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  • manno Level 1 Level 1

    Looks good, will give it a go. On my sim iPad Spotify seems to be the big offender, when in 3G mode it continues to sync even if you have only sync on Wifi selected! Having to manually remember to put offline when leaving work or home....

  • PJRives Level 1 Level 1

    I"m on ATT and I was worse.


    I actually did a total wipe and then installed iOS 6 on my 4s via my computer. Happened to be that I was at home all day on wifi and it was the day that my billing period resets as well. Figured I'd update and set up as new and my onboard counter would be all reset for the month blah blah. I don't keep copies of my apps on the computer to say hard drive space (really not needed since I can redownload as many times as I need right). So I logged back into iCloud, hit all the right buttons in my apps purchased list. turns on iTunes Match and started downloading the couple of playlists I wanted and like 2 tv show eps that were SD. ALL while my iphone claimed it was on my wifi which is about 5 ft away.


    I went to make dinner and when I came back, perhaps 2 hours later, I had a text that I had used 65%, 90%, all of my monthly data. ***? I was on wifi. I even looked in the usage counter in the settings and zero cell data usage. Which makes sense cause all the 'use cell data' switches were off and I was "allegedly" in wifi.


    I went into ATT to see just how far over I was. i'm on the 300MB plan cause I'm always in wifi or using my ipad for my heavy internet stuff. typically I use maybe 150MB of data in a month for the random imessage and voice mails.  It said I had used 10GB of data. Do the math on how many 300MB plans that used up. Needless to say I was livid.


    I called ATT and after three levels of supervisors they finally agreed to all but the regular plan when it posts to my account for payment. But AppleCare had zero clue there was a problem. So I've been stuck having to turn off cell data in the hopes that it really is off and call in for voice mail etc. Not cool.


    This and a myriad of other bugs is why I'm not crying that Forstall is gone. I've heard he is a total *** and it feels like he was too focused on cutesy cosmetic BS and not on fixing bugs in the software. Cook and the rest probably got tired of losing money cause of having to appease folks over their wasted time, swaps for wifi totally tanking etc.

  • PJRives Level 1 Level 1

    When I called Apple Care on Oct 3rd they sure didn't offer to call ATT for me. They acted like they had no clue this issue existed outside of the already fixed Verizon issue.

  • The F Level 1 Level 1

    Well Rogers has finally admitted that there is a problem with the iOS6.

  • Mattsmithsa Level 1 Level 1

    So IOS 6.0.1 has been released.


    2 of the fixes are:

    - Resolves an issue that prevents iPhone from using the cellular network in some instances

    - Consolidated the Use Cellular Data switch for iTunes Match


    So hopefully that sorts our problems out - but still doesn't help me with my $1000 excess data bill. Am still waiting for my carrier to get back to me.

  • ItsNotTheSameWithoutSteve Level 1 Level 1

    Finally! 6.0.1 is released.


    Only after hundreds of thousands of people were told they were the only person to call about this while we've all been told to bend over and pay our giant bills.


    You should be ashamed Apple. Tim Should spend more time fixing problems with his devices and stop commenting about the surface tablet.


    While you are re-writing that apology to Samsung, you should write one for us too. 


    With a check to go along with it.

  • SomeGuyInOz Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, iOS6.0.1 is out, but from what I am reading online it has not fixed this problem at all.  Personally, I'm steering clear of iOS6.0.1 for now.  I'd rather have a jailbreak so I can get inside the phone myself and see what's going on, as well as installing some software that can switch my data off if I near my limit.


    It appears Apple is not acknowledging this problem at all.  It doesn't exist. ***?!

  • ItsNotTheSameWithoutSteve Level 1 Level 1

    Good Gawd!  I haven't come across any posts on that yet.....are they here?  Can you post a link?  I have a small computer repair shop here and post all of this on my site and FB page. 


    So far so good for me, but then again, I have not yet been outside my range today yet to see if cellular data skyrockets at 200mb per minute.  It runs like water......people WILL run to Android over this if they don't admit to this and get this fixed across the board.  I read they are going to release another larger update after the holidays.


    At this point, we won't HAVE any money for the holidays due to the huge bills we all owe.  


    And so we wait.....

  • DO IT Solutions Level 1 Level 1

    Not sure if Apple realises that in countries like Australia , companies like Vodafone charge 25 cents per megabyte (yes mega) over the user's cap.

    My wife had 4GB chewed up between 1am and 8am one morning, Vodafone instantly sent us an SMS satiting we had gone over our 1.5GB cap and we already had over $700 to pay them.

    The problem is, when we tell them, there is an iOS6 bug, they say bluntly that Apple has not confirmed anything and that we must pay the bill.



    1) First of all, who charges $250 per Gigabyte (25c / Megabyte) for excess data, come on Vodafone, seriously?


    2) Secondly, APPLE! Can you please confirm this issue!? Do you know how many of the older iPhone users out

    there would simply turn right off smart phones because of this? ("A phone is a phone I say").

    3)Lastly, maybe help advice companies like Vodafone on what their customers should do in the mean time. Surely the amount of excess data charges generated has surpassed 1 millon dollars by now (I alone have 0.01% of that).



    It will take more than this before I start recommending Android over Apple to old people (parents and my older clients) but I must say, for me it is Android FTW on this topic.


    Here is a link to a Vodafone forum where people are complaining about thousands of dollars of excess data, and Vodafone saying things like "Apple has not confirmed this issue" Nobody likes unexpected data usage" and basically ending up tellign people to pay their bills pay your bill etc.: e-even-in-wifi-mode/td-p/151026


    Perhaps since Steve Jobs has been out of the picture the product testing and atetntion to detail has suffered.


    Michael A.

    DO IT Solutions

  • gopRT Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Michael, Same with Virgin Mobile in Sydney. 21c/MB excess data charge. They are not ready to accept this as a common issue and waive off the fee/address it to Apple/do anything about it. Do you think contacting  TIO, ACCC or the Department of Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs would be any help ?

  • Mattsmithsa Level 1 Level 1

    So here in South Africa, Vodacom has offered me 50% off my horrendous data overcharge as an offer of goodwill.


    I'm going to accept it, paying $500 instead of $1000 still hurts, but it's better than nothing.


    iPhone 5 hasn't launched here yet, but following this drama I'm seriously considering making the move to Samsung.


    Good luck to everyone here!

  • Woo Level 2 Level 2 or+ATT+Customer+in+Canada/article24282.htm

    Inabiltiy to unlock iPhone won't cause an impact on iPhone sales like a data overrun. Even worse is data overruns will cancel cell phone accounts and future iPhone sales.  Too expensive accessories and non-retroactive overcharges makes me want to overspend on non-Apple iDevices.  I've stopped recommending iDevices from Apple due to so many costly problems.  Oh well.


    <Edited By Host>

  • Kbones80 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I have managed to get Vodafone to refund my excess data charges after Apple admitted on the sly that yes, there is a problem. So my advice is to not give up!! Of course, it is entirely up to you whether you pay part of the bill but bear in mind Vodacom is a Vodafone opco so in my opinion it is worth fighting this. I escalated my issue straight to the top and it took weeks but I managed to get them to listen in the end.


    The latest update 6.0.1. has a fix in place:


    Resolves an issue that prevents iPhone from using the cellular network in some instances


    Apple wouldn't put this fix in place unless they was a's a relatively small number of customers affected so that's why a big fuss isn't being made. Of course, for those of us affected this is a huge issue!

  • Stiffler_PE Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Guys,


    Been watching this post with much fear and anticipation.  Was all fired up to go get myself an iPhone but hit the handbrake when i came accross this post.


    I, like Mattsmithsa, am based in South Africa.


    Have you guys seen any improvement with IOS 6 update ?

    Just did my ipad with the update but doubt i will see a diff.  The ipad lives at home on the Wi-Fi and i use top up Data for the 3G. When its finished its finished. No chance of nasty surprise.

    It came with a prepaid 1GB sim card. didnt last very long now that i think about it lol.


    Mattsmithsa... What do you reckon bud? Better or no change ?

    I was, and still kinda am, amped to get an iPhone.  Fed up with BB and not wild about S3


    Your thoughts and opinions much appreciated.


    Cheers lads

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