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  • trekracer20 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having a similar issue on my new iPhone 5 on AT&T. It's not the same issue Verizon seemed to have, as I don't seem to be using data when on wifi. But when I'm not on wifi, my date use is astronomical. My monthly average for the last two years has been 200-400mb of data use. Right now I'm sitting at 1.3gb of use. I supposedly used over 200 mb of data just reading the NYT website for 20 minutes. I hope they get this resolved soon.


    And for those that advance turning cell data off--that is an unacceptable solution. I should not have to change the phone-using habits that have used 200-400mb of data per month for the past few years because of a problem with the phone/network/both.

  • Marcbar70 Level 1 (0 points)

    This problem is happening all over the world yet there seems to be no announcement from Apple to help users overcome the problem until the bug is permanently resolve. If there is, please let me know where.


    I normally use less than 1gb per month on the 4th day of my new billing cycle, I used 9gb of data (in one day).


    What are Apple doing about it? they appear awfully quiet on the matter.

  • Suzannefromaus Level 1 (0 points)

    I updated my iphone 4 with ios 6 on September 25th. From that date my data usage doubled! I turned cellular data off because I had reached my limit and a day later I had used all my wifi data!

    I usually only use half my wifi limit each month!

    My phone/internet habits have not changed at all, so the problem must be caused by the ios 6 "upgrade".


    I have read other reports that using the Podcast app since the upgrade seems to use an abnormal amount of data. I previously listened to podcasts daily.


    I am reluctant to use any apps on my iphone or ipad until this problem is sorted out.


    I phoned my internet/phone provider - Telstra (Australia) and they advised me to turn off cellular data. Luckily I keep a close eye on my usage. I'm wondering how many people will get a big shock when they receive their next telco account !!!

  • Marcbar70 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Suzanne, good point on the podcast app (which I really dislike BTW). My habits haven't changed either. I downloaded a podcast (which I normally do) but for the first time form the podcast app on the day my usage went to 9gb. Apple have a lot to answer for when people receive their bills. My bill will be about $2000. Thankfully am working with the provider to try and sort this out.


    I only became aware that I had gone over my allowance via an automated texts.


    I wish I hadn't updated to IOS6.

 , give us google maps back, I could never be comfortable using your maps after such a mammoth stuff up!!!

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    just had the issue for the first time since I upgraded my 4s to IOS6 (same day as lunch). I used the Postcast app for the first time yesterday evening. This morning my battery went to 20% in 3 hours even if I just used the phone for a couple of calls. And I received alert messages form my provider that I had consumed all the included traffic. 4.5 GB in few days, while my normal usage is few hundred MB per month.


    This bug might cost me a lot of money. Apple, what are you doing?


    Rome, Oct 5th


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    I have a 4 GB enterprise data plan that I never came close to using since I purchased my iPhone 4S last November. Now, I've run through the 4 GB plus another GB at $10 and am now in the 6th GB. This is a ridiculous cost to all of us who do not have an unlimited data plan. I am with AT&T. I doubt they'll do anything about it. Apple needs to fix this ASAP.

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    Hi Everyone,


    An idea to help you keep an eye on your data usage, and mitigate potential for overage, is to use a free app from Princeton called "DataWiz".  Once you plug in your monthly cap, it will figure out how much data you are allowed a day (on average) and you can tell it to warn you if you exceed x% for a day or month.  It's powerful and well tell you how much you used in a day, and you can break down in one-hour or even ten-minute blocks how much data you used on celluar vs. WiFi.  (note it says 3G but it also records LTE)


    I posted on the 3rd page of this tread the 600MB download my phone did in 10-15 minutes.  Since then I have done a few things:

    1. I reset network settings
    2. I disabled iTunes Match
    3. I disabled Safari sync
    4. On celluar tab, disabled "Use Celluar data for" all five items listed.
    5. I updated the Verizon carrier settings as mentioned earlier in this message thread.


    Since then my phone is back to modest data usage.  I'm not sure if what I did had any effect or if it is incidental. Just sharing it in case it works.


    BTW, I had never used the PodCast app, so that was not the source of my problems originaly.

  • spencereholtaway Level 1 (0 points)

    Further information that is somewhat odd regarding the excessive use:


    Yesterday my usage went almost back to normal (after 9:16am when 120MB was reported used) with no change in behavior (left cellular on, sat in the same place at work so wifi should have been the same, listened to podcasts app on the bus as usual, etc). Sadly the data coming back from October 3rd usage showed another yet-unexplainable, ridiculously high number.


    I reset my Cellular Usage counter on my iPhone at 9:58am. Right now it reads 745kb Sent and 6.8MB Received.


    Looking at my AT&T usage on, I am seeing usage of 24MB for yesterday since 9:52AM: about 4 times that of the iPhone counter.


    To reiterate, in the last 22 hours:

    iPhone says approx 6.9MB used

    AT&T says approx 24MB used


    I also noticed the amount of data shown as received on my iPhone fluctuate as high as 8MB but it then returned to 6.8MB. Quite strange.


    I'm not sure what to make of this but thought it was worth sharing.


    Screenshots: Phone data counter, AT&T Data usage report, graphed AT&T data.



    Screen Shot 2012-10-05 at 7.59.44 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2012-10-05 at 8.01.09 AM.png

  • jonathanfromstillwater Level 1 (0 points)

    In 2 years of my wife and i owning iPhones, we've NEVER gone over 1 gb of data.  In the first month with the iphone 5 with AT&T we went over in 2 weeks and the second month we're over again (mind you our behavior has not changed one bit- the new iPhone isn't that cool that we all of the sudden became gamers or something).  AT&T is claiming this isn't an issue on their network which is complete and total B*LL S**T! I'm very angry and will sell my @#$%^ing iPhone and buy a Samsung Galaxy from VERIZON if ATT/Apple don't admit this and fix it fast.

  • kappaz77 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just like others in this thread I'm having the same problem. I've had the IP4 on AT&T the past two years and would rarely exceed 400MB in a month.  When I upgraded to the IP5 I was on day 27 of the billing cycle and the last three days I somehow generated 1.5GB?


    Now the new month has started and if anything my behavior has changed in that I'm barely using the phone until this gets under control, but somehow I'm already at 400+MB. There is something severly wrong.

    If you look at the AT&T forum there are numerous threads all saying the same thing.

  • JeffInChicago Level 1 (25 points)

    Update:  I am on Day 5 of my AT&T billing cycle.  I have spent the last 3 days in Mexico in Airplane mode.  So that's 3 our of 5 days.  I am now up to 355MB of data transfered though for the day today since my return I have been on my WiFi. I'm at a loss to understand how that can be when that was my usage for a month all these years!


    In 4 years of iPhone I've never had to worry about my data usage before now.  With iOS 6 I've had to reset my network settings, disable anything but essential apps from using data, disabled iCloud, and the list goes on, all this while checking my data usage daily and taking pictures of usage every day.  That's just not the way it should be.

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    I produce a pretty popular podcast. Since the release of iOS6 we have seen an increase in iOS devices reconnecting and re-downloading pieces of files. Since the Sept release of the iPhone5 bandwidth transferred on our end increased 10x and we are receiving many reports of iPhone users who have long download wait times, broken downloads or completely unsucessful downloads.


    This seems to happen with multiple podcast clients, including Apple's own app. Leading me to believe something in the http downloader of iOS6 itself has a bug.


    Is it possible users on this thread with big data usage also subscribe to podcasts which are being re-downloaded?



  • primelink Level 1 (10 points)

    Hey Adam great to see you here, love the stuff you do too. Anyways weeks ago every one thought it was just the Podcast app but I recently had e same issue Witt the TWIT.TV app which I wrote to them about...


    After downloading a 64 MB podcast audo only I had consumed 894MB of data and this was the first day of the month after a reset.


    So I reinstalled the podcast app since it was not the cause.



    Brief oh how my issue happened:


    left home launched app started to stream podcast . (Podcast is 1hr 15min @ 64MB total) At 45 min in I paused podcast when I got to the client. At 1:00 PM left client I then resumed the podcast at 45 min mark at 1hr in I looked at usage and saw I was at 894 MB, while looking at usage it went from 894,895,896 immediately closing the app the usage stopped.


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  • AdamCurry Level 1 (0 points)

    I think most apps access a downloader class in the operating system to to download files. This is where I believe the problem is.


    I'm not technical enough to dig in, but hopefully someone on this thread is...

  • RCKB Level 1 (0 points)

    That just my thought.. Could they uploading and downloading information to improve their map.  Didn't they said more people use the map the better of the map they can have?


    I checked my data usage.  Within 2 hours my 3G used 1.4gb then I turn off my 3G now I am afraid turning back on.

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