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  • Maerlin Level 1 (0 points)

    It seems that 6.0.1 fixed this but I am still watching it.

  • Michael Fay Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah, I'm not noticing the problem anymore after upgrading to iOS6.0.1, and I'm monitoring my usage daily.


    AT&T refunded me for the excess usage for the first month, but I'll need to talk to them again about reimbursing me for the overages incurred during this month. Hopefully, they'll do what they did before. They were pretty cool the first time. After my call to them to report the problem, they said call back at the first of the month when your bill posts and we'll talk about it. When bill time rolled around, they just went ahead and credited me for the 4 x 1 GB overages. Their stock went up a couple points with that gesture. Hope all you other folks in other territories have similar outcomes to your situations.

  • Agrandville Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same experience with ATT that Michael had. They reversed the charges without giving me any grief at all.


    In my case, I noticed the problem pretty quickly as I was traveling and on a pretty restrictive european data plan. I'm on an unlimited plan in the US so I had never paid too much attention to the amount of data of use. I did look before traveling and my average use is about 600MB a month and after iOS 6 it jumped to over 4GB.

    Once I noticed what was happening I deleted my iCloud account and the podcast app which stopped the data leakage. I have since upgraded to 6.0.1, re-enabled iCloud and switched to "Downcast" for podcasts as I never liked the Podcast app interface. With all of that being said I did notice a 30MB upload last night while I was sleeping so something wonky is still happening.


    At the end of the day ATT gets a 10 out of 10 for customer satisfaction and Apple gets a 0.


    In the event that someone from Apple is monitoring this thread (Id be surprised if there wasn't) I'd like to say this:


    We pay a premium for Apple products because they are easy to use, reliable and Apple is well known for their customer service. There is\was obviously a bug in either the iCloud or Podcast app that caused the iPhone to use excessive amounts of wireless data when connected to WiFi. The right solution here was not to ignore the problem and let your valued customers twist in the wind. Some open communication and reassurance would have gone a long way with us and would certainly have saved us some grief and agrivation. I am the owner of 3 iPhones, an iPad and a MacBook Pro and have been a very outspoken champion of Apple products for many years. However, this situation was handled very poorly and it's certainly enough to give me pause before making my next purchase.




  • Woo Level 2 (200 points)

    Def. get the iPhone, but just in case, go over this tidbit of good info...

  • Stiffler_PE Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Woo,


    Thanks for that. I was hoping that there would be positive feedback on IOS6.0.1


    I was about to purchase the iPhone outright with no contract and slip my currrent sim card into it but that would expose me to high risk, should the leak get out of hand, data wise.


    One of our cellular providers is offering a very good deal on iPhones with a bit of data thrown in ( 350mb )

    I am gonna go with this as the data bolted on is a capped amount and will just STOP when finishe and not run over... at least this is the assumption and question i will pose to them before signing on the dotted line.


    I hope matt gets a chance to reply as too his thought on ios 6.0.1


    Cheers guys

  • Stiffler_PE Level 1 (0 points)

    @ Woo

    Is that lnk for tidbits correct ? it opens a page but no text ? Are there any more numbers after 133 maybe ?



  • Cpmpgg0205 Level 1 (0 points)

    I also updated my iPhone 4S to iOS 6.0.1 but it hasn't fixed anything yet. In fact, I think it may have gone worse. I know I use data a lot, but I've noticed AT&T sending me messages telling me I've gone over my 2 GB plan, even though I was at home with WiFi all weekend long! I've had to pay 30 extra every month and I have heard these companies will only let you reverse the charges if you have an iPhone 5. Is this true? Because I'm getting really upset, and I'm not sure if Apple or AT&T are doing this on purpose, only after hearing so many bad things about both companies.

    Apple, please fix this or I will no longer be buying/using Apple products.

  • Woo Level 2 (200 points)

    Whoops, sorry, somehow it missed the last two digits...


    there it is.

  • Woo Level 2 (200 points)

    Well, so far I haven't had this problem on my iPhone 5 on AT&T, yet. :-/

    Can you get a pay as go service without a data plan, rely only on wifi?

    But my iPad3 on Verizon has been 300-500mb. unknown dl, but it seems to only happen while LTE is enabled.

  • Stiffler_PE Level 1 (0 points)

    I am looking at rather capping my data plan by allocating ONLY the 350mb given by the cell provider on the package selected.  If they will structure it that once the 350 is up then everything comes to a grinding halt ( as opposed to switching to out of bundle rates and destroying you ) Then i will tale it


    If there is a top up option allowing me to add data as and when needed untill the next month rolls on then i am sold.


    My iPad came witha pre-paid sim ( One of our banks offers tablets and smart phones at greatly reduced interest free rates to encourage online banking etc ) It came with a micro sim and 1GB data preloaded.

    I havent bohered to recharge it as the iPad lives at home with the wifi connection.

    I must say i hardly used the 3G coverage and before i knew it the 1GB was up.  All i can think is that the 1GB loaded had an expiry period within which it had to be used.

    iPad was still under IOS 5 at that point.

  • Woo Level 2 (200 points)

    Ah ok. Yeah this iPad3 has a 1 GB. plan for US$20.00/month.  It stops dl when it reaches the cap., with notifications at 10%, 5%, and 1% of data plan left.  With LTE switched off, it seems to have slowed down the dl.  I'm gonna re-try LTE since I've updated the iPad3 to 6.0.1, but just a couple days before the end of this current monthly allocation.

  • Stiffler_PE Level 1 (0 points)

    I updated my Ipad 2 last night to 6.0.1 last night too.


    Will load some data onto the sim and see what happens. Holding thumbs !


    I cant believe how stressed I am about getting an iPhone LOL 


    This data leaking nonsense has made an exciting decision an absolute nightmare. To be honest I am still a bit shaky... actually just went and looked at S3 on gsmarena... someone kick me please.

  • Mattsmithsa Level 1 (0 points)

    Stiffler, is your bank by any chance FNB?


    An update on my side. I gave up the good fight and took the 50% off of my monstrous bill. Vodacom still refuse to admit there may be a problem, but I'm going to lose years off my life trying to fight.


    I've updated to iOS 6.0.1 but refuse to use that podcast app. Will rather sit down at my pc (do people still do that these days) and download and transfer to my phone via iTunes.


    I love the integration between Apple devices, specifically iTunes / Apple TV and AirPlay etc. this is the sole reason I haven't jumped ship to Samsung, yet.

  • Stiffler_PE Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Matt,


    Yeah, grabbed an iPad through FNB and opted for the sim card with once off data pre loaded.


    I am seriously confused man, every fibre of my body wants to try iPhone for once but the few logical fibres still left standing keep bringing me back to this data leak issue.  I do NOT need a 8 grand surprise at the end of the month.


    I am considering the cellc offer on the 4S's they have.  299pm with 350mb blah blah blah.


    The other option is to grab one from FNB and use current sim for a couple months till contract terminates.


    Eish... what to do lol

  • Stiffler_PE Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Matt,


    Would you say that your major leak was the Podcast ? Or were there other apps sucking data ?

    Is the Podcast a pre installed app that you delete or was it something you installed ?


    I am encouraged by the apparent success of the 6.0.1 update.


    Think i am gonna give cell c a chance.  350mb pre loaded and only 15c out of bundle charges. Also i can add a limit onto the account of my choice to prevent runaway accounts. If i hit the specified limit it all shuts down till he next month.



    Are there any other South Africans on here experiencing this problem.



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