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  • iOS Defender Level 1 Level 1

    Restoring from an iOS backup would not bring a glitch back onto phone, unless you had an app causing the excessive data usage. Restoring from backup has no effect on the iOS. The bugs are lying in the iOS, and after reading up on the PRISM surveillance, now I think I understand why everyone's phones are showing "sent" data, instead of received data, and that is why only some subscribers would be affected. I have been trying to piece together the inconsistency, of affected users. If there is some connection, we will never be officially informed of it, but I wouldn't be surprised. Once again, lets take a look at the number of iOS devices, compared to other OS devices on the market.

  • 1codyk398 Level 1 Level 1

    I updated to ios 7 beta , problem solved just wait it out and turn of the cellular data off whenever your not using it.

  • ChrisophP Level 1 Level 1



    I observed a mobile data drain (200 MB at one time) when I performed an iTunes synced with my iPhone 5, IOS 6.1.4 via WiFi (local network)


    200 MB is a big portion of my 500 MB monthly data plan, so I turned off Wifi sync and use the cable instead to avoid further loss.


    Hope this will be helpful



  • OLDsystem Level 1 Level 1

    This is clearly not the fault of any provider, as I am in Germany using Telekom, and have expereinced the same data overages with iOS 6. Within days of a new billing cycle I had reached my 300MB limit. It's not a lot, but I previously didn't use it up until the 3rd or 4th week.


    I noticed a pattern. The leak was always triggered by using the Maps navigation feature. After navigation ended and I closed the Maps app and locked my phone, my phone would overheat to the point I felt something burning in my pocket. A few hours later, I would reach my data limit. No streaming audio or video, no app updates, nothing but one journey using Maps and all my data was gone. This was always the situation. This was the pattern.


    Since I stopped using Maps' navigation feature, my data usage makes sense again. In other words, it's Apple's fault.

  • Jim the ETL guy Level 1 Level 1

    It's still doing this. I was refunded 4 months of data overcharges last month but accidentilly left cellular data on and I got warnings from AT&T again. What is the use of having a smart phone that I have to turn off cellular data? All I did was make it a dumb phone. This is BS Apple - you should be ashamed. Maybe after you lose a crap load of customers then you'll start listening. Once I leave I won't be back.


    Our contract is up in a few months and I'm dumping my iPhones. Phone charges are expensive enough without having to pay extra data overcharges for unauthorized Apple usage.

  • Jim the ETL guy Level 1 Level 1

    I shouldn't have to turn off cellular data. It shouldn't be mapping my location without my permission.

  • wrapper Level 1 Level 1

    My problem decreased when I did a hard reset. 


    It has gone away with IOS 7

  • toddfromprinceton Level 1 Level 1

    i just got an android, gave my itouch 5g to my sister, but i learned never to tether that thing to my phone, back when my phone was the only internet i had. Havn't really bothered to much with ios 7, i fixed the battery issue, but i just LOVE my note 2, cant see my self going back.



  • R. Berardi Level 4 Level 4

    Add me to the list.

    Backed up the old iPhone 5 via iTunes, and applied it to the iPhone 6 on Friday, Sept. 26.

    Saturday night I got an email from Verizon that we were at 50%. By the time I logged into verizonwireless, we were at 76%.


    At 7:31pm we got hit for 1.4GB - I know were were on wifi.

    We still have 2 weeks before our data renews.


    If you have verizon, check your logs on verizon's site. (not sure if you can do this on AT&T)

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    I got same problem on my iPhone5S iOS7.1.2. It leaks more than 1GB data over cellular in 3 days. All these 3G traffic counts on iTunes service from cellular setting->system page.


    I find the data used for downloading stuff from these Apple servers in 102400kb chunks.


    Apple have to stand out to explain what happened. What's your plan to fix this problem? I am frustrated by your customer support team. They has no idea of the issue and has no ability to help trace where the data goes to. If you can confirm the iOS8.1 would fix the problem, I am satisfied.

  • iOS Defender Level 1 Level 1

    The above link was written, in May of 2013. If what the author wrote is 100% true, then Apple will always make the phone to be a huge data guzzler. In fact, here is another link, from a company that did a simulation 3G network. They did testing, of smartphone data consumption rates, and guess which OS was the least efficient?


  • iOS Defender Level 1 Level 1

    And don't worry, on the technical side of this, the OS would have a little to do with handing off the IP as well. If your initiate a data session while on 3G/4G/LTE and then move into Wi-Fi, theoretically, the IP should automatically change. If the OS no longer allows this, then the data must be turned off, connected to the Wi-Fi IP, and then you can turn the data back on. I can't access the phones OS, and I am no longer employed by AT&T. The reason I am posting this as a possibility, Apple's forum moderators have already emailed me, that the data usages and leakages running up your phone bills is not a TECHNICAL issue, despite the fact that it involves the device specifically. Until I threatened to post all of this, on a YouTube video, those emails and removal of my posts were pretty frequent. Even during the iOS 6 data leak catastrophe, customer would often tell us that Apple instructed them to contact us, because we sent them the bill.

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