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  • tonefox Level 6 Level 6

    Very rhetorical. The Cotswolds is an area of nearly 800 square miles. What would you like the search result to show you?

  • marvellousUK Level 1 Level 1

    I'd like it to show me what Google Maps would have: where the **** it is in relation to the rest of the country...and I said 'example' - oh and you also don't seem to work for I ain't getting in to a debate about geography with you. I want a product that works, not lyrical waxing with a random.

  • markfrombessemer city Level 1 Level 1

    OK.  before everyone bashes apple for their choice to change the maps app, may i ask one question?

    Why is there so much animousity towards a company that provides one of the best mobile phones and mobile operating systems in the world?  not the best but one of the best.  I am an Apple loyal customer and not a band wagon hopper.  Apps leaves a bit to be desired but it also is a change for the ios.  embrace it and help make it better.  Stop being so miserable to complain about every little thing that doesnt work and be happy about the fact that this phone can fit in you pocket and can do more things than ever dreamed of, and fits in you pocket.


    Please also keep in mind that google has an infinite amount of data sources to collect from and still has a not so refined and polished operating system.  Apple doesnt have the same size user data base and stll makes a really good product.


    Wanna jump ship to android, PEACE!! or as the younger crowd says "dueces" because you were not an apple fan to begin with.


    For those who claim to be apple loyal customers, help apple without bashing them.


    What else should a phone do? go to work for you? cmon lets be appreciative of what we do have. 


    Other than that is you hate Maps that much then, get an android phone on another line and see which you use for eveything else except maps!

  • Kitchentea Level 1 Level 1

    I think you should get what you paid for. I bought my new iPad and paid extra for the 4G version because of the maps app. Now it won't be of the same standard as before for several years by which time this iPad will be obsolete. I did not think upgrading to iOS 6 would have such a consequence especially when Apple had touted their new Maps as being better than what they had before which is false. They knew how bad it was I'm sure.


    You say it is animosity towards Apple, well yes, that's right. When someone injures you there is an emotional response in return. Apple injured me for their own long term financial gain. They play games with people's lives and feel they can get away with it because they are a big company. It's classically the powerful stepping on the weak individual. You think they do this for innovation? No, they are well behind in this game, they just want a slice of the pie.


    If they let people downgrade back to iOS 5 I would not feel injured at all because I would have the same iPad I purchased, that's fair.

    But of course they won't because they are misguidedly thinking that it will force crowd powering to improve their app faster. But large parts of it are so poor that once you encounter these you will stop using the app. Trust once lost is not easy to regain. And that's what Apple have done, they have broken my trust in their excellence. I never thought they would ever produce something mediocre, never mind substandard. I always thought they were world leaders and innovators in their field but no longer.

  • airememba Level 1 Level 1

    Kitchentea has got it right. I've been working on integrating tablets, currently an Ipad3 with 4G, into my work flow, and was making progress until iOS6. Many times during my work day, especially while traveling, Google Maps gives me essential, timely, information. I now have to use another device for this data and will migrate to a different platform ASAP. 

  • Magodo_1 Level 1 Level 1

    A company who add that the new map is better than previous and actually do not delver is indeed guilty at least of false marketing.

    Let people who wants to downgrade to IOS5.1.1 to what we bought, but hey dont want otherwise they keep paying royaltie to google isint it?

    Loyal? Did they wipe your a@ss? No you pay for a premium service and should deliver what they pray, isnt it?

    Go to a resto 3 mi star and say sorry th steak was not what i asked but the desert was amazing, why i will complay? Becaus you pay for it.

    I want downgrade now, f...! Yu apple

    Android and sansung here we go, that is ow companies loose the plot. Yes, we can see the change in management in appple sadly s@ucks!

  • markfrombessemer city Level 1 Level 1

    ***** is not quite the word.  Not doing as well as they did before, maybe.

    @kitchentea, so happy with ios5.1 but then disappointed in ios6 understood.  beacuse of Maps.  understood.  so sell it and buy a new ipad wanna be and be done.  no need to be ugly about it.  or buy an address book, atlas, yellowpages, pens, compass, and a cell phone and do it yourself the old fashioned way.

    @magodo_! and airemember one app, maps, makes the entire operating system a complete failure?


    I run a trucking company and havent had any problems so far with the maps app.


    America has become very wishy washy.  JUMP SHIP at the turn of the hat.  ok if they mess up in the next year, i will start considering the alternatives but not until I give them a chance to correct it.


    So according to all of the responses, that were given during the day, during working hours, means that you all do what your hired to do all the time, right?  So if your boss found you replying to this post and decided to fire you becasue he was paying for a service, a premium service, and you were responding to discussion forum posts, he would be wrong wouldnt he? or would you be wrong for misrepresenting his company by wasting time posting about you phone?


    Apple obviously has made a mistake in judgement, give them the same chance half the people on this board get everyday, sometimes multiple times a day.

  • Kitchentea Level 1 Level 1

    Markfrombessemer city, if you haven't had any problems with the maps app, you won't really understand any of the grievances aired here, why are you on this forum?


    You are just blindly defending a company against other people who have had issues with their products but you haven't. Why?


    Apple isn't a football club, it's a company selling a product, they changed their product after they sold it. You're lucky you can still use your Maps. You are lecturing others who are not so fortunate. Take a holiday to London, and see how it works in central London and the UK. You need to get off these posts. You're just being contentious for the sake of argument.

  • stevejobsfan0123 Level 8 Level 8

    One pithy apology from some guy in america means nothing to me...

    That guy from America happens to be Apple's CEO.

  • stevejobsfan0123 Level 8 Level 8

    Kitchentea wrote:


    Markfrombessemer city,

    You need to get off these posts. You're just being contentious for the sake of argument.

    Why? Did he interrupt your rant?


    I agree with some of his points. If people are "threatening" to go to Samsung (by the way Apple does not read this) for the sole reason that Maps does not work to their liking, they better be prepared to do a lot of switching back and forth when one trivial little feature does not work for them on their Samsung.


    But if someone is going to buy an Android, go get an HTC or Motorola, better options than Samsung.

  • markfrombessemer city Level 1 Level 1

    Also no one was forced to upgrade to ios6.  You all did it voluntarily.  No one forced you to upgrade itunes. you did it.


    Please i am sure its not perfect.  i am sure apple has set the bar so high that even if the finished product falls short of perfect but still higher than an android product, you would still be irate.  Bottom line is that i am not just here to harrass but to make you realize how miserable you are to bash a company that put out decent products year after year.


    This year they have some issues.


    Does that have to make you angry, or should it make you a tad bit sad that you may have to change to android if this trend continues?


    You all have multiple apple products so you did like their products.


    So dump apple because of one app?


    Irrational thats all i am saying.  Good thing your wives arent so quick to judge or we would all be single.

  • markfrombessemer city Level 1 Level 1

    all i am saying is we need not to be so harsh and show a little faith and loyalty in a company, or people.

    If this stuff doesnt fix or get right the way it shoudl then of course i will not continue to use a product that doesnt fullfill my needs.


    Adaptation is key.


    not ******** and moning

  • Doctor Pork Level 1 Level 1

    What am I missing here? In the past, you could go back (downgrade) to the previous iOS in iTunes Restore (see YouTube). If you are unhappy with iOS 6, why do you not simply downgrade back to iOS 5x and wait for the Maps "problem" to be resolved?

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 Level 9

    Doctor Pork wrote:


    What am I missing here? In the past, you could go back (downgrade) to the previous iOS in iTunes Restore

    Apple has never supported downgrading.

  • Doctor Pork Level 1 Level 1

    But..... You CAN do it. Right?

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