changed just about everything you would do with your phone regarding the quesiton of "where" - some things for the better; others not so much. I can totally understand why people would feel upset about suddenly not being able to get transit advice, or accurately find the nearest pizzeria or drug store, especially since nowhere in the upgrade process - or iPhone 5 activation process - does it explicitly stick under your nose that you will be experience dramatic changes to the functionality of maps. Not being able to roll back that migration does nothing to help. Granted, many POI's have been corrected and I'm sure many transit routes have since been added/corrected, but frankly, the damage to the user experience in upgrading has already been done. While it may or may not be fixable in future iterations from a software business standpoint, it would be remiss not to at least consider that the last few major rollouts were experiences from ****, not the least of which for a premium consumer base that pays extra money to early-adopt what is widely expected to be a superior product.

    I think this may be the key point in any discussion about the the "upgrade" to IOS 6. Apple has broken trust with its user base by providing a supposed upgrade that actually degraded functionality of the iPhone/iPad for a significant number of users and with no warning of the change. I am not a lawyer but wonder if this doesn't have the makings of a class action suit. It won't be the first time and I sure if it's reasonable it is already in the works.


    I am not even able to find my address or section of the street on which I live under the new maps. This is an omission that wouldn't even appear on an 80 year old paper map so there is really no excuse for the inaccuracy. My neighborhood was perfectly mapped under Google but I have no idea where Tom Tom acquired its flawed mapping data. It's incredible that they have been marketing such junk with their own GPS devices without major complaints.

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    Fortunately I heard about the problem before upgrading and I am still running ios5 (with google maps) on my phone.  However, I have heard that Apple may block the new google maps app for ios6.  If so, I will be getting a new (not i-) phone for christmas.

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    I m wondering why we haven t seen officail Apple statment about - are we seen Google Maps anymore or not. If not then it is time to move with next phone to Android for people who depends Street View. Why? Beacuse for Google it taked allmost 6 years to be in this level. To we heard that Apple started this kind of work with partner? No, so we don t see in near future (4 - 5years)  in this kind of level anlog app. I want offical statment from Apple! Then i know what do to next.

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    attractive though it may seem, leaving iphone behind in favor of android google for a better map experience is not so simple. i was upset enough by repeated bad experiences in switzerland, where i live, to want to switch. but in our eight-apple-device household, there are just too many conveniences on other level to make that a realistic option (itunes, app store, iphoto, interfacing to our apple laptops and desktop....just off the top of my head).

    it's such a bad situation with apple maps now; the online google mas version has a different interface and it can be very slow. it has presented me with extended periods of blank screen while it updates on more than one occasion (once at night, on foot, in an unfamiliar city). also, somehow it forgets where you are much more readily than the iOs 5 version. so to me google maps online is great on a laptop with a fast connection, but not great in the field.

    the only viable short-to-middle-term solution, as far as i can tell, is to put made-for-iOS google maps back into iOS 6. for apple not to allow that outright would be unacceptable to users, for them to get into yet another skirmish with google (which seems likely given recent history) would be unfortunate.

    it's all about the database. close to home dep't: tomtom car gps'  think our house is in the neighboring town, and their spotty system is one of the ones apple uses. in apple maps, business addresses especially are quite often wrong or missing. and, no street view-- that will hardly be back overnight with apple maps. please apple, get along with google, in your own interest on this one, and make it right.

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    It's now 2014, I see people have been writing about ios maps since 2012. There are 12 pages of mostly why people dislike ios maps. Apple just pretend there is nothing wrong with this app.

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    No actually the last post in this thread was 30 November 2012 ,do catch up

    Do you have a technical question or are you just a troll

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    Using Maps in IOS or Desktop version in a non-english speaking country is useless. There is very little english shown on maps, if you are a tourist visiting a certain country, you won't be able to use maps coz you can't read most of the street names. If you live in that country and you don't speak the language, then this maps app is useless.


    This was mention by many people here and elsewhere since 2012, and it's still the same.


    The thread stop 2012 coz many people is using google map. I guess this is the solution. Use google map.


    Troll? I'm just writing down the facts.

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