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  • Mac DLM Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem with two iPhone 5's in Greenville, SC.  The date and time randomly change back to sometime last month.  I have missed several wake up alarms because of this issue.  I have LTE coverage during the day but not at home.  All of the random time and date resets seem to occur at home.  From reading all the posts on this issue, it seems to be a Verizon issue and not something with the phone.  Verizon needs to get their act together.

  • bjt6109 Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same issue with an iPhone 5 16g white on the Verizon network in Southern Illinois.  Started with Verizon and of course they knew nothing of the issue last Friday Oct. 12 and they sent me to Apple. After several backups and restores and restoring as new I still had the issue. Called Apple on Sat., Sun. and then Monday I was put through to a senior advisor at Apple. He is supposed to do some research and call me back Thursday evening to let me know if they have figured out anything. They are wanting to do a hardware exchange but I don't think it sounds like a hardware issue. I have since spoken to someone at Verizon who admitted they've been receiving calls this week for the same problems and she said the word is that there will be a "fix" upcoming but no word as to when. I am currently using my iPhone 4 because they turned the 5 off and haven't had any problems with it and it is running in ios 6. For what we are paying for these phones and to our service provider this is completely unacceptable!

  • CitizenJoePa Level 1 Level 1

    Just called Verizon with the same issues reported in this discussion.  Verizon would not admit to an issue and said they have not heard of this problem, even after citing the ticket #'s in this thread.


    Verizon 2nd level support put me in touch with Apple support.  Apple said that the issue is with Verizon and that hopefully an upcoming carrier update would fix the issue.


    Apple seemed much more cooperative than did Verizon.  I am a new Verizon customer, so far not too impressed.



    Edit:  Although Apple did promise an email follow-up which never arrived. 

  • Gbrockway Level 1 Level 1

    getting good tech's is about like the lottery sometimes... The first time I called the other day the first person I spoke to insisted that he was every bit the same as the "tier 2" I was requesting ... he denied any knowledge like what you ran into, I called back in and bullied my way through the girl I was speaking to and simply asked to speak to a tier 2 tech ... that person was willing to take the time to look for me and found the numbers I listed previously. Generally speaking you'll get this anywhere, everywhere you go ... some tech's are no good and some are worth the money they're paid.


    I would call them right back and ask them to look up one of the ticket numbers that have been given here. Explain to them that you know that that ticket is on someone else's account and that you don't need or expect to receive any information regarding whatever that account might be. (Normally, this either confuses the tech you're speaking to enough to get them off their script and actually listen to you and what you're trying to accomplish) Proceed to explain that you are experiencing the exact same symptoms and conditions as the ones listed in the ticket. (assuming you're experiencing everything that everyone else has been describing in this thread that is)


    Here are some things to try or information to have on hand that should help them know that you're not just another complaining customer (no offense to them who might willingly place themselves into such a category):

    - When the time/date has gone (or goes) haywire ... turn airplane mode on, watch for your radio status to show no signs of connection, then turn it back on. Check your time/date ... if the date/time updates correctly, make a note of it.


    - If it doesn't or the next time it happens ... go to settings -> general -> date & time -> Turn 'Set Automatically' to OFF. Check the date/time, again if it corrects itself make a note of it, if not set the time manually.


    - The next time it happens, turn the phone off (holding the lock button). If there's no change do a hard reset (holding the home and lock buttons). Observe the time and take note if it has been corrected.


    D1 - Do a network reset ... go to settings -> general -> reset -> Reset Network Settings

         -be aware this will clear any saved wireless passwords you may have for you home, school, office, kids apartment, etc... turning off the phone and turning on airplane mode essentially do the same thing, but tech support likes to offer this as they troubleshoot.


    - After resetting your phone may reboot, after it has finished and shows a good typical signal, check the date/time. Again, note if it has corrected itself.


    - Lastly, try turning off LTE (settings -> general -> cellular -> set 'Enable LTE" to off. People who have done this have reported (I am one of these also) that with LTE turned off, the date/time has not glitched.


    I have tested the LTE = OFF and within hours of turning it back on my date/time has glitched. Above all else this points a glaring finger at where the problem most likely is. If the tech pushes to have restore your phone, or to take it to an apple store, politely decline and ask to speak to a supervisor. There have been enough people (in my opinion) that had have their phone replaced (and multiple times) and then still continued to experience the issue to show that replacing the phone is not a solution. All it does it push you off a few days until you've gone through the trouble of convincing someone at the apple store of the trouble you're having and then setting up a new phone.


    I would insist on having a trouble ticket opened and linked to one of the aforementioned tickets. This is how they substantiate an widespread issue. In my case as a corporate mobile administrator, I have called back just to ask a tech to look up a ticket and verify that references and links were put on the ticket as I asked. But I can be a punk like that sometimes ... hehe.

  • akramh Level 1 Level 1

    Ok it has made it out to the media which is a good sign. If anyone can forward this to any of the larger media sites would be great so they can get this issue addressed faster!


  • PhilxLatio Level 1 Level 1

    I live in Charlotte, North Carolina with Verizon iPhone 5 16GB Black and having the same issues myself.  I just got off the phone with verizon tech support and they were no help.  He actually told me he was going to google and check apples website to see if it was a known issue.  I told him I was reading a 21 page thread about it so it's known.  Then he told me he was going to transfer me to Apple support and the call got disconnected.  Useless.  Anyways, switching airplane mode on and then back off seems to work for me when the issue arises but its happening twice a day and each time its going to completly random times and dates, never consistant.  Both times it happened today, once took me back to September 22 and the most recent took (about 45 minutes ago) took me back to August 11.  Guess I'm just going to use my old phone for an alarm clock until the issue is resolved.

  • Indy7778 Level 1 Level 1

    I just posted this on my Facebook page.  Maybe if enough people get the word out.....Verizon will fix it.

  • twoof1 Level 1 Level 1

    Just sent an email to Mac Rumors detailing the issue along with links to this thread as well as the link to the article on GottBeMobile. We'll see if this issue can continue to gain some traction...

  • twoof1 Level 1 Level 1

    Also just sent emails to iMore, Cult of Mac & Apple Insider.

    We'll see if it gets any additional exposure.

  • Indy7778 Level 1 Level 1

    Well I guess Verizon got a little upset when i posted the link on their facebook page as they just deleted it.  Hmmmm........

  • TimeTravinglingI5 Level 1 Level 1

    My Iphone has the same symptoms as everyone one else. I had just started noticing it in the last week or so, it started off as just once a day every now and then, but now , it has happened at lest 5 times today alone, and the fastest way for me to deal with it has been to soft rest. Now, in my town Im almost always in LTE, so as of 4 hours ago shut it off. After reading that this my be the direct cause of the issue, and so far I have been issue free. Example of  issue: today at work I went to check the time, around noon,  and it said Oct. 11th 7:45pm, When in the real world it was really Oct. 17th 12:01pm. Everytime it happens its a different date and time the the previous one before it.


    Concordia, KS  black, Verizon 16g iPhone 5.

  • twoof1 Level 1 Level 1

    Well, it pays to be persistent. Within 3 hours of my email to Apple Insider: utomatic-date-and-time-settings

  • techiereader Level 1 Level 1

    Looks like another tech blog has caught onto it as well: hopefully with these really good tech blogs covering this, it will make Apple and Verizon fix this issue quicker.


    Maybe if we rally up enough support up on these blogs they will help us since they have contacts in Apple.

  • Adamahaz Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same issue... I was on the phone three times yesterday with Verizon. They had me do hard resets and removal of sim card. These were temporary solutions. Verizon tried to blame Apple but I believe its a verizon issue. The true of this is that it dosesnt matter who is at fault. What matters is that the problem be fixed. I have turned off the LTE function of my phone. This has fixed issue. So I lose a key feature on the verizon network and still pay the same amount on my bill but get less?????. This must be the new way to do business.

    I will say that both Apple and verizon tech support personnel were friendly and did there best to listen. I do have open ticket with verizon. I have also contacted My local TV station about this issue. Hopefully if it gets more attention something will be done to fix it sooner than later.

  • Mzyx1 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I think we're generating a buzz.  This has made its way to CNET: d-time-bug/

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