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    In my opinion it is not your phone.  This is an AT&T issue.  Tests I've run with other people show that is issues exists on other makes of phones.


    I think this should be moved to class-action law suit status.  AT&T is clearly deceiving the public with their claims.


    I've spent at least a dozen hours on the phone with AT&T reps, the last one I spoke to on the issue was suprised to find that he got the same results at his call center in Washington.  He said he would get back to me... never did.

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    The "slow data while on a call problem" still exists even after the update to 6.0.1.  As suspected based on other tests with hardware other than Apple, this is an AT&T issue.

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    I am puzzled right now. Anybody can try to use anything but iphone the same way and see what happens. I mean that would be stupid to expect the same speed, during call as without being on the call. Nor does, as far as I know ATT guaranteed any speed. But I would like to know if that issue is only with iphone. If that is not normal behavior at all.

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    I am not expecting the same speed, but have you seen the delta?  There is certainly a problem.  Additionaly what AT&T is advertising on TV and other adverts that show people doing work with thier phone and talking at the same time, is not really feasible with the current bandwidth problem.  Therefore AT&T is being deceptive in thier practice.


    Many times the upload speedtest will not even complete during a call.  I'm guessing because there is so little bandwidth availible it times out.

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    from south.


    I don't think you're getting it.  The speeds are unusuable PERIOD when on a phone call.  I couldn't even get 0 mpbs when on a phone call.  And when getting off the call it takes a while or a network reset to get LTE back.  I had no real issues with my iPhone 4s when searching maps or the internet while on the phone. It might not have been the fastest speeds, but I didn't get errors or page not found while searching for something. It was quick enough for me to search for an grab a location while on the phone.  I can not even do that now. I better have my maps loaded up before I even think about a phone call. 


    I've had my phone replaced, sim card replaced, etc and this is still the same problem. When I had my first iphone5 before the screen started to lift off, I did not have this problem.  I was actually bragging on the fact that I was able to blast away on LTE and still talk on the phone. I bought this phone the Saturday after release. I was actually doing 3 more things like using gps, talking on the phone, and listening to spotify at the same time before.  Now this does not work, your phone will come to a crashing hault. 


    I work with galaxy s3 users at work and they do not experience the same thing.  I did the test myself several times and my iphone 4 beat the 4G speeds on the iphone 5.  How pitiful is that?  Its very hard for me to believe that AT&T keeps sending people to Apple and Apple sending people back to AT&T.  This is very crappy service.


    On another note, I was getting crappy speeds one morning on LTE alone.  Maybe 1-2 mbps where I normally get 30+.  I called AT&T and after about an hour they did an OTA reset of my phone signal and then I was back up to 30-40 mbps.  The tech specifically said that they could push a button and it would reset "my" signal in the way that it connects to towers.  I do know they do have different tower arrangements for iphones and i'm sure they're purposely slowing down iphone 5 users.   I, just like everyone else here has friends that work for AT&T who informed me of this arrangement.  It's just a shame that Apple is bowing to AT&T with their silly requests.  I'm still an upset Iphone user.  Don't let me use the phone like i'm supposed too then after I get another one give me one that can't do the same thing.  I believe this has to do w/ different iterations of the iphone 5. 

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    I don't think I am getting it either. What ATT does with a push of the button called reprovisioning. They can't control what tower picks you up after that, but your phone gets the best signal and fresh connection to a cell automatically. What you call " they're purposely slowing down iphone 5 users" is called throttling and it is a normal practice for every ISP. Does not have to do with iphone 5. Every tower has software that recognizes constant "abusers" moves them to "slow highway lane" if you will. Now what I am also not getting is 1. did you run a speed test on your Galaxy and can you provide results to us? On the phone call and off the phone call. 2. Did you check your version of events, by checking speed of your Iphone 5 on different towers, simply by trying it in different locations? On the phone call and of the phone call.

    3 Why do you assume that everybody is not as smart as you? "just like everyone else here has friends that work for AT&T who informed me of this arrangement.  It's just a shame that Apple is bowing to AT&T with their silly requests." That statement is pardon me is sooooo not smart, sorry but it makes really hard to take you seriously. Apple can care less what ATT does with your data. Att cares none what Apple thinks about it.

    One more time, people here on that thread, including me are trying to understand, if problem with slow speed on the phone call is coming from software, hardware, or service. Some of them (Credit to Tennr), provided invaluable troubleshooting and here you are jumping with conspiracy theory. Nice one.

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    I have provided one test here if you're smart enough to read. Im not sure how this thread got on thr subject of who's smart or not. I never mentiond anyones intellignce, but I'm glad you brought it up. Seems like someone has been hiding behind the anonymity of the net long enough to think their opinons matter anywhere else. They don't really. My test is here and some problem tickets if you search here and the AT&T threads.


    The other thing you mentioned the "reprovision" happened when I called in and asked. You know us iPhone users have to be hand-held with everything. Is that still a hardware or software issue where the phone doesn't pick the nearest tower? You're smart right? I wasn't flying on an airplane I was driving down town right next to an AT&T tower. Oh and I wasn't getting throttled. Verified three times by calling AT&T and actually knowing how to use my phone to check data. Glad you made that assumption though, you must work at the "Genius" bar.


    For your other statement I could care less if you take me seriously or not. Don't know you and really could care less to know you or how smart/dumb you are. Have you tried to use FaceTime when you're not on a tiered data plan? What do you get? Is that an AT&T message or Apple one when you hit the button on cellular? If you try to tether when you're not on shares or tiered plan, what do you get? Is that an AT&T message or Apple message? If I'm telling you that this is happening only on the iPhone who's fault is it then? Do not try to shift the total blame to AT&T. It is allowed to happen and I've proved it on the Apple store. I'm just giving info. Merry Christmas!

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    I'm suffering from this same issue (only happened when I moved from Honolulu, HI to Sacramento, CA.  Were you able to find any resolution to your issue?

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    I had the same exact issue and went to the apple store today and got a replacement phone. Unfortunately it still didn't solve the problem. Data,  while on call is severely unusable. It was not an issue on my previous iPhone 4.  The reason I stayed with AT&T was due to simultaneous voice and data. I won't attribute all the fault to AT&T on this since the iPhone 4 worked fine. Or maybe AT&T's 4G network *****. Or apple didn't test this well with AT&T 4g. The possibilities are endless but the end result is the same: No real simultaneous voice and data for iPhone 5 users on AT&T. Class action anyone?

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    I get a ping of 80 and .83mbps speed which is usable. I don't recall AT&T showing a speed guarantee on any of their ads so good luck with your lawsuit. Perhaps when their network matures and they allow voice on LTE this will improve.

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    The other user is right there is no real simultaneous surf and talk and this is advertised. I know you've searched their speeds as everyone else has before coming up with that statement. It has been removed just like all the other carriers. My problem has not been resolved and is not going to be resolved by AT&T nor Apple. It's just funny how both companies attempt to blame each other when its both that signed the agreement. Apple blocks on the front end and at@t on the backend.


    I've spent numerous hours on the phone with both and already fed up as they both try to restart your case every week even though its not resolved.  This is an iPhone 5 problem and they both know about it.

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    I'm not sure what all you are going on about, I just posted the results I got. Is it as fast as I would like? No. Is it usable for looking up things while on a call? Yes. Would I win a lawsuit challenging AT&T's ads? No, because again they do not state what speed you will get.


    I also do not have the problem of returning to LTE once off the call.

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    I'm going on about what has been happening since I had to replace my phone.  I'm glad that you are able to use yours, but I get zero mB.  I can not load the app store, maps, or even send an iMessage when I'm on the phone.  It is absolutely useless and I will get lost if someone calls me while i'm on the phone. 


    I have a theory that this might only be affecting people with unlimited data.  (Might be a way to get you to leave AT&T or that data plan) but that's just a theory.  I wouldn't be able to sue them because that means that I will have to go after AT&T and Apple as the device is more than capable of delivering simulateneous data and talk, but their agreements prevent it from doing so. I'm glad that you are not experiencing the same problem as most people with Iphone 5's are.  I actually test the speeds on my phone daily and there is no improvement.  I can even do talk and surf on my iphone 4 that I have. It's not LTE, but it works.

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    I could also do simultaneous on my iPhone 4 but it was slower (expected). Even could do it on my iPhone 3G. Mine worked while I had my unlimited plan and works now without it. I know you are very frustrated, you might ask if they will let you out of your contract and go to Verizon or Sprint or T-Mobile, whichever one has the best coverage in the areas where you spend the most time.

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    Well that's the problem.  They all sort of suck here.  AT&T has the fastest speeds with a tie with Verizon on actual coverage. They actually told me that I would lose my unlimited plan if they have to reprovision my AT&T profile.  That would probably fix the issue, but they are adament with getting people off of unlmited even if you're paying a premium for it.