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  • mpeterfrank Level 1 Level 1

    I am having issues with data consumption as well. I am on Verizon and reported it to them.  They stated that they had not heard of anyone else having a problem.  Will call them again tomorrow.  This is frustrating....going through 1.2 Gigs at midnight when I know I am not on my phone.

  • Peyton Williams Level 1 Level 1

    I too have been experiencing this problem.  To give you an idea of my original usage, I usually use less than 300 MB per month.  But, since I bought my iPhone 6 on September 28 at 11am, my iPhone 5 has been consuming data fast and furious.  To better quantify here are some observations:


    All figured in MB, using report Verizon's usage details page.


    09/28/201212:12 PMDATA SHARE TALK & TEXT1.91
    09/28/20121:54 PMDATA SHARE TALK & TEXT0.00
    09/28/20122:00 PMDATA SHARE TALK & TEXT0.69
    09/29/20122:06 PMDATA SHARE TALK & TEXT22.88
    09/28/20123:55 PMDATA SHARE TALK & TEXT161.20
    09/28/20124:06 PMDATA SHARE TALK & TEXT615.87
    09/29/20124:14 PMDATA SHARE TALK & TEXT0.03
    09/29/20124:31 PMDATA SHARE TALK & TEXT0.03

    The usuage counter on my iPhone indicates vast majority was downloaded data, not sent.


    So for context, in about 10 minutes, iPhone used about 2 times the data that I use in an entire month.  I am a light data user.  I don't watch videos, download apps, etc. over WiFi.



    At 4pm on 9/28/12, while this data was downloaded, I was photographing a lacrosse game (not with my phone so it wasn't streaming).  The phone was sitting in my camera bag and I observed it being very hot.  The phone in this time period was undergoing only moderate usage by me.  Some activities I did include:

    • Checking Twitter
    • Checking Facebook
    • Using the Map to see my location; checking out both map and satelitte view.
    • Sending 4-5 text messages; none of them picture texts.


    Here are some observations that might help in diagnosing problems:

    • My old iPhone 4 was backed up to iCloud.  In the Apple Store, using the store's WiFi, the sales associate helped me restore my settings from iCloud. 
    • After the bulk of the restore was done (photos and apps had not finished downloading, but all the settings, contacts, etc had), I drove back to work where we have WiFi.  There, the phone restarted the download process. 
    • During the 15 minute drive from the Apple Store to work, the iPhone used only modest amounts of data (about 2MB) likely due to me trying the turn-by-turn directions feature to get me back to work.
    • Once I returned to work around 12:10 the iPhone immediatly locked onto the Wifi there.
    • All the applications finished downloading by the time I left work around 3:45.  I do not know about the photos, however. 


    Here are relevant settings at the time of the excessive data usage:

    In the "Celluar" page.  Use celluar for:

    • iCloud Document: On
    • iTunes: Off
    • FaceTime: On (never received calls during the time, however)
    • Passbook Updates: On
    • Readline List: On

    LTE was also turned on



    • Mail: Off
    • Contacts: Off
    • Calendars: Off  (for mail, contacts and calendars I use Google Exchange)
    • Reminders: On
    • Safari: On
    • Notes: On
    • Passbook: On
    • Photo Stream: On
    • Documents and Data: On   Use celluar data: Off
    • Storage and Backup.  Use iCloud Backup: On


    Send diagnostics information to Apple: On


    I also have iTunes Match.  Of note, I had many difficulties at work downloading some large albums (around 1GB).  iTunes Match would start downloading, then stall.  Very unreliable.  Part of me has wondered if iPhone started to download the albums off LTE  (note that I had the function to download iTunes by Match turned off for celluar data -- a carry over from me having a 300MB plan)


    Sorry for the long post, wanted to give as much information as possible to try and indentify the problem.  Hopefully this is fixed soon.  I have had to upgrade to a 2GB plan.  I'm afraid, at the current use of data, I am going to have to disable the celluar data function on my iPhone.

  • Mike-Mpls Level 1 Level 1

    I had this issue happening with my moms phone after upgrading to ios6.


    Turns out when she upgraded she somehow had a new email account created - she had a address - but a new address was added to her phone.


    She had sent me a couple email messages that failed - these messages had photos attached to them - so the phone was constantly trying to send these messages but kept failing.

    I finally deleted these message from her outbox and the problem was solved.  During the course of one hour she used 16mb of data - after I deleted the messages she used 1kb and hour.

  • primelink Level 1 Level 1

    So been looking into this on my end had to do the "wifi" thing all last week since i was ending my month at 5.96GB of my 6GB


    I had Originally thought it was the Appl PODCAST app as other's have said but since i had removed and reinstall this i did not have excessive data use.


    This Mourning my data reset to 0, i started using the Twit app ( started streaming the audio podcast normally 64MB full size by lunch my usage was 711 MB. I was literally watching the number go 708,709,710 Even when i stopped the app and it was backgrounded. Closing it completly stopped the usage.


    Does any one else use this app ? Since the focus was on the Apple Podcast app i ignored this one. Is there a new "trick" apple has allowed that is not written correctly so background apps are leaking in the data usage.

  • jimbovi Level 1 Level 1

    The news is finally finding out the us on AT&T aren't crazy.  I was smacked with 130MB in the first few hours of the iPhone 5 and I was in my living room sitting almost on top of my router.

  • nitpicker330 Level 1 Level 1

    I have an i Phone 4S using i OS6. Via Telstra in Australia

    Used 1.5 gb of data last Sunday!! Crazy

    Wasn't connected to any Wi Fi at the time either.

    Complained to Telstra and they are going to waive excess data charges

    Complained to Apple on the phone, they are aware of the problems and their Engineers are working on a fix.


    In the meantime I was advised to turn off Cellular data when not needning it.

  • maxmost Level 1 Level 1

    Due to a misdesign in Music App it is possible to download big amount of music data in 3G network also if your configuration "use cellular data" is switch off.

  • Luke Devenish Level 1 Level 1

    I too have exprienced this problem.


    Since we updated to IOS6 our iphone 4 has gone crazy. It had over 2 gigs of traffic in a two hour period.

    This blew our data allowance and I now have a bill of hundreds of dollars!


    I've lost the love for Apple...


    Who's going to compensate us for this bug ?!?!?!

  • usnhobbz Level 1 Level 1

    It's pretty simple, really. Call your carrier, and call Apple. Verizon has already stated that they will not charge overage fees for people with this issue. If you do not have Verizon, your carrier will likely help you out, too. Apple can also contact your carrier through their channels.

  • JeffInChicago Level 1 Level 1

    Something is VERY wrong!


    I have owned EVERY iPhone since day one.  This last billing period (ending 9/30), for the first time ever, I went over 3GB, on my unlimited plan and got an AT&T warning!


    I don't do pandora or movies and always connect to WiFi at home or in work, yet in just three days I've sucked down almost 250MB?  I've turned off the "Cellular Data" settings all over but all over but of course we shouldn't have to worry about this.  Something has changed.

  • SomeGuyInOz Level 1 Level 1

    Same here.  I'm using an iPhone 5 in Australia.  I had an iPhone 4 for almost 2 years an never even went over 1GB in a month.  On Wednesday morning I discovered my phone had used 1.3GB in about 10 minutes or so!!!!  Then today, Thursday, it did it again, even while it was sitting idle at home on WiFi.


    Luckily my data limit is 4GB, but the problem for me is, because my phone company (Crazy John's) is not an official iPhone carrier, I don't know if they will reimburse me if I go over.  This would most likely apply to other people in the same situation on non-iPhone carriers (TPG, Amaysim, LiveConnected, etc in Oz).  But this is an Apple bug, and surely Apple must be accountable.  As an example for my plan, if I go over by 1GB I would be charged roughly $1000!!!  This had better be fixed VERY soon.  I'm considering returning my phone for a full refund and switching to an Android for a change...  At least if my phone were jailbroken I could possibly get a little more manual control over this, but of course, Apple would never allow that.

  • kimdw Level 1 Level 1

    Orange refunded my excessive data charge but when I received a brief text from them about my call my data received increased by  400Kb!


    Just been on the phone to apple uk support. Only one other adviser had a report of this problem. They told me to try reseting: General > Reset > Reset All Settings and this seems to have solved it for me (iPhone 4s on IOS 6.0) You lose all your wifi passwords, background & lockscreen images and probably lots more, and I'm not completely sure as yet so will keep an eye on it but haven't had any excessive data in or out in the last 15 mins or so.

  • BSGesus Level 1 Level 1

    Did anyone get this resolved with AT&T? I keep getting the runaround. I supposedly used 2.4 GB in one day. I don't think so. A commonality I noticed in these forums was the Podcast app. I also had downloaded that app the day I got hit with 2.4 GBs. Apple fix this please.

  • spencereholtaway Level 1 Level 1



    I just talked with AT&T customer service. Here's what we discussed:


    • My usual monthly data usage is 1,400MB
    • In the last 6 days (current billing cycle) I have used 1,450MB of data.
    • October 1 and 2 each showed 600+MB used on each of those days!


    The representative informed me that should the phone have a weak wifi signal, it will switch to cellular to complete tasks. We didn't discuss if this includes iCloud backups, etc. And I couldn't get an hourly report from them to determine if that was what was causing the excessive usage.


    • I was told if I did not want this to happen, I would have to manually turn off cellular data.


    • I moved desks at work and had my first full day at my new desk on October 1st. I asked if having a bad wi-fi connection at the new desk could be the cause of the excessive data and the representative confirmed it is a possibility.


    It sounds like Apple may have implemented the Wi-Fi plus Cellular feature in iOS6 after all, but did not provide the user with an option to turn it off (other than turning off cellular data when you know you only want Wi-Fi...). But this doesn't seem like Apple - it's a pretty poor user experience if you don't want to spend a ton on cellular data every month.. but maybe it is because they know LTE is faster than a lot of wifi networks (and therefore mobile devices shouldn't use Wi-Fi any more?)


    In the end, the representative refunded me my $25 for this month (2GB iPhone Data, no longer available) and also credited my account with an additional $25 if/when I go over my monthly data allowance this month.


    As a side note, I also use the podcasts app, and have been using it more in the last few days (including Oct 1 & 2) but I am certain I haven't listened to 1.4GB worth of podcasts in 6 days.


    I hope this helps, even if it's just a "+1" on this thread. Hopefully there will be a fix or at the very least, clear explanation, for this soon.

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