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    You bring up a good point... How do I delete a post?

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    I just got off the phone with VZW tech support and was told that the issue is not isolated to Apple devices and that some Droids are experiencing the problem as well. I havent seen any indication of this in my online searches but that is what I was told.


    I was also told VZW is working on the problem and that they expect to have a resolution by this Friday

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    @ J. Felix


    That's awesome.  Everyone send major tech news sites tips about this issue!





    Same page pop-up for Tip Us on top right of


    Same page drop-down for Tip Us on top right of

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    Finally! Thanks for posting

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    Apple just gave me another phone because of the time issues.  This is iphone 5 #3 within a two week issue.

    The first problem was related to the touch screen and so far this one hasn't lost or gained any time.  I've only had it for two days so we'll see.

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    Search iPhone 5 date and time issue on YouTube.

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    I had the timing issue on several iPhones in the past and it drove me crazy until I discovered what the solution was!  Basically, I was syncing with a Mac that has different TimeZone setting than that of the iphone and that was causing the Automatic time on the iPhone to be confused!  Once the Mac and iPhone time zone matched, the problem dissapeared.

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    That is not the problem folks are experiencing here. To be sure I brought my MacBook in to my genius appointment and had them verify everything was good on the computer, iTunes and iCloud. Also, I know my time isn't registering with a different time zone because it goes back in time 14 days 18 hours 48 minutes and 19 seconds every time. Others are reporting it being off by more than that and others by only a couple minutes but no matter how much it's off, reduced functionality and reliability is experienced on anything that uses time or leaves a time stamp behind

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    Not sure if it's coincidence, but the time shift happened to me twice, both times after use of the GPS.  Time shift happened to one of my daughters after using GPS, too.  GPS could be a trigger or it could just be coincidence.

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    Just got off the phone with Verizon B2B tier 2 tech support. The rep instantly acknowledged the issue and stated that they have received enough calls that they now have a "resolution team" working with Apple dedicated to fixing the issue with some kind of patch. He further stated that they are no longer issuing case tickets since the problem has been acknowledged and a fix is in the works. He had no ETA on the fix...

    Looks like this thing is finally gaining some traction.

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    I just listened to the new Today in iOS podcast and my email about this issue was read. Like I warned, Rob downplayed the issue because somebody on this thread posted that Verizon told them that the issue would be fixed by Friday. I have no faith this Friday will bring a fix. This issue is widespread geographically and individually. Posting that the fix is due Friday took this off Tii's radar. Other people posted this issue had to do with Verizon's cell towers. In other words, we've heard conflicting responses/excuses from Verizon. The fact that the issue persists is what needs to be the message loud and clear.

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    This problem is not related to your expereience with your Mac. The time shift happens randomonly and my wife whom has an iphone 5 also has no Mac nor does she syncs it with her computer and it happens a least twice a day.  Thanks for the suggestion.

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    I'm also on Sprint and have had this happen multiple times. I've tried turing off "Auto" but that still doesn't work. Last night I turned off LTE to see if it will keep the correct time. Someon on this thread said Sprint shares LTE tower with Verz while in roaming, not sure if that's true.

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    Correction, I have Date & Time "set auto" to OFF, but Location service still "ON".

    Cellular Enbale "LTE" off

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