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    people are so quick to become negative it is not funny


    just downgrade!


    but dont spread hate...


    People hating is a full time job, let spend more time making the owrld a better place by not spitting venom everytime things dont go the way you would have liked.


    All of this negativity comes about from a convenience item.

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    You can't downgrade. That's the issue.

    Suggest you all check out this very long thread...



    Has a lot of detail and more than a few silly comments, but you might get an idea of what works and doesn't in trying to fix this issue and the awful Maps.


    Good luck to all


    A fellow iLost user...

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    I want to set google maps as default to my apps rather than Apple map because its map does not work in London. The train, tube, rail and bus stations do not show in a user friendly way. It has ruined many of my apps which need these sites to show accurate location, such as Rightmove, tube London, cycle hire etc. I need the option to use Google map as default. I was very surprised and then upset that Apple did not say before upgrading to IOS 6 that Google map would be replaced by one that only works in America.

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    Really? You thought the Google maps was superior? Why? because it gave you bus directions? In its place I now get turn-by-turn directions and 3D maps. Something Google wouldn't do. Thsts a trade off I'll take every day of the week. I hated the Google maps because I live a few miles from the Mexican border, and every time I got dirrections, it would give me them in Kilometers. Not only does the Apple Maps not do that, but it will give me turn by turn directions while I'm in Mexico, and in Miles, something the Google Maps wouldn't do. Google Maps was bad, this is better.

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    JBDelivery wrote:


    You can't downgrade. That's the issue.

    Suggest you all check out this very long thread...



    Has a lot of detail and more than a few silly comments, but you might get an idea of what works and doesn't in trying to fix this issue and the awful Maps.


    Good luck to all


    A fellow iLost user...

    markfrombessmer city:

    If you can get past all the hate notes then you should try reading it!

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    wait never mind sorry!! btw, is there any way to delete your post?????

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    We are genuine UK customers wanting solutions and deserve respect.


    <Edited By Host>

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    And how many times are you going to say that?? Just askin'

    It's not like you're being pursecuted!!!

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    We have people wanting more things that are new, but when something new comes out the same people hate it because it is different.  Before the iPhone people used to validate their self worth by putting down other people's PC's, before PC's it was cars, before cars it was firearms.  Throughout human history the same group needs a target to keep their self-esteem in check, and smartphones are the biggest targets right now.  Apple products really work well for me and many millions of others, even though everyone has something they would like to be different.  Whether it be iOS vs Android, Honda vs Toyota, Less Filling vs Tastes Great, I hope Apple doesn't get caught up in the psychotherapy sessions taking place on this and other boards and continues to refine their platform in ways that make sense.  If some like using Samsung then use that phone.  There is room in the world for more than one model of car as there is room for more than one model of phone.  iOS works well for millions of us and I would like to get back to constructive discussions.


    For example: wouldn't it be great if Maps had a weather overlay?  That would sure come in handy for some long distance trips through mountain passes.  Also, rest stops.  No map displays rest stops and anyone who has traveled with kids could use that.


    Or, I have found that the alert markers on the maps have been very helpful getting to work in the morning by avoiding traffic jams because of accidents or construction.

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    Slbyard, it is as if UK Apple customers are being persecuted. Let me explain.

    Maps is unusable in the UK, riddled with error, and searching for places comes up with no results most of the time. Anything more sophisticated like searching words by nuances and intuitive subtlety, well, you can just forget it. Google had that ability. Until you lose something you don't realise how much you miss it. I don't know if you people in the US will be able to understand this, maybe not.

    The previous Maps, for London, was also able to tell you which buses to catch from which bus stop and how long the bus would take to arrive. The detail was phenomenal. All live times as well. When I first bought my new iPad I used to sit, on weekends, in the mini-auditorium at the back of the Apple store where they gave teaching talks on how to use the different apps on the iPad. They spent a lot of time on the old Maps app showing people how to use all the features of it, it was eye opening and impressive. Now, there is nothing, and it's not going to get fixed for us for years, maybe a decade.

    Apple publicised the new Maps app by showing off the flyover 3D feature. Only a small part of London has this feature, most of London hasn't got it. And the bit that has it, after you've played with it for 5 minutes, you realise it's just a gimmick, it doesn't really have a function. It's something to amuse children. They may have brought in 3D but this app has no depth. It is terribly sad and depressing. I cannot tell you how much I mourn the loss of the old app. That probably sounds melodramatic, but essentially that's it. You are either in the group of people who understand or you aren't. This decision by Apple and the pretty arrogant way they are attempting to pass it off isn't going to blow over, this is the kind of thing that snowballs because it has caused a deep sense of hurt and resentment in individuals. It is similar to how terrorism is spawned. Very dangerous.

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    This isn't a joke, it involves people's lives, don't treat it like one. One day the joke will be on you.

    If you can't help don't cause harm or hurt. That's just being mean.

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    In Ireland, too, the Apple Maps feature is inaccurate, lacking in functionality, and

    quite useless in a business capacity.


    Google Maps, as implemented in iOS5, was fast, accurate, and offered the Street View

    layer as a left-touch on almost every dropped pin that wasn't deep in some forest.


    This kind of functionality is what iPhone users want and deserve. A premium product

    has been decimated simply because of an on-going and childish feud between Apple

    and Google, fuelled not by any considerations of technical merit, but by an ideological

    animosity which has its roots in Steve Jobs' well-documented tantrums, and propagated

    today by Apple's present CEO.


    Apple, regrettably, are trending towards the Microsoft model of "this is the way it is

    going to be; like it or not", which works fine if you have the world monopoly on users

    in most business and personal communities, but fails hopelessly if you are trying

    to build brand loyalty among a 10% market share who are both fastidious about what

    they want from your product(s) and also vocal in expressing their discontents.


    I believe Apple have to move fast on the maps issue, bury the Google hatchet, eat

    big chunks of humble-pie, and drop the "nanny" approach (which most users percieve

    as arrogance), if they are going to retain anything like their pre-iOS6 customer base.


    The iPhone5 launch carried with it the same esoteric hype which has accompanied

    many Apple products in the past only, this time, the actual product failed to wow, and

    the maps fiasco simply gave the reviewers another easy reason to bash Apple.


    The ice is very thin under Apple's feet at this point in time. Alienating a high percentage

    of your customers and then refusing to engage with the sentiments expressed in these

    (and other) forum comments is a surefire recipe for commercial failure.


    Apple's reliance on take-up of the iPhone/iTunes model across traditionally alien

    platforms such as Windows7 was part (an important part) of their strategy to bring

    an Apple product into the gamut of most users' experience. If the model fails in

    such a spectacular way as the maps issue, their newly-won devotees among traditional

    PC users will jump ship en masse.  Not good news for Apple's future.


    Chris Eccles

    (iPhone 4S user - Republic of Ireland)

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    I took your suggestion, Google works great like in IOS 5 but cant get "Traffic"

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