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  • MartinVliet Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem! I've just confirmed that while on wifi, my iPhone4 with iOS6.0.1 is using mobile data (Vodafone, The Netherlands, in case this matters...).

    I'm on a 1GB per month plan, and never use more than 300mb per month. Now it's used up in 13 days, and even an E10 on additional data. I'm on wifi at home and at work. I'm on mobile data when I'm in my car commuting, but of course I'm not using my phone while driving...


    I've turned off mobile data completely, and now use wifi only.  Apple has to take care of this situation ASAP, this is a ridiculous screw up in iOS.


    I'm using podcasts in the regular music player (sync using itunes only), and don't have the podcast app. I have an iCloud account attached, never used it, and with every sync option turned off. Haven't tested the delete account option yet.

  • micronauta Level 1 Level 1

    SImilar issues on my GSM iPhone 4, same under iOS 6 and 6.0.1, slow data as if the phone were transferring more data, problems seem to show up when switching networks, if I reboot the phone and stay on either wi-fi or cellular data without evee switching it appears to run normally. Some wi-fi operations like connecting to a Samsung wi-fi camera don't work unless I turn of cellular data, as if packets are being sent to the wrong interface even when wi-fi is on. It is very frustrating not to beeing able to downgrade to iOS 5, worked so well :-(

  • Woo Level 2 Level 2

    finally some legit site reporting on this bug/mess/B$...


  • Mattsmithsa Level 1 Level 1

    I've noticed a few tweets this morning about it too. All exposure is good, but it's not going to help us with massive bills!

  • m.p.b. Level 1 Level 1

    Nice to see that the Data Usage bug is reported by wikipedia in the IOS 6 record.

  • forand Level 1 Level 1

    I have had this same issue. Fortuantely for me I am on an unlimited plan and was not charged any overages. Unfortunately they capped my download speed which is annoying (but not costly).


    This is completely unacceptable and Apple needs to openly address the issue and the carriers need to provide their customers with information on how to avoid these costly overages.


    The one thing I noticed that I do not see mentioned is that when I correlated the high data usage with where I was at the time of that usage I noticed that most of these periods happened while I had excellent Wifi. The AP is outside my office door and I get consistently 30 Mb/s from it. But acording to my carrier I used the most bandwidth while standing about 5 feet from this AP with Wifi on. Has anyone else noticed that they are getting billed for cell data while on Wifi?

  • jayray732 Level 1 Level 1

    The iPhone will switch over to cellular, even when connected to WiFi, when the phone goes to sleep (as a first-time iPhone user, I didn't know this - as an Android user, I was used to being able to decide for myself if I wanted this to happen).


    Another bug - likely all related - is that the iPhone is switching to cellular, while connected to WiFi - while plugged in.  This isn't supposed to happen.  While my iPhone is plugged in at home (connected to a strong WiFi, etc, etc), after it's been asleep for awhile, when I turn it on, it's sitting on LTE and then reverts back to WiFi.


    When I woke up this morning at 5am, the iPhone had used 1MB of cell and 4.5MB of WiFi since midnight. 


    The bug appears to be in iOS6 (users of previous iOS versions say they didn't have this) and the problems were NOT fixed by iOS 6.0.1.   I'm on AT&T (USA), so no carrier update for me, but I don't think that fixes the problem either.  A colleague of mine yesterday, after listening to me complain of these problems, did a check on his phone - he's on 6.0.1 and has the Verizon carrier update.  He burned through almost 1GB overnight while on WiFi while plugged in (he's on a corporate shared plan, so he's not getting any notices of overage).


    ****All Apple has to do is say they know about it and are working on it.  They could take 3 months to fix it if they just LET THE CUSTOMER KNOW that they are working the problem.  But to not tell the customer anything is HORRIBLE customer service.  At this point, pretending that their operating system is perfect is kind of silly considering all of the problems they've already acknowledged.  Just do the right thing and COMMUNICATE with your customer.

  • KAVE25 Level 1 Level 1

    Completely agree. 

    I also still have the issue with 6.0.1.  Early this morning, while I was sleeping and the phone was within strong WiFi coverage, it decided to transfer over 60MB over cellular.  I'm not sure why Apple won't simply report the issue.  At this point, I'd even be happy with AT&T admitting that Apple has an issue and will stop charging me for data overages.


    Very frustrated!

  • zenotr Level 1 Level 1

    i have finally solved the problem!

    i sold my iphone!

    now i have a window phone. it's great. (like as a blackberry)


    Adios Apple!


  • jayray732 Level 1 Level 1

    Based on what I've seen, read and my own tests - it seems like the bug is an exaggeration or over-/re- transmitting of the data that's actually getting transmitted.  Case in point:


    On Monday, I sent an email with a photo I took.  The photo was 2.7MB.  To check it, I clocked my data before and after.  I consumed just over 4MB to send a 2.7MB email.


    Clearing all running apps out, if I open a few apps (none of which require anything more than checking in to a back-end), which on Android only consumes about 20-40kb, I blow through 500kb.


    If I use Shazaam to identify a song - something that takes 20-30kb or so on Android, I blow through 500kb on iPhone.


    I remember running Speed Test the first night I got the iPhone (this is my first LTE experience, wanted to clock it!); running Speed Test one time blew through 30MB of data!  Now I know that Speed Test doesn't transmit that much data to run a speed check.


    For the past few days, I've not used the phone except for light email checking and a few apps opening.  Based on the past two years on Android - I should be consuming maybe 500kb or even 1MB.  My average daily consumption over the past few days has been between 20-25MB.


    Tonight is my last chance to take the iPhone back (I'm at the end of my first 14-days) and I am seriously considering that.  If I knew the problem was being fixed, I could wait it out, but not knowing if Apple is going to fix this, since they're all quiet -- I can't take the risk of keeping it for two years.


    Very very frustrating!

  • forand Level 1 Level 1

    I contacted Apple support about it this morning. They had me do all the standard stuff (reset, restore, etc.). Finally they determined that updating to iOS 6 had somehow messed up my iPhone 4 hardware (this is what two service people, one senior, told me). After they "spoke with other departments" they were "unable" to provide me with a solution without out of pocket expense.

    So to summarize Apple admitted that their software update caused a hardware problem which caused a dramatic increase in cell usage but are standing behind neither their hardware nor their software enough to rectify the problem.

  • Peter Lorraine Level 1 Level 1

    3 iphone family here - my 4s on 6.0.1, son's 4s on 6.0, wife's 4 on 6.0.  Wife and I are on ATT US, son is on virgin Canada.  My wife and son are both on fixed data plans - only 250 MB - neither had come close to their limit prior to the update.  Post update to 6.0 - my wife's iphone blew through her data - she received several texts overnight about approaching her limit.  This is at home with a wifi network, not plugged in.  My son isn't sure where its going but his new pay-as-you-go data plan blew out after 2 days - he says the iphone is useless now and plans to cancel data until it is fixed.  Wife is switching data off right now which kind of defeats the point.  Interestingly, I'm on an unlimited plan and my usage has not increased at all.  I updated to 6.0.1 as soon as it came out.  Very frustrating.  I'd like to have the problem acknowledged because right now - no one in my household trusts their iphone on cellular data.  My son comments that in Canada some of his iphone friends on monthly plans (not pay as you go) went way over their data usage and incurred big bills.


    At the very least, cap icloud cellular data usage per day as a temp fix.  I'd rather have icloud restricted to wifi until this is fixed. 


    My son has a Nexus S in his drawer in Toronto - he's likely going to switch over until this is fixed. 

  • Peter Lorraine Level 1 Level 1

    update on wife's iphone 4s using lots of data.  She was at home all day Tuesday on wifi - never left the house.   She did watch a few videos in safari - that seems to have used 140 MB of data - should have been on wifi.  This was on IOS 6.0 


    She switched off cellular data yesterday when she went through her limit and turned it on for a few minutes today to check her daughters address.  In the 15 or fewer minutes cellular data was on she used another 15 MB of data.


    I was looking at her data usage records over the last year or so - usually just 20-40 MB a month.  She has two in a row now at over 300 MB (when she catches and switches data off).  Everything big has been ocurring past Sept 19 (IOS 6 release).

  • Twodogsau Level 1 Level 1

    I too have this problem. I have been following these posts for sometime now after noticing mu usage go thru the roof. The thing is i have noticed that it can be quite random.

    For instance....

    I dont have the podcast. My icloud account has been deleted off my phone. I have turned off the diagnostic send.

    Now for the last week I have had the app "My Data Manager" on my phone.

    On monday 12/11 while at work I had some usage at around 4-5 mb when my phone was on the slower 3g telstra here in OZ. I was hardly using it as I was fairly busy at work. All up I used about 20mb between the hours of 7 - 11am

    Now....tuesday 13/11..... a spike of 6mb between 9-10am. Now I know for a fact that my phone was in my pocket not being used at this time at all...!!

    OK....lets move forward to Thursday 15/11.....This one is a cracker.... between 11-am to was once again in my pocket.... I was sitting in the lunch room for 30 mins where reception is crap and the next half hour I was pretty busy back down the mill....just after midday I checked usage.....Bamm!!!!! 38 Mb used....***???

    I am currently in talks with both Telstra and a chick from Apple Australia but it seems a slow process.


    I think someone needs to make two more apps...

    One to quickly turn off all apps in background from home screen, and....

    One to quickly swith off and on cellular data from home screen.

  • Quasii Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem. My data limit is 2 gb and I am currently at 4.5bg despite hardly ever having left the house which uses wifi. I had been using the podcast app, and since deleting it (according to the phone usage) the data doesn't seem to be going up. Though this really doesn't mean anything.


    I just got off the phone with apple support. They escalated my call to a senior tech support person who was very helpful. He has asked for a log of the data usage from my telco (in this case Liveconnected) and he said that if it is Apples fault they wil accept responsibility.


    Sounds positive. Fingers crossed.

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