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  • dfslkjasdflkjadlsij Level 1 Level 1

    IOS6 data issues are not just related to the podcast app, and not just limited to iPhone.   As I posted several weeks ago, my wife's iTouch, runnin IOS6, was downloading data at the rate of 2GB an hour over wifi with the podcast app and iCloud deactivated / removed.  My wife and I tried everything to stop it from gobbling data, and the only thing that worked was powering it off or turning off wifi.  That iTouch has remained grounded as I was risking going over comcast's 250GB / month home internet data usage limit (yes 250 gigabytes) with this "mystery data usage". 


    Thankfully I did not update my iPhone to IOS6, but I have huge sympathy to anyone who did and is dealing with cellular data overages.   I'm not an attorney, but these sound like grounds for a class action lawsuit.


    I also suspect that complaints on this thread are the tip of the iceberg, especially with non-iPhone IOS6 devices -  since most people don't monitor their home wifi usage.  Also US users are under-represented here probably because many have unlimited data plans.  

  • Debbiefromvic Level 1 Level 1

    Like Kave25 and others we don't use the podcast and our issue has to do with excessive data usage on our wifi.  We are now turning the wifi off at night and although this has slowed things down we are now up to about 170 gig in less than 21 days.  The only things we really use is our Apple TV to watch maybe one movie a week and we download a few (about 5) tv shows a week.  The new update has not done anything to resolve the problem!

  • Woo Level 2 Level 2


    Try this...

    Settings -> iCloud -> Documents & Data -> turn off "Use Cellular Date".



  • Woo Level 2 Level 2



    Also -> iTunes & App Stores -> turn off "Use Cellular Data".


    HTH...uhh anymore???

  • Woo Level 2 Level 2

    oh yeah...


    turn off "Shared Photo Streams"...

  • vijaybala Level 1 Level 1

    Iphone 3GS. updated to iOS 6.0.1 Friday. Data usage until then about 300MB


    Sunday Morning around 4am. Phone incredibly hot even though connected to charger and home Wifi network. Usage exceeds 3GB for month and extra 3.5GB. Total usage in 12 hours 6.5GB.


    Sunday afternoon after receiving message from AT&T about excess data, turned off Cellular Data and 3G and limited to only Wifi.


    Monday evening 2GB cellular data. Total data usage in 2 days 9GB????? W/T/F ???


    Even when 3G and cellular data is turned OFF, 2GB used up?


    Now, turned OFF Cellular data and Wifi and using it as a regular phone with texting and calling. Maybe will buy a regular phone and be done with all these useless charges. Someone should be held accountable here.



  • Ajsbear Level 1 Level 1

    Thought I was just gonna chime in on this issue.


    iPhone 4GS, currenly 6.0 (yet to update)


    I got a text from my operator yesterday that I had exceeded the monthly limit for mobile data transfer (5GB). I was very confused and talked to them and they said that for instance on friday 2nd I had used 1.6 GB of mobile data transfer and just this saturday about 850 MB. I tried to recall what I had been doing but nothing came to mind and this just seemed absurd to me, in the 3½ years before I have never been over 2 GB in a whole month, now I had managed to use 5GB in 11 days.


    Anyway, they agreed that it looked sketchy and gave me another GB to use and this morning I started monitoring and just like a lot of people allready have said in this thread it was 100% the new built in Podcaster app. I had it set to not sync subscriptions but to automatically download new episodes. However, the "Use cellular data" was off. Despite this, I started listening to a podcast this morning that I had allready downloaded and reset my usage to monitor. In just over 5 minutes I had 110 MB recieved data, only the Podcast app running. Note that all my subscriptions (only have four) should allready be fully downloaded and synced as I do this at home through WiFi.


    I had to put the phone in Flight mode to stop it from downloading...whatever it is downloading. Note that whatever it is downloading isnt stored anywhere, the total data used on the phone hasnt grown at all, despite 100+ MB of fresh data was recieved. When I got to work I turned Flight mode off and it instantly resumed recieving data, it had downloaded 2 MB before I even had navigated to the usage display. When I killed the Podcast app, it stopped.


    So in short: the Podcast app is running amok, downloading stuff (that it doesnt store in any way that can be seen at least). I called my carrier (Telia, Sweden) back this morning to inform them about this and also this thread because yesterday they said that they didnt know of anything that could cause this.

  • m.p.b. Level 1 Level 1

    As expected based on the warning SMS from Italian Vodafone, even though I had informed their Customer Service and they told me that they would waive the extra charge for surpassing the data plan, I was invoiced additional 950 € last month. Mine is a business phone. I've asked our Purchasing dept to close all iPhone contracts for the whole Company and switch everybody to BB or whatever.

  • jayray732 Level 1 Level 1

    This is a problem with IOS6.  Different apps may make the problem worse (such as podcast), but the problem is with the OS.


    I just bought a phone (coming from Android); usage is very light - only a small group of apps and email is used.  I average 200-400MB a month.


    Got the iPhone 5 12 days ago - usage has been light compared to other posters here, but burned through 200MB in first few days.  Am approaching 500MB for the 12 days so far.


    Over weekend - I reset device; stripped everything off and did NOT reconfigure anything - no email, no apps, no iCloud, etc.  Usage from Saturday morning through Saturday afternoon was approaching 30MB.  Dug deeper and turned off all Location Services, including the list of "System Services" - this seems to have helped; my data leak is now down to about 15MB per day.  Still unacceptable, though.


    Restored apps, turned off all location services, cell syncing, etc (as described in other posts); open up Evernote and TripIt (just open them - no updating was necessary as they were already sync'd) - half a MB to just open those two apps.


    I love the iPhone 5 and am willing to look past some of the OS shortcomings - but this data leak is too big a problem.  The phone's going back until they get done with their beta testing.  First Apple purchase ever and I end up with a not-ready-for-primetime product; figures!

  • forbin42 Level 1 Level 1

    Its not just the Podcast app. Downcast used 1.7 Gb to stream last Sundays episode of No Agenda.

  • m.p.b. Level 1 Level 1

    Just had the good news that Vodafone will refund my 950 €.


    Vodafone reported I had used 9 GB in Sept-Oct.


    The iPhone "cell usage" function reported less than 3 GB - so there must be a bug here, or Vodafone is not able to measure the data usage (which would surprise me).


    I've been using a 2 GB/month data plan for the last 3 years and NEVER used more than 300 MB per month.


    In Sept-Oct I received Vofafone warning text messages after having opened the Podcast app for the first time, while I was under WIFI coverage and recharging the battery. It was in the evening. The morning after, I disconnected my phone from power and WIFI at 8 am and at 11 am it was warm with 17% battery. I found 2 warning messages from Vodafone: one saying I was about to use all my data plan and the second one saying I had used it all. They arrived just one after the other as only one arrival time was showing up.


    Since then I've monitored my data usage regularily, and, according to the iPhone settings, data usage has been normal. But last week I got the warning message again and upgraded to iOS 6.0.1 the same day. AGAIN THE iPHONE SHOWS IT'S NOT USING MUCH DATA (around 250 MB) AND THE PROVIDER REPORTS THE OPPOSITE (nearly used 2 GB).

  • demure84 Level 1 Level 1

    Same story here, I've never come close to 6GB half my data before getting the 5, it is the LTE, I've watched it rise from 0 to 25 MB of usage in under 5 minutes by just internet browsing. Track it with an app called ActMonitor.

  • andrew_beginsinwonder Level 1 Level 1

    Adam - I run tech at the Public Radio Exchange ( where we both build iOS apps, and host podcasts. I have access to server bandwidth numbers for a few major podcasts (ours and others in public radio).  We are seeing SIGNIFICANT increases in bandwidth bills for Oct, and somewhat less but still very high in Nov, and all due to iOS 6 user agents.  From experimenting with our own devices and using proxy servers, we have logs showing very badly behaved download behavior from multiple iOS podcasting apps (esp. the new podcasting app), all of which behaved fine on iOS5.  If you could get in touch, I am 'andrew at prx dot org'. I would love to compare notes and numbers, and then see about escalating to Apple, and the tech community.  This is costing podcasters no small amount of dough.  We're writing something up now.

  • etkal Level 1 Level 1

    It is definitely not related specifically to podcasts, as I saw the issue without having performed any podcast configuration on my phone.  The bug appeared to be in allowing an operation to start on WiFi but then when transitioning to cellular not honoring the phone setting regarding cellular data usage.


    In my case I had started downloading a very large playlist via iTunes Match while on WiFi, but then left my office without noticing that the downloads were continuing, even though I had cellular data set off for Music and iTunes Match.


    I've been reluctant to retry this now that I have the iOS 6.0.1 update, but it's possible that the issue is now fixed.

  • AdamCurry Level 1 Level 1



    We host our own podcast and are seeing the exact same 'bad' behaviour your describe.


    It is my opinion that this is not related directly to podcast apps, but how the Apple tcp stack has been implemented and how the iOS6 download classes access files through http protocols


    I have been trying to get tech press to cover this, to little avail, as they are apparently incapable of testing anything below the application layer.


    The cost apple is adding to end users as well as hosters of content is not insignificant.


    Please post to this list anything you write up so I can link to it as well.



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